Aug 212017

Television actress Naman Shaw is finally tying with his long time friend, Nehaa Mishra. The couple had a low key engagement back in June. In a report according to Indian Express Nehaa works in a film production company and the two have known each other for more than eight years. Talking to, Naman said, “If I would have got engaged to another girl, I would have been having sleepless nights now. Nehaa is my bestie and the perfect life-partner that I could have hoped for. She has stood with me through my thick and thin and I feel blessed to have got Nehaa in my life.”

Talking about the wedding preparations, the actor said, “Since I have a huge joint family in Kolkata, the marriage will happen there. I was recently there to arrange for the hotel bookings for my friends, who will be traveling with us. Although my family is there, I am enjoying taking care of these responsibilities. It’s my wedding and I want to be involved in everything. It’s a happy and fun time for me and I am enjoying preparing for it along with my family. Though we haven’t chalked out a honeymoon plan, we might take a short trip to Europe.”

When asked if he ever wanted to get married to an actor, Naman said, “To be honest, I was really scared of commitment and was enjoying my bachelorhood. When I decided to settle down, I knew it was her. With Nehaa, things are different, she is my best friend. She knows me inside out and I am sure the marriage won’t change anything between us. Even when I was seeing other girls, Nehaa knew about it. I don’t think I could have married anyone apart from her. Nehaa is a very positive person and supports me unconditionally.”

Reminiscing his meeting with Nehaa, the actor said, “We met during a shoot and instantly clicked. She was doing the show just for fun, and here we are all set to marry. It was all fate and I am thankful to God for giving me Nehaa. Our families are also very happy about the match.”

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Aug 212017

Salma Hayek speaks about her film ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’:

1. On her character – She’s pretty tough. Yes, she’s pretty tough and she’s pretty pulled together but she is angry. She is very angry at her husband and her husband is also very tough and he is madly in love with her and it is played by none other than Sam Jackson. So, I think she’s the toughest person in his movie

2. On “Darius Kincaid” and Sonia Kincaid’s relationship – They’re madly, crazy in love with each other, they’ve been together long time and this is the marriage that the passion never goes away and she keeps him on his toes and she’s the only person, probably, in the world that can do that and I think, at the end it’s a little bit of a love story packed with the most amazing action and lots and lots of laughs. What’s moving the action is this love story, this man that is ready to do anything for this woman, even though she doesn’t make it easy for him

3. On “Sonia Kincaid” meeting “Darius Kincaid” for the first time – When I meet my husband for the first time, I’m in a situation where I have to defend myself, which by the way, I’m sure that later on she was wondering, “How come he never tried to help her?” I don’t know that he is there because I didn’t even notice him and I, kind of, impressed him because I can hold my own in a fight, in a bar fight, with many men and I think I am just looking after myself but this is how I find the greatest love of my life

4. On the film’s sophisticated action – The whole thing is one action scene after another but I watch a lot of action films because of my husband loves action films and it gets repetitive. Now you see so many of them, that’s the time I kind of, go brush my teeth and when I was watching this one I was “like this”. It’s kind of sophisticated. It’s really cool, they go to so many places in Europe and it is impossible to get your eyes and your ears off of this pair, Sam Jackson and Ryan are the two actors in the world that can do action-comedy the best, I think. The chemistry between them is fantastic.

5. On her character’s dirty mouth and warm heart – I knew I had to do a character that’s said a lot of that words that Sam says a lot of bad words with dirty mouth because we had to speak the same language so that was kind of fun. I’ve never said so many bad words in such a short amount of time and she had to have a lot of heart but at the same time she had to be a force to reckon with

6. On the film’s Atypical romances – It’s romantic. Somehow, the film packed with action and with a nostalgic, romantic kind of a feeling also that’s it is unusual. It’s not the typical love story that you sometime see in the action movies.

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Aug 032017

 Aamir Khan- Shah Rukh Khan
Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan praised the trailer of Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Secret Superstar’ and called it extremely ‘endearing’. Shah Rukh also retweeted Aamir’s upcoming production ‘Secret Superstar’ trailer, writing, “This so much yaar. And as I mentioned your trailer Secret Superstar is so endearing. Let me know when you can watch ‘JHMS’. (sic)”

Aamir Khan returned the favour by wishing that Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ does well at cinemas tomorrow. Taking to Twitter, Aamir gave best wishes to the trio and said he was looking forward to watch the film. “Shah Rukh, Anushka, Imtiaz, all the very best for your release tomorrow! I’m sure it will rock!! Looking forward!!! Love. a,” he wrote. To which Anushka Sharma replied, “Thank you so much Aamir.”

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ follows a tour guide Harry and a Gujarati woman Sejal’s journey across Europe. This is the third collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and
Anushka Sharma, while Imtiaz Ali is directing both the actors for the first time.

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Aug 032017

3 out of 5 stars
Box Office: TBA

jab-harry-met-sejal-poster-1The story revolves around Harry and Sejal’s journey across Europe. A search for Sejal’s engagement ring makes Harry understand love and relationships better. Sejal experiences new found freedom, security and solace in Harry’s company and in between all of this – there is love, life, lies, thrill, fantasy and the search for the voice within.

Written and directed by Imtiaz Ali. It features Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles.


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Aug 032017

Fuck the world. Live by these words and you’ll be more successful than anyone you know. Start thinking about what  society thinks about you and get stuck in a vicious circle. Sahil Khan is the perfect example of the ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude’.  He didn’t take his downfall at the box office to heart and became a fitness and lifestyle icon instead.  And truth be told, the man’s built like a tank and living it like a king. 

As you read this, Sahil’s somewhere in Europe on a yacht with hot as hell women. We are not assuming it, he’s doing it. Check these pictures out! 


Sahil’s presently killing it on a trip with some of his friends and of course, he’s keeping his fans updated through his social media handles. 

Just in case you were wondering who the girl in the pink bikini is, well, she’s a close friend of Sahil’s and her name is Love Rose . 

The vacation is full on LIT with champagne……

 Scantily clad, pretty women…..


And a lot of good food!


Sahil’s always been open about living life king-sized. Everything from his Facebook to Instagram talks about a life of luxury and fitness. Well, hate it or love it but the man does enjoy a serious fan following on social media that is keeping him afloat.

Jun 202017

srk-krk-7591Shah Rukh Khan’s act in Jab Harry Met Sejal has created a lot of curiosity on social media. He will be seen doing a full-fledged romantic character in Imtiaz Ali’s film, but somehow makers haven’t yet let you feel so. There is a freshness and novelty to SRK and Anushka’s sparkling on-screen chemistry as revealed by Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trails. Instead of a trailer, the film will have eight such Jab Harry Met Sejal trails out of which three have already been released.

But self-proclaimed critic KRK thinks otherwise. In his latest review of Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trails, while KRK stays away from trolling them, he did cause some damage. KRK not only revealed the plot of the whole film but also drew a comparison between Jab Harry Met SejaL with Shah Rukh’s classic 1995 movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

KRK while revealing the plot of the story says, “Anushka Sharma who belongs to Gujarat is already engaged. She wants to travel all over the Europe before getting married. Anushka meets Shah Rukh Khan who is a tour guide in Europe. Both Anushka and SRK travel all over the Europe. After completing her tour, Anushka calls her fiancee and says she is returning back to India. But Anushka also finds out that her engagement ring is lost and when she informs her fiancee about it, he asks Anushka to bring that ring at any cost.”

“Anushka who is now forced to find her ring asks Shah Rukh to help her in finding the ring. SRK takes Anushka to all the places they had visited during their short tour and in the journey, both fall in love with each other. But Anushka eventually finds out that her engagement ring is in her purse only but she couldn’t locate it in the first place,” KRK adds.

KRK also says that Jab Harry Met Sejal is the same old story of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge with a twist of the ring. The self-proclaimed critic also asks Shah Rukh this, “If I have seen you in the same role 25 years ago, why would I see you again repeating the same act. If you would have been able to imbue same magic in such roles, why Aditya Chopra wouldn’t have cast you in Befikre instead of Ranveer Singh?”

Jun 202017

shah-rukh-anushkaAs promised Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer is not going to walk down the beaten path for the promotions of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’. The makers are releasing mini trailers that would give us a personal sneak peek into the lives of Harry and Sejal.

The first such short clip saw Shah Rukh’s character Harry tell Anushka’s character Sejal how he looked at women in a lecherous manner and the second one saw Sejal reading him the content of an indemnity bond in case the two do indulge in any ‘sexual interaction’ with each other.

While the two trails had raised enough curiosity for the film, the third one is also out now and perhaps is the most interesting one of the lot.

In the video, Harry seems extremely irritated in Sejal’s presence as he expresses his frustration in Punjabi, with the latter just looking at him helplessly.

While Harry is all Punjabi, Sejal is also seen calling him ‘A1 character’ in the typical Gujarati accent.

She also tells him she won’t leave without the ring, revealing perhaps why the film was tentatively titled ‘The Ring’ earlier.

The film helmed by Imtiaz Ali is one of its kind and sees two people from different worlds collide. The story revolves around their journey across Europe. The highlight of this trailer and the film is the search for Sejal’s engagement ring. Amidst so much drama, this is also the story of their new found freedom, security, solace, love and paying heed to the inner voice.

The Imtiaz Ali film is set to hit the screens on August 4, 2017.

Dec 142012

The author has posted comments on this articleSujit John, TNN | Dec 15, 2012, 04.32AM IST

Bazmi Husain points to what looks like a third rail on the Metro track at Bangalore’s MG Road station and says that’s what’s powering the Metro train. The ‘third rail’ has a yellow-coloured casing, without which it can instantly kill someone who may accidentally step on the 750-volt power line. “We are the only ones in India providing both third rail and overhead power systems,” says the India managing director of ABB, the $40-billion, Zurich-based power and automation technologies company. For the Delhi Metro, ABB used the overhead technology. “That’s cheaper over the long term because it’s simpler, but the overhead wires are visually less appealing,” he says.

As we get on a Metro train that comes by – to go to the sub-station that powers the Metro rail system and where ABB has its control office – Husain talks excitedly about the urbanization progress that India has made. “Our Metro rail systems are as good as anywhere in the world,” he says. “The tickets use near-field communication technology and are reusable. In Zurich, they still use paper tickets because it’s infrastructure that was built decades ago. We have redundancy built in every step of the way, so the train will not stop even if there is a problem in one part of the power system.”

Husain says some cities are investing heavily in compact sub-stations, getting rid of the old, ugly systems on poles. Some are beginning to do underground electric cabling, and getting rid of the unsightly overhead wires. Karnataka, he says, is implementing one of the world’s biggest electricity automation systems. The system allows a central location to monitor the thousands of substations in the state, and understand all information about them. “It’s very empowering. You can plan your electricity distribution strategy better. You can quickly plan your restoration strategy if something goes wrong somewhere. The system even allows introduction of technologies to automate some of the fault correction,” he says.

We point out the blackouts in north India earlier this year. Husain declines to speculate on what caused it, but says such blackouts were more common earlier. “Our electricity systems have become a lot more robust. China’s and India’s power infrastructure is today far more modern than those in the US and Europe,” he says.

Husain has been an ABB lifer, barring his early years. He grew up in the Aligarh Muslim University campus where his parents taught. He graduated from BITS Pilani in 1981 with an electrical and electronics engineering degree, and joined ABB in its R&D division. He worked with ABB in the US, UK, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore. In 2002, he returned to India to start an R&D centre, which has now become the largest in ABB. From 2005 through 2011, he was in Europe, including as director of ABB’s corporate research centre in Sweden. Last year, he was back in India as the country managing director.

Husain says India’s problem in power is the 12% shortage at peak hours, a figure that’s expected to rise to 19% even after the 80 gigawatts of power capacity that is under construction becomes operational. Reduction in transmission losses (mostly power theft) is part of the solution, and over the past few years that has come down by about 6 percentage points to 24% (the best in the world is 6%).

But the bigger solution, Husain says, lies on the consumption side. India’s factories are 30% less energy efficient than the best in the world. In a factory, motors consume more than 60% of the energy. “Motors here run like cars with their accelerators always floored. But if you fit devices that can control the motor speed based on requirement, there’s huge energy saving,” he says.

Air-conditioning is the other big power consumer. In parts of Europe, buildings must mandatorily use triple-paned glass that provides good insulation from external climate conditions and reduces internal air-conditioning requirements. “In India, we still use single-paned glass, not even double-paned. With office spaces and malls mushrooming, consumption-side measures are critical,” Husain says.

Dec 122012

Ravi Shankar, the sitar virtuoso who became a hippie musical icon of the 1960s after hobnobbing with the Beatles and who introduced traditional Indian ragas to Western audiences over an eight-decade career, has died. He was 92.

He was admitted to the Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla last Thursday after he complained of breathing difficulties. He breathed his last at 4.30 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday.

He is survived by his wife and daughters Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones.

A three-time Grammy award winner, Pandit Ravi Shankar was nominated for a Grammy award for 2013 too. He was given the Bharat Ratna in 1999.

The prime minister’s office confirmed his death and called him a “national treasure.”

Labeled “the godfather of world music” by George Harrison, Shankar helped millions of classical, jazz and rock lovers discover the centuries-old traditions of Indian music.

He also pioneered the concept of the rock benefit with the 1971 Concert For Bangladesh. To later generations, he was known as the estranged father of popular American singer Norah Jones.

As early as the 1950s, Shankar began collaborating with and teaching some of the greats of Western music, including violinist Yehudi Menuhin and jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. He played well-received shows in concert halls in Europe and the United States, but faced a constant struggle to bridge the musical gap between the West and the East.

Describing an early Shankar tour in 1957, Time magazine said “U.S. audiences were receptive but occasionally puzzled.”

His close relationship with Harrison, the Beatles lead guitarist, shot Shankar to global stardom in the 1960s.

Harrison had grown fascinated with the sitar, a long necked, string instrument that uses a bulbous gourd for its resonating chamber and resembles a giant lute. He played the instrument, with a Western tuning, on the song “Norwegian Wood,” but soon sought out Shankar, already a musical icon in India, to teach him to play it properly.

The pair spent weeks together, starting the lessons at Harrison’s house in England and then moving to a houseboat in Kashmir and later to California.

Gaining confidence with the complex instrument, Harrison recorded the Indian-inspired song “Within You Without You” on the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” helping spark the raga-rock phase of 60s music and drawing increasing attention to Shankar and his work.

Shankar’s popularity exploded, and he soon found himself playing on bills with some of the top rock musicians of the era. He played a four-hour set at the Monterey Pop Festival and the opening day of Woodstock.

Though the audience for his music had hugely expanded, Shankar, a serious, disciplined traditionalist who had played Carnegie Hall, chafed against the drug use and rebelliousness of the hippie culture.

“I was shocked to see people dressing so flamboyantly. They were all stoned. To me, it was a new world,” Shankar told Rolling Stone of the Monterey festival.

While he enjoyed Otis Redding and the Mamas and the Papas at the festival, he was horrified when Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire.

“That was too much for me. In our culture, we have such respect for musical instruments, they are like part of God,” he said.

In 1971, moved by the plight of millions of refugees fleeing into India to escape the war in Bangladesh, Shankar reached out to Harrison to see what they could do to help.

In what Shankar later described as “one of the most moving and intense musical experiences of the century,” the pair organized two benefit concerts at Madison Square Garden that included Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and Ringo Starr.

The concert, which spawned an album and a film, raised millions of dollars for UNICEF and inspired other rock benefits, including the 1985 Live Aid concert to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia and the 2010 Hope For Haiti Now telethon.

Ravindra Shankar Chowdhury was born April 7, 1920, in the Indian city of Varanasi.

At the age of 10, he moved to Paris to join the world famous dance troupe of his brother Uday. Over the next eight years, Shankar traveled with the troupe across Europe, America and Asia, and later credited his early immersion in foreign cultures with making him such an effective ambassador for Indian music.

During one tour, renowned musician Baba Allaudin Khan joined the troupe, took Shankar under his wing and eventually became his teacher through 7 1/2 years of isolated, rigorous study of the sitar.

“Khan told me you have to leave everything else and do one thing properly,” Shankar told The Associated Press.

In the 1950s, Shankar began gaining fame throughout India. He held the influential position of music director for All India Radio in New Delhi and wrote the scores for several popular films. He began writing compositions for orchestras, blending clarinets and other foreign instruments into traditional Indian music.

And he became a de facto tutor for Westerners fascinated by India’s musical traditions.

He gave lessons to Coltrane, who named his son Ravi in Shankar’s honor, and became close friends with Menuhin, recording the acclaimed “West Meets East” album with him. He also collaborated with flutist Jean Pierre Rampal, composer Philip Glass and conductors Andre Previn and Zubin Mehta.

“Any player on any instrument with any ears would be deeply moved by Ravi Shankar. If you love music, it would be impossible not to be,” singer David Crosby, whose band The Byrds was inspired by Shankar’s music, said in the book “The Dawn of Indian Music in the West: Bhairavi.”

Shankar’s personal life, however, was more complex.

His 1941 marriage to Baba Allaudin Khan’s daughter, Annapurna Devi, ended in divorce. Though he had a decades-long relationship with dancer Kamala Shastri that ended in 1981, he had relationships with several other women in the 1970s.

In 1979, he fathered Norah Jones with New York concert promoter Sue Jones, and in 1981, Sukanya Rajan, who played the tanpura at his concerts, gave birth to his daughter Anoushka.

He grew estranged from Sue Jones in the 80s and didn’t see Norah for a decade, though they later re-established contact.

He married Rajan in 1989 and trained young Anoushka as his heir on the sitar. In recent years, father and daughter toured the world together.

When Jones shot to stardom and won five Grammy awards in 2003, Anoushka Shankar was nominated for a Grammy of her own.

Shankar, himself, has won three Grammy awards and was nominated for an Oscar for his musical score for the movie “Gandhi.”

Despite his fame, numerous albums and decades of world tours, Shankar’s music remained a riddle to many Western ears.

Shankar was amused after he and colleague Ustad Ali Akbar Khan were greeted with admiring applause when they opened the Concert for Bangladesh by twanging their sitar and sarod for a minute and a half.

“If you like our tuning so much, I hope you will enjoy the playing more,” he told the confused crowd, and then launched into his set.

Dec 112012

Rory McIlroy wins 2012 European Golf Writers TrophyZeenews Sports Bureau

London: Rory McIlroy won the 2012 European Golf Writers Trophy on Monday.

The World number one had an incredible season which saw him land his second major title.

The 23 year old finished ahead of Europe’s Ryder Cup team in the voting followed by Ian Poulter.

The Irishman also topped the money list on both sides of the Atlantic.

First Published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 21:32