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Fuck the world. Live by these words and you’ll be more successful than anyone you know. Start thinking about what  society thinks about you and get stuck in a vicious circle. Sahil Khan is the perfect example of the ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude’.  He didn’t take his downfall at the box office to heart and became a fitness and lifestyle icon instead.  And truth be told, the man’s built like a tank and living it like a king. 

As you read this, Sahil’s somewhere in Europe on a yacht with hot as hell women. We are not assuming it, he’s doing it. Check these pictures out! 


Sahil’s presently killing it on a trip with some of his friends and of course, he’s keeping his fans updated through his social media handles. 

Just in case you were wondering who the girl in the pink bikini is, well, she’s a close friend of Sahil’s and her name is Love Rose . 

The vacation is full on LIT with champagne……

 Scantily clad, pretty women…..


And a lot of good food!


Sahil’s always been open about living life king-sized. Everything from his Facebook to Instagram talks about a life of luxury and fitness. Well, hate it or love it but the man does enjoy a serious fan following on social media that is keeping him afloat.

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Jun 132017

We wanted to start the story by saying Mr. Bachchan is being petty, but how dare we. Amitabh Bachchan, the best actor of our generation, a living legend if you may, deserves respect. Especially now, when digital connect has replaced face-to-face communication. Especially now, when all we want is an acknowledgment in 140-characters or less. And he has no time or patience for badly behaved people. Like he is not here for people who have no time to reply to his thoughtfully curated, often poetic messages. Especially if it is a birthday message aimed at making one feel warm and tingly in their heart.

Amitabh Bachchan Just Schooled Sonam Kapoor On SMS Etiquette In 2017

But what made him, a Twitter O.G. and a peace lover, bring out the dreadful angry emoji? Two words: Sonam Kapoor. And her inability to reply to his birthday SMS. How could she? Also, how could she tweet to Suniel Shetty’s birthday message and expect to fly under the radar with Mr. Bachchan? Maybe she was enjoying her pool party a tad too much? We don’t blame her because the party looked LIT. Maybe she wasn’t checking her messages regularly? It could be anything, but sadly we will never find out.

Amitabh Bachchan Just Schooled Sonam Kapoor On SMS Etiquette In 2017

Having said that, she has replied to Mr. Bachchan’s tweet seeking his apology.

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