May 282018

WordPress Tech Support – Urgent and emergency WordPress help

Suzhou, China

Urgent and Emergency WordPress Tech Support

Urgent and Emergency WordPress Tech Support – Suzhou, China

WordPress is a convenient website creator and you can do plenty without professional help. But, there may be certain things that are out of your skill set. Who can you reach out to for emergency support when needed?

This is when you should contact professional WordPress developers for help. You can opt to go global or go local, depending on where you are. With technology at your disposal, help can be provided to you wherever you are.

Urgent and Emergency WordPress Tech Support

Urgent and Emergency WordPress Tech Support – Suzhou, China

There are many sites offering help with add-ons, plugins and necessary improvements. From custom sites with specific design needs to ecommerce sites, WordPress developers can be very helpful. They can tweak, redesign and make any necessary changes. For example,, can design or develop any kind of website, be it an online store or news site. They can also help you with emergency and urgent WordPress tech support.

If you see a website that really inspires you and you wish yours looked just as great, or have a vision for something specific, interloper’s designers can bring it to life and help you attract the right kind of customers. They will integrate your vision and ideas and bring them to reality.

Naturally, the website should reflect the company’s values and goals. Here are a few tips for your WordPress website:

  1. Must be user friendly and functional.

  2. Be visually appealing to give yourself additional credibility.

  3. Provide information customers might be looking for and make it easy for them to find it.

It may be convenient to keep a developer on your payroll for ongoing maintenance, upgrades, design changes etc. If that is not an option, then establish a relationship with a company that provides WordPress support on an ah-hoc as-needed basic like Plus, there are companies that can help with uploading product feeds to different websites to give your products and services more exposure and reach even more potential customers. Wherever you are, InterloperInc can help you out with your website and WordPress needs.

For more information on their WordPress Support Services, check out the following link

Good luck!

Urgent and Emergency WordPress Tech Support

Urgent and Emergency WordPress Tech Support – Suzhou, China

May 272018

If I had the power to nominate the best celebrity Instagram account, I will probably pick Disha Patani. From giving fitness goals, travel goals, dance classes, selfie lessons or casually chilling with her dog; it won’t be wrong to say that, for many of us, she’s a reason to open Instagram every five minutes. And her recent video proves why I might be right.

Disha Patani Pays Tribute To Her Idol BeyonceInstagram

While we express our love for our favourite celebrities, on social media all the time; watching our celebrities do the same for others is something that always takes us by surprise. After all, it’s not everyday that you see King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan drooling over and requesting for a selfie with Cate Blanchett, Elton John or Christopher Nolan. 

Recently Disha posted a video where she paid a tribute to her idol, Beyonce, by grooving to her iconic Coachella 2018 performance.

Disha Patani Pays Tribute To Her Idol BeyonceInstagram

She captioned the video, “Wanted to make this for a very long time, just for fun, a tribute to my idol @Beyonce.” Honestly, we don’t know if the rumours of her dating Tiger Shroff are true, but her perfect dance moves has me convinced that she is secretly taking dance lessons from Tiger. Seriously, can these two start their own dance classes where they teach us how to rock that difficult choreography? 

Wanted to make this for a very long time, just for fun, a tribute to my idol @beyonce �� thanks @jamesdance_ for teaching me the block and @shariquealy for the cool edit🤗🤗�� #beyonce #beychella

A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on May 25, 2018 at 8:14pm PDT

Jokes apart, these moves were taught by choreographer James and Disha even thanked him for teaching her these moves. This is not the first time and definitely not the last time when Disha is flaunting her effortless moves. Earlier she posted her version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’, which we still can’t get off our minds. 

Apart from dancing, Disha is currently gearing up for ‘Bharat’, where she will be seen alongside Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. 

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May 262018

My name is Hinakshi Bhatia and I’m currently out of ideas. Yesterday, I did a ground-breaking story about how kids look exactly like their parents. Since that is such earth-shattering news, I thought a Hollywood version of the same thing was also required – because we don’t discriminate – so, here is a list of all the star kids who look exactly like their parents.

1. Reese Witherspoon and Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

I feel like this mother-daughter duo is the first one on every list like this, so obviously had to start with this.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

2. Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy is actually a perfect mix of Beyoncé and Jay Z but she looks almost like Jay Z at this age, it’s uncanny.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

3. DJ Khaled and Ashad

DJ Khaled – the guy who refuses to go down on his wife – and his son look scarily alike, however, we hope he has different views on certain issues when he grows up.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

4. Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Both of them are cool, both of them have their own unique social media presence and both of them look alike.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

5. Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin

Even after that unfortunate name, Apple is one of the luckiest kids to have such good-looking parents and she’s growing up to look exactly like her beautiful mother.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

6. Angelina Jolie and Shiloh

The exact same features, especially the cheekbones!

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

7. David Beckham and Romeo Beckham

This is one beautiful and genetically blessed family and I’m mad that I’m not a part of it.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

8. Demi Moore and Rumer Willis

The fact that they’re not twins and are actually mother and daughter is messing with my head.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

9. John Legend and Luna

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter looks exactly like how John looked as a kid.

9 Hollywood Stars Who Basically Gave Birth To Themselves

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May 262018

With time, Bollywood and its actors are changing and molding themselves according to the trends. Earlier, the web wasn’t exactly the place B-town wanted to be associated with. But things have changed and Web Series in India has actually become a thing. 

2017 introduced us to some exceptional web shows that we totally loved and binge-watched.

The popularity of Indian series has grown significantly and it’s amazing to see how Bollywood entering and cashing in on the digital space. Biggies like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saif Ali Khan are trying their hand as well at the Web Series genre and are wading through unexplored territory.

Here’s the list of the Bollywood stars, who are all set to rule the digital space and entertain the viewers in 2018:

Kalki Koechlin & Jim Sarbh:

Bollywood Actors Trying Their Hand At Web Series In 2018, Proving It's The Next Big Thing© Twitter

Kalki and Jim are one of those few actors that can pull off any role with ease. Just recently, Kalki completed shooting for Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boy’, starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in lead roles. 

Jim was last seen in ‘Padmaavat’, leaving us in awe with his screen presence. Now, the two stars will be seen in the 12-episode web-series ‘Smoke’ starring Neil Bhoopalam, Mandira Bedi, and Jim Sarbh. Based on the Goan mafia and politics, Kalki will be debuting as a Portuguese-Goan DJ and nothing much has been revealed about Jim’s character yet.

Saif Ali Khan:

Bollywood Actors Trying Their Hand At Web Series In 2018, Proving It's The Next Big Thing© Twitter

For a while, fans have been missing Saif Ali Khan. His never-seen-before avatar in ‘Kaalakaandi’ came as a relief and it was applauded because of its unconventional feel. Now, Saif is all set to embrace the digital world by playing the lead for the Netflix Original, ‘Sacred Games’. Based on the thriller novel by Vikram Chandra, the show is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. This is one of the most awaited series this year and we can’t wait to see Saif ruling the digital space with his amazing acting skills.

Vir Das:

Bollywood Actors Trying Their Hand At Web Series In 2018, Proving It's The Next Big Thing© Twitter

The supremely talented Vir Das has signed up for two shows with Netflix and ABC. After travelling across 6 continents and more than 26 countries and cracking people up with his humour, he has gained a huge fan following. And now, Vir will be seen in a Warner Brothers’ dramedy series weekly, ‘Whiskey Cavalier’. The show will be both action-packed and a comedy at the same time, tracing the life of the tough-but-tender FBI super agent, Will Chase aka Whiskey Cavalier.

Vir will be seen playing one of the main leads named Jai Datta in the series. He is also working with Nikkhil Advani’s upcoming 10-part Netflix series titled ‘Hasmukh’.

Radhika Apte:

Bollywood Actors Trying Their Hand At Web Series In 2018, Proving It's The Next Big Thing© Twitter

Radhika Apte, who was loved by people in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Padman’ will soon be seen gracing the digital space with Netflix’s first Indian original web series ‘Sacred Games’. She will be seen sharing screen space with Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Radhika is a magnificent actor and we can’t wait to see her entertaining us with her new project once again.

Pankaj Tripathi:

Bollywood Actors Trying Their Hand At Web Series In 2018, Proving It's The Next Big Thing© Twitter

National Award Winner Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most underrated actors. His sheer talent to entertain people makes him an outstanding actor. Recently, he was busy shooting for three films across different languages. He was last seen with Ammy Virk in ‘Harjeeta’, Sanjay Mishra in ‘Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain’ and will also be seen with South Indian Superstar, Rajinikanth in ‘Kaala’. Currently, the ‘Newton’ actor is busy shooting for the BBC international remake of ‘Criminal Justice’. The web series stars Jackie Shroff and Vikrant Massey in a vital role. Pankaj Tripathi will also be seen in another web series ‘Mirzapur’.

Arunoday Singh

Bollywood Actors Trying Their Hand At Web Series In 2018, Proving It's The Next Big Thing© Instagram

Applauded for his character opposite Irrfan Khan in ‘Blackmail’, Arunoday Singh will soon be seen in Alt Balaji series, ‘Apharan’. We will see him donning the role of a cop-turned-criminal in the series and a lot of the scenes have been shot in the lanes of Rishikesh. Directed by Siddhartha Sengupta, the series stars web superstar, Nidhi Singh.

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May 262018

We might think that depression has mostly got to do with financial woes, failure or even heartbreak, which is true to an extent. But mental health doesn’t discriminate and attacks a certain section of the society or a particular gender. It is a common myth that celebrities have a beautiful life and are hence not affected by anything remotely associated with depression. However it is not true. It is a fight we all fight in our life and our favourite celebs also deal with the same kind of emotional trauma like us.Dwayne Johnson, the tough guy and ‘The Rock’ for all of us. looks like the ultimate badass and a real-life Hercules. However, in the past, he has often spoken about his traumatic childhood, his struggle-filled life and his fight to protect his troubled mother as well. In a recent interview, the actor spoke about his battle with depression and how men need to open up about their vulnerabilities and fight depression.

“Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living or where you come from, it doesn’t discriminate, we all kind of go through it. If I could share a little bit of it and if I could help somebody I’m happy to do it. The key thing that I found was the most important thing about that, talking about my past in terms of depression, is the revelation and for us to be OK and embracing … especially us as guys, as men. There’s just a DNA, a wiring in us and a constitution that oftentimes doesn’t let us talk about when we’re scared or vulnerable or things like that.It’s kind of like what’s been deemed as ‘toxic masculinity’. You’ve got to talk about it and you’re not alone. I was an only child and I kept that bottled in, deep, deep. It wasn’t good, so happy to share my story”, he said.


Hawaii bound. Let’s get to work my friends. This one’s special.. #JungleCruise

A post shared by therock (@therock) on May 8, 2018 at 12:53am PDT


In Bollywood, Deepika Padukone hit the headlines a few years ago when she openly spoke about her battle with depression and how being a celebrity didn’t make it easier for her. When celebs raise such issues, it gives hope to people struggling with the same problem, that talking and seeking a solution is a very normal thing to do.So if you think you need to open up about some issues that have been plaguing your life and your mind, then find your friend or even seek a therapist, but don’t keep it bottled up. As Dwayne says, “you’ve got to talk about it.”

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May 252018

Uday baba may not have been a superstar in Bolly-world but right now he sure as hell is leading the Twitter world with his infamous humorous stardom! You know what they say after all, if your life is in ruins, make a joke about it and spam the whole world with it. Well, all we can really say is Uday Chopra is the king of memes right now and if we ever feel bad about ourselves, we just go to his Twitter page and laugh at him making fun of himself. No really, it’s quite a talent.

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Facebook

We stalked him enough on Twitter to compile a bunch of his tweets so you can laugh at his sorry a** existence instead of yours, for a change. Ps: He doesn’t mind, really. Also, not all his tweets are funny. Some are deep, meaningful and depressing. But we really don’t need those right now.

Aww, this calls for a big hug.

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Twitter

Such wit, much wow

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Twitter

My Soul Is Injured

My brain is broken

— Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) 8 May 2018

And That’s When Priyanka Chopra Changed Her Surname To Khan

When I was a kid I thought that I had to marry someone with my own surname. I thought that was the law. I never knew that women changed their surnames. I was constantly on the lookout for Chopra girls

— Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) 6 May 2018

I Can’t Even…

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Twitter

The Resemblance Is Uncanny!

No…but you look more like Chewbacca

— know_mad (@Nasamajh_9jawan) 29 April 2018

We Should Celebrate A National ‘Uday Chopra Day’

@UdayChopraFans I think it suits me ��

— Ddimple Madan (@DIMPLEMADAN1) 1 April 2018

When Uday Baba Got No Chill

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Twitter

When Uday Chopra Cancelled 2018

Its 2019 people let’s be happy Uday Chopra is still called an actor.

— priyansh (@priyansh2106) 14 April 2017

Savage Bhai, Savage!

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Twitter

Yeah, Same Here. So, We compiled His Tweets Instead

I just googled Uday Chopra , look what I found…😂👇👇

— Bhrustrated® (@AnupamUncl) 15 May 2018

We <3 You Uday Baba

Hilarious Uday Chopra Tweets That'll Make You Wonder What He's Smoking© Twitter

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May 252018

Hello readers of MensXP, we have some exciting and exclusive news for all of you. After doing some research, we figured out that kids apparently look exactly like their parents.

Bollywood Star Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents

Who would’ve even thought that was possible? This is all so new, wow.

(See, I’m already dragging myself, so people don’t have to @ me in the comments. K thanks bye)

Okay, so as we all know Bollywood is full of some really good-looking people and then those good-looking people get married to other good-looking people and make even better-looking kids. See, that is why nepotism was such a buzz word last year.

All kids are a mixture of their parents, but some kids end up looking like the spitting image of one of their parents, it’s kind of weird to see.

So, here are some kids of Bollywood stars that look like an exact copy of their parents.

1. Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan© Twitter

They look exactly like each other, I mean that’s so cool.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Taimur Ali Khan© Twitter

Saif’s first son looks like him, but his second son is a copy of Kareena.

3. Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan

Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan© Twitter

Okay, this family just produces copies of themselves, come on now.

4. Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan© Twitter

Aryan looks so similar to what SRK used to look at his age.

5. Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan

Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan© Twitter

Okay, I have to admit, this might have been the first time I’ve seen Rakesh Roshan with hair. And, looks like now we also have an idea what Hrithik will look like in the future.

6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan© Twitter

They not only look alike but they’re even wearing the same hairband in the picture.

7. Soni Razdan and Alia Bhatt

Soni Razdan and Alia Bhatt© Twitter

Like mother like daughter? The face cut is exactly same in both of them.

8. Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor© Twitter

Clean shaven Ranbir is a spitting image of a young Rishi Kapoor, TBH.

9. Javed Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar

Javed Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar© Twitter

I think we’re all just used to the old white haired Javed Akhtar that we never even realize how much Farhan looks like him.

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May 252018

On one hand, we have movie makers hardly experimenting with content in order to please the Indian audience, while on the other hand, we have web-series producers coming up with some exceptional work. Moving away from all the daily-soap drama, Indian web series are making a name for themselves.

While most people are obsessed with International shows and with good reason, we are here to tell you that there are several Indian series with great content as well, that you can’t miss.

These series are free of cost (unlike your platform subscriptions) and it is interesting and entertaining at the same time.

For all those of you planning to sit in front of your TV/laptop/phone in your PJ’s or boxers with an unending supply of food, check out these series for a kick-ass weekend!

The Reunion

It is a story about best friends. A story about meeting someone you loved, cared for and shared plenty of memories after a gap of 10 years. The show makes you nostalgic and takes you right down memory lane. ‘The Reunion’ is a story of four friends played by Sapna Pabbi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Anuj Sachdeva, and Veer Rajwant Singh and their journey, which is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The storyline is like a rollercoaster ride that dwells on a myriad of emotions. Each episode builds up in the most unexpected way, making it the perfect pick for millennials.


The Vibe’s ‘Rushes’ shows a concept that we haven’t seen in a very long time in India. It uncovers the stories of India’s home-grown adrenaline junkies, who are driven by their passion to lead an alternate, counter-cultural lifestyle. The series introduces us to seven different path-breakers embarking on adventures, fuelled by an insatiable hunger for extreme sports. The makers have tried to document their escapades that will leave you both impressed and inspired at the same time. This is one show that should definitely be on your must-watch list!

It Happened In Hong Kong

Viu’s ‘It Happened In Hong Kong’ is a series that you just can’t stop watching once you start. The show is about two lone travelers Ahaana and Amol, who are trying to overcome different obstacles in life. Ahaana just ended her engagement and Amol is dealing with his father’s death. The fun begins when they decide to travel and explore Hong Kong together. The series shows how a short-lived friendship unfolds a lot of secrets and truths untold.

Maaya 2

Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Maaya’ was the most talked about series for its depiction of BDSM and now he is back with ‘Maaya 2’. This time, Vikram shows the emotions, apprehensions, and tensions in the LGBT community. The story revolves around Simmi and Ruhi who are lesbians. We see Simmi, who is engaged to a man and is secretive about her sexuality, and Ruhi, who is bold and vocal about who she truly is. The series shows how the two women accept their love, lust, and desire for each other. The best thing about ‘Maaya 2’ is that you don’t really need to watch the first season in order to understand the second one, as both bring out different stories altogether.

Tere Liye Bro

This show is about friendship and how everything changes after the sudden death of a close friend. The plot revolves around how a group of best friends, along with the deceased friend’s sister, try to fulfil his bucket list. The show makes us wonder, how in our busy schedules we sometimes lose touch with our key relationships.  It makes you realise the importance of certain relationships and why you should make some serious efforts to maintain them.


This web series was selected for Cannes and will soon roll out on the web. The show is about a 16-year-old boy Dhruv, who is in a hurry to grow up. This story focuses on young love, heartbreak, and every phase that one goes through at this age. With the help of his best friends, Dhruv tries to woo his first crush who is way out of his league. In the process of trying to grow faster, the three friends have multiple experiences like trying their first drink, their first brawl and their first heartbreak. And with it being the only Indian show to have reached Cannes, this one can’t be missed.

New Indian Web Series That Are An Absolute Must-Watch© TVF


Remember those hectic tuition days? Assignments, bunking lectures, pranking the teacher and having a crush on the cutest boy/girl from our coaching classes! Well, ‘FLAMES’ is all set to make you reminisce those days. This TVF show is set in West Delhi where students of 11th & 12th standard brush up their Maths and Chemistry skills. The show is narrated by the head of the coaching center, played by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish. The show will soon transport you back to the 90’s where Pehla Nasha was the most romantic song. Guess we have more than enough reasons to watch it!

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May 252018

For the whole world, Chris Hemsworth as Thor is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But for his kids, he’s just a goofy dad whose cheeky dance moves and crazy antics are worth watching on loop the whole day.

From his 5-year-old daughter teaching him how to surf to his three-year-old son riding the waves perfectly, athleticism runs in the Hemsworth family. So much so, that even their dog is a great dancer and can give any of us a run for our fame (if we had any).  

Chris Hemsworth Dances With His Kids & Dog To Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'   Instagram

After a cumbersome combat with Thanos, when Thor had some free time on his hands, he tuned into ‘Wrecking Ball’, the powerful heart-breaking ballad by his brother, Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend Miley Cyrus. Turns out, this was all that the Hemsworth clan needed to break the internet like it was nobody’s business. 

What started as a ground breaking music video ended in a savage attack by a cowardly K9. Never work with Kids or Animals. #wreckingball #wreckingdog #daddydaycare #murderonthedancefloor @mileycyrus @liamhemsworth

A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on May 23, 2018 at 7:05pm PDT

Miley was so impressed by the fabulous dance routine performed by the Hemsworth clan, that she instantly replied to the video.

Chris Hemsworth Dances With His Kids & Dog To Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'   Facebook

Call it her overexcitement or carelessness, but thanks to her, a certain Chris Hemsworth from Philippines was trending on social media the whole time. Yes folks, you guessed it right! She tagged the wrong Chris and there couldn’t have been a better day in his life. 

Chris Hemsworth Dances With His Kids & Dog To Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Facebook

Well, no offense to both the Chris Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, but at the end of the day it was the dog who stole the limelight with his amazing moves.  

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May 252018

Everyone’s favorite creepy movie, ‘The Shining’ is finally getting its well-deserved sequel after over two decades. The horror movie, which severely addled our imagination is one of the most famous works of Stephen King. Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant direction brought the novel to life, scaring the life out of us in the process. 

The sequel will be based on ‘Dr. Sleep’, the follow-up novel to ‘The Shining’ and the release date is slated to be 24th January 2020. Mike Flanagan is on the director’s seat for this one. The story will be set in the time post the events of the original movie and will follow Danny Torrance’s life, who is dealingwith anger issues and alcoholism, which is of course inspired by his father Jack. Danny then tries to settle in New Hampshire in order to start a new life.

shining sequel© Stanley Kubrick

According to the plotline, Danny will show signs of psychotic behavior as he will try to connect with a 12-year-old girl named Abra Stone, who is a part of another paranormal world. The original movie followed Jack, a writer who agrees to become the caretaker of a hotel during its off season and settles in with his family. Strange happenings follow as Jack starts losing track of reality.

shining sequel© Stanley Kubrick

Only time will tell how much justice will the sequel do to the success that the original enjoys, but this sure is an exciting piece of information for Stephen King fans. 

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