Sep 142017

3 out of 5 stars
Box Office: TBA

Simran_PosterShe makes robbing banks look like child’s play and is reckless at a casino, but Kangana Ranaut manages to inject a degree of adorability in Praful Patel, the flawed protagonist in her latest film, Simran. But our adoration would have exponentially increased if there was more consistency in Patel’s checkered personality.

Simran is the tale of a 30-year-old Gujarati woman, a divorcee who lives with her conservative parents in the state of Georgia, going rogue.

Patel, who leads a pretty uneventful life as housekeeper in a fancy hotel, turns into an amateur criminal. The transformation is swift and uneven and therefore, unbelievable. One day she’s looking at buying herself an apartment and is hoping that her home loan would come through and the next she’s swatting off bestial loan sharks who snort cocaine and pummel debtors to the ground.

But Ranaut tries to inject a Bridget Jones appeal (Hollywood romcom’s always-relatable Londoner) into her misadventures. The problem is that dating a wrong guy or not able to shed off those extra kilos aren’t as grave a problem as looting a bank to settle debts gathered after a stupid night of gambling.


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“Reserve this for a one-time watch as it’s incredible to see Ranaut play a self-destructive rebel.”
– Gulf News

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