Sep 082017

kangana_malaikaSocial media queen Malaika Arora, who takes the Internet by storm with every picture of hers, recently attended Richfeel’s beauty product launch.

At the launch, after answering a series of beauty regime questions, the epitome of reverse age, Malaika was asked about the Kangana Ranaut feud, wherein she has slammed her alleged ex-Hrithik Roshan, and blatantly speaking about their alleged affair and Karan Johar.

To which, Malaika Arora said, “Why should I comment on something I’m not related. It doesn’t affect my life at all. I have no take at it. What someone else says doesn’t bother my life.”

It’s been a long ago, since Malaika was seen on the big screens shaking her leg and making the audience go berserk over her moves. She expressed her views about it too. “Even I’m feeling bad, that I got loads of opportunities, and I’m sad that I couldn’t do so many beautiful songs. But I have many opportunities. I’m happy with whatever I have done. I’m okay with whoever does whatever they want. I have no qualms about anything. These girls (Bollywood actresses) are doing really well.

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