Nov 192017

1. How will you define Shilpa’s journey in the BB house so far?
She has been successful in portraying herself.. she hasn’t done anything for the sake of footage.. in the early stage of the game, her anger toward Vikas was apparent and had strong past. She hasn’t yet picked up a fight with anyone just for footage.. she is concerned about everyone. Despite having differences with Vikas and Hina, if somebody says annoyingly bad about them for no reasons, she warns them that those are senior in the industry and should not be insulted this way. (Referring to one incident when Puneesh insulted Vikas and Arshi insulted Hina) She isn’t playing the game, she is living in the house.

Shilpa Shinde with brother Ashutosh
Shilpa Shinde with brother Ashutosh

2. What kind of person is Shilpa Shinde in real life?
I have never seen such a generous person to date in my life. She goes out of her way to help needy ones.. am sure her shooting unit members will definitely vouch for this

3. How was Shilpa in her childhood? What has been your fondest memory of her?
Very mischievous.. during school days we used to walk up the distance between school n house. Every evening, while on our way back to home after school, we used to loiter around all nooks n corners of the street and never used to reach home on time. our favorite time was to watch the street show of Snake n mongoose we always used get scolded by mother due to such behavior. But never paid heed to it and continued to enjoy our daily course.

4. Was she always inclined towards art and culture?
Yes.. one should see how she has decorated the house. And the answer will be quiet apparent. She has been created from the beginning.

5. Inside the house whom do you think is most fair and most unfair? What do you want to tell them?
Most fair… Apart from Shilpa (lol.. you can’t call me partial for this), I feel Vikas Gupta is the fairest character. Most unfair is Hina, as she is not trying to dig deep into the matter and becomes very judgmental in all situations that come up. I used to really appreciate her beauty while she was on YRKKH, I want to tell her to be little easy and ensure the house should not get divided. Currently from the current situation, if anyone can save the division of the house is only Shilpa, Vikas and Hina.

6. How far you think Shilpa will go in the show?
She has set the benchmark high for others also and from the current position, I see her spending the entire tenure in the house. As I said She isn’t playing the game, she is living in the house.

7. What is her strongest and weakest point?
Her fearless attitude is the strongest, her weakest point is that gets carried away emotionally and everyone can take her for a ride easily.

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