Jan 162018

The ‘Bigg Boss’ madness might be over but the habit of gluing ourselves to the screen and reading about it all over the social media feed is taking a while to wear off. Sadly, the void that a show leaves behind, leads to severe separation anxiety for the fans.

vikas gupta dividig his money between arshi and jyoti © Colors

Shilpa Shinde was crowned the winner after she beat Hina Khan and ‘master mind’ Vikas Gupta to take the trophy and a whopping prize money of Rs. 44 lakh home.

vikas dividing money between arshi and jyoti © Colors

Talking about Vikas Gupta, he was a stark favourite of the audience and had a stellar fan following. While he was often blamed for hatching plans that brewed controversies in the house, we can’t ignore the fact that he stood loyal to the friends he made. He always mentioned how his relations were not just for the show, and proving his point further, Vikas has now decided to divide his prize money between Arshi Khan and Jyoti Kumari.

vikas dividng his money between arshi and jyoti © Instagram

In an interview with TOI , he explained his thought behind this. “Yes, I will give them 3 lakh each. Jyoti stood by me like a rock when the whole house was against me. She shouted at each one of them saying, ‘No one will say a word to my Vikas bhai’. I got so much courage from a 20-year-old girl, who hails from a small town in Bihar. That incident gave me enough strength to survive in the house. Arshi, too, was protective of me. She cared more about me as a friend than the show”.

vikas dividing his money between arshi and jyoti

Vikas was always known as an emotional person and with this step, he’s proved again why his fans love him so much. Vikas heads a production house and is a known name in the TV industry. 

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Jan 142018

The season finale of ‘Bigg Boss 11’ is  yet to air but thanks to th strong power of social media, the name of the winner is already out there. After the news of Vikas Gupta’s elimination floated on the internet, it became very obvious that Shilpa was taking the trophy home and that has happened. Sources and the famous Arshi Khan, both have confirmed the news.

#ShilpaShinde Shilma win @BiggBoss 11. Congrats Ma. Thanks @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan @EndemolShineIND

— Arshi Khan (@ArshiKOfficial) January 14, 2018


Congrats Shilma, love you very much

— Arshi Khan (@ArshiKOfficial) January 14, 2018

Shilpa had a stellar fan following and has been one of the best players in the history of Bigg Boss.  She was lovingly called ‘Shilma’ by some contestants who saw her as a mother figure and on the other hand, her relation with Vikas Gupta became a hot topic for TRP’s.

shilpa shinde wins bigg boss 11© Colors

Shilpa was already in the news thanks to her contoversy surrounding her previous show, ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai’.  She was often at loggerheads with other contestants, namely Hina Khan and was criticsed for not performing tasks. However,  barring her fights with Vikas and Arshi, she kept her cool and played with poise. She beat Hina Khan in the final race and is taking a cash prize of Rs. 44 lakh as  well. While Vikas and Hina fans might be dissapointed, Shilpians around the world are rejoicing!

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Jan 142018

The ‘Bigg Boss’ finale is all set to take place on our TV screens tonight. Three months of madness, controversies and insane drama is all coming to an end. While our favourites have been established long ago, the top 4 consists of Puneesh, the only commoner left in the house, along with Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.

Aa gayi hai results ki ghadi! Top 4 finalists mein se kaun banega Bigg Boss season 11 ka winner? Tune in tonight at 9 PM to find out. #BB11Finale pic.twitter.com/a31zcUb99m

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) January 14, 2018

The finale is currently being shot as you read this, because it’s not a live programme as you might now. So, if rumours are to be believed, then Puneesh Sharma has already been evicted from the race.

Season 11 ke ek naye twist mein, kaunsa top 4 finalist #BB11 title jeetne ke race se ho jayega bahar? Tune in tonight at 9 PM to find out. #BB11Finale #BBSneakPeek pic.twitter.com/PGNRniRsQO

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 14, 2018

only puneesh Evict hva hai abi tk #BB11Finale #BB11 pic.twitter.com/NGkSRK9dIY

— The Khabri (@BiggBossNewz) January 14, 2018

Puneesh had a wonderful journey and is probably the only contestant who not only found fame, but also found love in the form of Bandagi Kalra who was a fellow contestant on the show with him.

New post (Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Receives A Special Romantic Gift From Bandagi On His Birthday) has been published on LFN – https://t.co/n92j8EqlKW pic.twitter.com/Y5Bn15h5eP

— Nur Zahan (@nurzahanmumbai) December 27, 2017

The two have made their relationship official and want to take it ahead once he is out of the house. Shilpa Shinde is being touted as the winner but we cannot ignore that fact that Vikas and Hina are also strong competition. It doesn’t come as a surprise, because compared to Shilpa’s fame, Puneesh didn’t really stand a chance to win anyway. However, his journey has been a fun roller coaster and he has proved his mettle in the show.

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Jan 112018

With just a few days for the finale, Bigg Boss 11 contestants are showing their true colours on-screen and raising the entertainment quotient on the show. 

As we are inching closer to end, one can’t help but wonder who will bag the Bigg Boss trophy this year. Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma are the top four contestants and each have their own fan following. But Hina and Shilpa are two popular celebrity faces with a huge fan base.

Bigg Boss 11:  Hina Khan Calls Shilpa Shinde A 'Call Girl'© Colors

While many support Shilpa, there are a huge number of people on Hina’s side too, which makes the tug of war between the two a tough one.

In the past, Hina’s comments against Shilpa have caused quite an uproar on the social media among her fans. And Hina has again offended Shilpa’s fan. If you are a regular BB viewer, you will be aware of the fact that Shilpa has stopped cooking for Hina, despite knowing that the girl can’t cook. 

Bigg Boss 11:  Hina Khan Calls Shilpa Shinde A 'Call Girl'© Colors

In last two episodes, Arshi Khan was seen back in the house as a guest who was given a task to fulfil and she was seen cooking for Hina, Vikas, and Akash Dadlani. While eating the food cooked by Arshi, Hina told her, “Baat kaise karti hai yaar, jaise call girl ho.” (She talks as if she is a call girl).

While some also claim that this isn’t exactly what Hina said and she actually called her a ‘chawl girl’. Listening to all this we just wonder what more can happen inside the Bigg Boss house? 

As expected, this irked Shilpa’s many fans and one of them decided to give it back to her. 

ZOOM kar kar ke dkhlo saare!#Shilpians stood up against tht chilltown123 when he put up vulgar pictures of Hyena

Aur ye Heyna k blind followers aur CELEBS ko ye b nahi dikhta ki wht she said abt Shilpa!

Show th Shayad Jeet jaoge lekin DIL kese jeetoge? @JJROCKXX #ShilpaFTW pic.twitter.com/aWwFnwBvBR

— Rukhsar 💥💥 (@being_rukhsarr) January 10, 2018

The fan also tagged Hina’s longtime boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal in the status and asked her fans to see what she just said about Shilpa. 

In fact, TV actor Suyyash Rai also tweeted about the same exclaiming how sad he felt about Hina’s words.

I just saw this video where Hina is talking about some1 that she talks like a call girl,by any chance is she talking about Shilpa Ji …? Coz thats what Shilpa Ji’s fans are saying.

If this is true,its disgusting while I was getting kinna ok with Hina,this happend.

Really SAD !

— Suyyash Rai (@suyyashrai) January 11, 2018

With the drama escalating now that the end is near, one can never predict what might happen inside the Bigg Boss house. Let us know what you have to say about Hina Khan’s statement.  

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Jan 102018

India’s most famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11’ is finally in its finale week. The surviving contestants are clearly made out of some pretty strong stuff if they have made it this far. From forming some beautiful bonds to turning into foes, the show has displayed the best and worst of everyone.

Among many, one of the most interesting relationships to see was that of Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani. They became friends, soon they were just inseparable as the ‘maa-beta’ duo, and within no time the two turned against each other. With every episode, things just got uglier between the two. For a while now the two have been throwing dirt on each other and saying some of the nastiest things.

Img 1(c) Colors

Well, no doubt Akash Dadlani can get on your nerves with his loony and crazy acts. There was even a time when Akash forcefully hugged and kissed Shilpa despite her asking him to stay away.


He call her maa
Do he kiss his mother also in same intention nd on lips.

Ise secret room nHi real jail me dalo

It’s btr to quit watching @BiggBoss then to see such kind of disrespectful things#BB11 #BB11onVoot #shilpa@RealKruti101 @HerdHUSH @Im_ShilpaShinde @shilpa_shindey pic.twitter.com/uzAAyklbIe

— IamArora (@IamArora_) December 5, 2017

But Shilpa is no less, the woman flips every now and then. At times you see her being miss goody two shoes, while at times she speaks things that make you question her and her act. But one just can’t deny that Akash and Shilpa are the ultimate entertainment duo!

Img 1(c) Colors

Just recently, BB conducted a press conference inside the house and it was one hell of an episode to watch. The housemates left no opportunity to speak against each other. Shilpa was called overconfident while Hina was called ‘mohalle ki aunty’. But that was just one part of the episode. What has grabbed our attention is the part that was edited out of the show.

Img 4(c) Colors

Shilpa made some shocking revelations about her ex-beta Akash, and apparently the makers felt it should be edited from the final episode. As per Mid Day, Shilpa called Akash a ‘panty sniffer’. Interestingly, Akash didn’t oppose it nor did any other contestant as well.

Well, that’s one hell of an allegation we must say. But Akash’s silence over the statement gives us a clear picture.  

Let us know what you think about Akash now that this particular side of him has been revealed. The show will soon end and it is being said that Akash has been eliminated in the mid-week evictions. Well, now with just four contestants left inside the house, it would be interesting to see who bags the Bigg Boss title.



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Jan 062018

There are just a few weeks left to go for India’s most watched reality show to come to an end. As the show chugs along , the anticipation to see who wins the ‘Bigg Boss 11’ title is creating quite a stir nationwide.

Be it in terms of drama, a steamy love story, a brutal fight, friends turning into foes, and more, BB season 11 had everything that a show needed to gain high TRPs. And the producers of the show know exactly what India loves and are cashing in on the craze and making the last few weeks for the contestants rather tough.

BB11(c) Colors

This week saw an unexpected twist inside the Bigg Boss house. The commoners faced the celebrities, just to get the ticket to the finale.

In the process, some week old friendships were tested, while some failed, some relationships came out even stronger. We saw four of the strongest contestants, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi being nominated for elimination.

Luv Tyagi(c) Colors

While many are speculating who would be leaving the house tonight, we can definitely confirm that it will be Luv Tyagi. The decision for the same was decided via live voting where the audience voted for their favourite contestant outside the BB house in a mall where the four contestants were given a chance to interact with their fans and make a vote appeal.

Well, it goes without saying that Luv has survived in the game despite many strong contenders living in the house. While many thought he would be out within the first few weeks, Luv made it to top 6, playing the game strategically and smartly.

BB11(c) Colors

Talking to MensXP a source said, “Audiences were asked to vote for the contestant they support. People went crazy, you should have seen the love they have for these people. However, when the final voting count took place, it was Luv who received the least number of votes and will be eliminated from the house, unless the producers come up with a twist to retain him, which is unlikely at this stage.”

Now with just 5 contestants left, it will be interesting to see who wins BB 11 and conquers the title. Let us know who you think will be the last contestant standing. 



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Jan 042018

As Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi emerged victorious in the Race to Mount BB, they are now up against each other in the ultimate task â?? The Ticket to the Grand Finale

contestants bb

As Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi emerged victorious in the Race to Mount BB, they are now up against each other in the ultimate task – The Ticket to the Grand Finale. With ‘Complication’ being the middle name of this game, Bigg Boss brings in a major twist that takes the gharwale by surprise. The task between Puneesh and Luv will have a direct impact on the final prize money of the season.

The living area of the Bigg Boss house is turned into a museum where monuments and artefacts worth (fake) INR 25 Lakhs have been placed. Taking turns, Puneesh and Luv have to be the Chors who have to rob the museum, while the rest of the contestants are the Police on duty. Hina Khan has been chosen as the sanchalak of this task. Between Puneesh and Luv, whoever is successful in stealing goods worth more than INR 13 Lakhs wins the Ticket to the Grand Finale! But a twist ensues – the total amount of goodies stolen from the lot will be deducted from the final prize money of the show.

bb monument

Today, we will also see Puneesh and Shilpa resolve the differences that came up between them during the Mount BB task. He apologizes for saying that it is Commoners v/s Celebrities in the show and regrets his choice of words.

As the contestants don their Police Avatar, Shilpa Shinde passes a comment on the Chors – Puneesh and Luv – and implies that they should pick up the artefact and hit the police with it. Puneesh loses his cool and feels that Shilpa passed such a comment only because she feels the commoners need the money. As the task starts, Puneesh tries his hardest to steal the good and get past the security guards. As Luv’s turn approaches, in a bid to steal the monument, his aggression takes over and he ends up hurting himself!

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Jan 022018

The ‘Bigg Boss 11’ finale is coming closer and while fans have their favourites, the most popular faces are definitely Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde.

big gboss finale contestant is puneesh sharma © Colors

This is perhaps the first season where the commoners are giving stiff competition to the celebrity housemates. Luv Tyagi is definitely a hot favourite amongst people as well. Last night the first task for the finale took place and the finalist who has made it to the top is none other than Puneesh Sharma.

#BB11 Puneesh Sharma Has won Ticket To Finale! And Becomes First finalist

— Sameer (@StoicSameer) January 2, 2018

Puneesh was always tagged as someone who was playing behind the backs of Vikas and Hiten and was in the show out of pure luck. Even Akash Dadlani was merely called ‘lucky’ for surviving in the house. However, we wonder if that’s true because since the audience decides who stays, they clearly did something right to be surviving the war. The duo’s friendship is a topic of banter mostly.

puneesh sharma fist firnalist of bigg boss finale © Colors

Puneesh Sharma ‘fell in love’ with co-contestant Bandagi Kalra and hails from Delhi. Wonder who is making it to the top 3 with him? The voting lines are closed this week so we are guessing it’s only going to get tougher.

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Jan 012018

With just a few days left to the grand finale, contestants are now treading with caution and measuring every move in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Today, Bigg Boss decides to put the remaining 6 gharwale in a tight spot by asking them to rank themselves

contestants rank task

With just a few days left to the grand finale, contestants are now treading with caution and measuring every move in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Today, Bigg Boss decides to put the remaining 6 gharwale in a tight spot by asking them to rank themselves, with 1 being the highest and 6, the lowest.

History is a testament to the fact that mutual consensus in the house is impossible without a little squabble and some disagreements. Akash is the first to speak up and suggests he should be No. 1 as he has entertained everyone with his songs, moods and even actions. Vikas disagrees and says Shilpa deserves the first spot, while Akash can find himself on the 3rd or 4th spot. The fight for the top rank continues as Hina says she sees herself claiming that position because she feels that she’s the best when it comes to doing any task or even entertaining people.

puneesh bb house

Puneesh builds his argument saying that Shilpa, Hina and Vikas have come into the house with a celebrity status and a fan following, while Luv, Akash and he have built their popularity from scratch and hence they deserve the top spots.

In the last few moments of the task, Bigg Boss adds a new twist and reveals that this task was a Nomination task and the top 2 are safe from eviction this week.

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Dec 312017

Opportunity knocks, but once! Evicted in week 1 on disciplinary grounds, Priyank Sharma got the golden chance to enter the Bigg Boss 11 house as a Wild Card contestant

Priyank Sharma
Priyank Sharma

Opportunity knocks, but once! Evicted in week 1 on disciplinary grounds, Priyank Sharma got the golden chance to enter the Bigg Boss 11 house as a Wild Card contestant. After weeks of being safe from persistent nomination, this week Priyank found himself in the bottom 2 against Luv Tyagi. As the votes came pouring in, Salman Khan revealed that Priyank’s time in the ‘Bigg Boss 11’ house is, indeed, up!

Priyank started his ‘Bigg Boss’ journey as part of the celebrity clan, but found himself evicted in Week 1 itself. Upon re-entry in the house, Priyank caused a massive stir by speaking about the various on-goings of the outside world. After multiple warnings from Salman Khan himself, Priyank decided to focus on his own game and formed an alliance with Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi. Staying true to his friendship with now-evicted contestant Hiten Tejwani, Priyank sacrificed his hair and went bald in order to save Hiten from eviction nomination. As a sanchalak, Priyank played a fair game and ensured that all gharwale follow the rules laid down by Bigg Boss. He also showed off his dance skills as he choreographed a number on Akash’s rap song – Yeh Hai Bigg Boss! Given the rollercoaster ride of emotions within the house, the friendship between Vikas and Priyank saw many ups and downs, until the two, finally buried the hatchet and renewed their friendship.

On his second eviction, Priyank said, “My experience in Bigg Boss was simply amazing. This is a life lesson that one cannot find anywhere else. I learnt a lot, made a few mistakes and did a few good things – so it has been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve become a better version of myself after this show.”

Priyank Sharma hails from New Delhi and has previously been part of numerous reality TV shows. He hopes to continue in the field of entertainment and wants to try out acting in fiction shows and focus on dancing as well.

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