Nov 192017

1. How will you define Shilpa’s journey in the BB house so far?
She has been successful in portraying herself.. she hasn’t done anything for the sake of footage.. in the early stage of the game, her anger toward Vikas was apparent and had strong past. She hasn’t yet picked up a fight with anyone just for footage.. she is concerned about everyone. Despite having differences with Vikas and Hina, if somebody says annoyingly bad about them for no reasons, she warns them that those are senior in the industry and should not be insulted this way. (Referring to one incident when Puneesh insulted Vikas and Arshi insulted Hina) She isn’t playing the game, she is living in the house.

Shilpa Shinde with brother Ashutosh
Shilpa Shinde with brother Ashutosh

2. What kind of person is Shilpa Shinde in real life?
I have never seen such a generous person to date in my life. She goes out of her way to help needy ones.. am sure her shooting unit members will definitely vouch for this

3. How was Shilpa in her childhood? What has been your fondest memory of her?
Very mischievous.. during school days we used to walk up the distance between school n house. Every evening, while on our way back to home after school, we used to loiter around all nooks n corners of the street and never used to reach home on time. our favorite time was to watch the street show of Snake n mongoose we always used get scolded by mother due to such behavior. But never paid heed to it and continued to enjoy our daily course.

4. Was she always inclined towards art and culture?
Yes.. one should see how she has decorated the house. And the answer will be quiet apparent. She has been created from the beginning.

5. Inside the house whom do you think is most fair and most unfair? What do you want to tell them?
Most fair… Apart from Shilpa (lol.. you can’t call me partial for this), I feel Vikas Gupta is the fairest character. Most unfair is Hina, as she is not trying to dig deep into the matter and becomes very judgmental in all situations that come up. I used to really appreciate her beauty while she was on YRKKH, I want to tell her to be little easy and ensure the house should not get divided. Currently from the current situation, if anyone can save the division of the house is only Shilpa, Vikas and Hina.

6. How far you think Shilpa will go in the show?
She has set the benchmark high for others also and from the current position, I see her spending the entire tenure in the house. As I said She isn’t playing the game, she is living in the house.

7. What is her strongest and weakest point?
Her fearless attitude is the strongest, her weakest point is that gets carried away emotionally and everyone can take her for a ride easily.

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Oct 202017

If you thought you have seen enough of drama in the Bigg Boss house, wait till you hear this piece of news. BB house is all set to get its another rapper who unlike Akash took social media by storm with her cringeworthy pop numbers. The impact was so huge that people just couldn’t stop talking about her.

Dhinchak Pooja is all set to throw some swag in the Bigg Boss house. Along with Priyank Sharma, she is going to enter the house through wild card entry. Many of you might think why didn’t she enter the house before. Talking to a leading daily she said that she was working on a song when the makers approached her the first time and now that she has some time on her hand she is all set to enter the BB house.

Dinchak Pooja(c) Twitter

Talking about how she plans to play inside she said, “The show is a huge hit and I want be a part of it to gain experience. I don’t have any strategy in mind that how I am going to be once I am in. I just want to be myself and deal with situations and issues as they come.”

Well, it will be one hell of a ride to see Dhinchak Pooja going on a singing spree. We got to say Arshi and Sapna are going to have a tough time with this singing sensation. Admist all of this, her audition tape is going viral. The clip totally gives us a view about what we can expect from her and how much drama we can expect in the house.

We are totally excited about her entry. What’s left to see is whether she will write new cringe-worthy songs or collaborate with rapper A-Cash and give us something we can’t even think of. Let us know how excited you are! 

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Oct 202017

Godmen seems to be the flavour of the Bigg Boss house for a couple of years now. On one hand, we had Swami Om trashing the image of godman inside the Bigg Boss house in last season, and on another, we had Ssshivani Durga, self-styled godwoman participating in the latest season of BB with an aim to resurrect that broken image.

While many were fastening their seat belts for some massive drama and havoc, Sshivani decided to play it clean and nice. We often saw her in the kitchen, or observing people or trying to bring peace in the house.

Having spent about a fortnight in the house, she was shown the exit door of the house. While not many would have expected this, Sshivani saw this coming. “Week vote bank was the reason, I saw it coming,” shared Sshivani with MensXP.

Sshivani who calls herself as Tantrik Aghori (an occultist) loved her experience in the BB house and enjoyed every bit of it.

Remember that Black magic incident? Recalling it she laughed and said, “It was nothing of that sort. When Shilpa started staring at me, I looked back at her and people threw their own conclusion. It was none other than Puneet Sharma who cooked up this story.”

Revealing some unknown details about the BB house she said, “The show isn’t scripted at all. If you want to win the show you need to go slow and be natural.”

Bigg Boss Is Not Scripted: Sshivani Durga After Eviction© Twitter

Talking about the food scene that often makes contestants fight and viewers interested in watching the luxury budget tasks she said, “Rationing is very important and it’s very limited. So one needs to stay calm, peaceful and must control their hunger.”

Unlike many contestants, Sshivani believes that everyone was her friend inside the house, though Hiten Tejvani is her favourite contestant. From BB icons to the love and respect she earned from the family members, she is going to miss it all and especially Salman Khan.

Talking about the memorable moment, she had a bunch of them to share; however, her personal favourite will always be singing ‘Bhoot se milla de….Bhoot se milla de’ song. We must admit that we loved it as well, after all, BB season 11 needs more songs other than ‘Bang Bang’.  

Sshivani has often been vocal about her opinions and feels that Arshi Khan is the one who is playing an actual game. “Arshi is playing too dirty, she is playing mind games with everyone.” Talking about one of the most talked about fights between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde, “It’s all made up. Asking for forgiveness and then fighting again, they are playing games and it is all drama.”

For people who plan to audition for Bigg Boss in the next season, Sshivani has some suggestions that you might want to keep in mind, “Stay natural, stay strong, stay true to yourself.” That’s something we often hear even Salman saying, maybe aspiring contestant should totally take this into consideration.

Bigg Boss Is Not Scripted: Sshivani Durga After Eviction© Twitter

While she wants Hiten to totally win the show, she also feels that Arshi and Hina Khan are other two strong contenders for the title.

Well, we don’t know if she will be one of the wild card entries, but if given a chance Sshivani would definitely go for it, “I would love to because I didn’t get much time in the house to spread my message and if I get that opportunity again I would be the fortunate person.”

Bigg Boss Is Not Scripted: Sshivani Durga After Eviction© Twitter

Now that she is out of the house, she plans to complete her third Ph.D. and complete writing her book, ‘Rigs of Tantra’.  

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Oct 112017

Bigg Boss 11 is doing just what it promised by giving us the much-required entertainment dose every night. You might not like the filthy fights but you just can’t ignore the show for whatsoever reasons.

The royal task of pursuing King Hiten is the main agenda in the house at present. Both Arshi and Shilpa are fighting their best as queens to chase the emperor. But there is a lot more cooking inside the BB house. We are warning you not to miss tonight’s episode as we promise you guaranteed entertainment!

Bigg Boss 11 Is Set To Witness Its Messiest Fight Tonight© Bigg Boss_Colors

The big fight is finally here and it is going to get pretty dirty. You won’t just witness one spat but a double dose of drama tonight. As the house welcomes new days, the temper level rises too with Arshi getting into a vulgar fight with both Sapna and Mehjabi.

Giving us an insight into what to expect, a close source from the Bigg Boss team shared an exciting snippet of information with us.

Playing the queen’s role, Arshi will be seen daydreaming about her wedding with Hiten and Sapna will bash her thoughts into bits by passing a sneaky remark. Arshi will eventually demean Sapna calling her a ‘Nacchnewali’ and that’s how the lightning will strike. Using Arshi’s own technique, Sapna will follow her around the house singing all the while…coming up with some original lyrics. Well Arshi, what goes around comes around!  

But even for a while, if you thought Sapna was the calm one, you are totally going to see her in a new avatar. She will share her intentions that she is all set to get physical when the time comes. And here we thought she was a cute lil’ kitten!

Bigg Boss 11 Is Set To Witness Its Messiest Fight Tonight© Bigg Boss_Colors

Nevertheless, Sapna isn’t the only one having a hard time dealing with Arshi. Joining the list now is Mehjabi. She will reveal how Arshi’s language and actions are creating negativity in the house. Things will get beyond control and Mehjabi will give a warning asking her to stay in her limits or the consequences of it will be beyond her imagination.

Now where is a tall glass of water when you need one? Oh this is going to be a scorcher indeed. Can’t wait to see what Arshi does this time to piss off the other contestants!

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Sep 302017

Everyone’s favourite show ‘Bigg Boss’ is gearing up to make a comeback and fans are already frothing at the mouth. The 11th season of the show premieres on October 1st, and we bet many of you are already clearing your schedules to be able to catch the show, religiously.

 From saucy gossip, flights, love stories, flirting, intimacy, conspiracies and so much more, ‘Bigg Boss’ is all about entertainment, entertainment, and a little more entertainment for good measure! Love it or hate it, the show has a huge fan following and consistently earns insane ratings. And since Salman Khan started hosting it, the numbers have pretty much tripled!

Scripted or not, BB is one of those shows that you’ll be talking about with your colleagues as if the contestants are your family mates. The more you watch the show, the more you start falling for the on-screen drama. Soon, you’ll have the contestant you hate, a contestant you sympathise with and the one you truly want to bag the BB title.

Just yesterday, we gave you all the details on what is going to be happening inside the most watched house in the country and today we are back with the first look of the house.

Right from the time we first saw the promos for the show, all we can talk about is the house. Finally, the channel has shared a scintillating first look of the house, making us wish we could take a walk around the pad ourselves!

#BREAKING !!!! First look 👀 #BiggBoss11 @beingsalmankhan

A post shared by Colors TV (@colorstv) on Sep 29, 2017 at 8:25am PDT

Doesn’t that look grand? But then we don’t expect anything less from the producers of the show. Like every season, here’s the celestial, destiny-changing Jacuzzi! Because in the BB house, a lot can happen in the jacuzzi (geddit?).

Jacuzzi #BiggBoss11 house

— The Khabri (@BiggBossNewz) September 29, 2017

The Channel’s handle Twitter ‘The Khabari’ also released another picture of the living room, which looks peppy and vibrant.

Living room  #BiggBoss11 house

— The Khabri (@BiggBossNewz) September 29, 2017

For the first time, we will have an underground jail with literally no amenities except a string cot in the house, which we can’t wait to check out. It’s almost time to let the familiar chants ring again, “Bigg Boss chahte hai……”


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Sep 292017

‘Bigg Boss’ is all set to return to our television screens with a bang and fans just can’t keep calm for their favourite reality show to air soon. The 11th season of the show will see Bollywood Sultan Salman Khan taking the reign and hosting the show like never before.

Okay. Time to spill the details about what all is going to happen inside the most watched house:

Juicy Intel About The Bigg Boss House This Year© Colors

1. Gharwale and Padosi is Bigg Boss 11’s theme and there will not only be housemates but also neighbours in the BB house this year.

2. Salman Khan is said to play the role of a peacemaker among the neighbours, which totally means we will get to see more of him this time. Bhaijaan living much closer to the contestants is something we haven’t seen before.

Juicy Intel About The Bigg Boss House This Year© Colors

3. In order to give us more masala and entertainment factor, we will see the common man and celebrities contesting against each other to survive in the house for over 100 days.

4. 90 cameras to keep a tab on every contestant’s move, because BB se bachna muskil hi nahi namumkin hai! Also to give viewers the complete experience.

5. Just like the previous houses, the contestants will have a full-fledged gym, a jacuzzi, a pool and a round shape dinner table. The BB house interiors are often colour co-ordinated and this time bedrooms are designed in colour contrast of black and red. Unlike most times, this time the restrooms are made inside the house.

6. From akhara to kalkothri, BB has everything in this newly planned house. And what’s terrifying is the fact that the jail (kalkothri) has literally nothing except three string cots.

Juicy Intel About The Bigg Boss House This Year© Colors

7. We know you can’t wait to know about the confession chair. Giving it a quirky look, the chair is shaped like a car seat, where people will be confessing their dark secrets to BB.

8. The smokehouse area is situated next to the gym near the pool area because in BB’s house, a lot can happen over a smoke or inside the pool.

Juicy Intel About The Bigg Boss House This Year© Colors

9. And of course, you have a secret room which can accommodate four people. As usual, they can see whatever is happening inside the house but the other side will be clueless about it. Who do you think will stay inside the secret room this time? Well, they will be those who got nominated for eviction. The deal is simple, they are going to name who might have turned against them and one common name among the four will be their puppet. Boy, now that’s something!

10. Actor Gaurav Gera will be seen as a gossip queen, giving us all the inside scoop from the house

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