Jan 192018

Actress Neha Dhupia is the host of ‘BFFs with Vogue’ season 2, which goes on air today on Colors Infinity at 8 pm. After watching glimpses of the show, we just have one word ‘amazing’

Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia is all excited for her upcoming talk-show ‘BFFs with Vogue’ to on air today.

Actress Neha Dhupia is the host of ‘BFFs with Vogue’ season 2, which goes on air today on Colors Infinity at 8 pm. After watching glimpses of episode one with the flamboyant filmmaker Karan Johar and his ‘Bff’ Shweta Bachchan Nanda, we can clearly say that with her wit and humour, she has added the sass to this show. She promises one to literally roll on the floor after watching the episodes. From making celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone eat red chillies to getting them stripped for not answering her question, Neha is quite a task-master! A master everyone would love to dive deep into her conversations. From hinting at her new business venture, curiosity to know more about Salman Khan and her not-so-spoken love life, the actress pours her heart out in this candid conversation with mid-day online.

Excerpts from the interview:

How do you manage the difficult task of getting the celebrities talk about their personal lives on the show?
I don’t know. I feel that whatever you’re doing when you are in a conversation like we are or anybody else, the first thing is the comfort. The minute you get comfortable, conversations come out. It’s pretty amazing. So, I feel now that after being in the business for so many years I have comfort with a lot of people who were on the show. They’ve all been friends and there were some who I never met in my life before. We had wonderful questions and great conversation. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I want to say this in complete modesty that I had lots of fun. Now, when you’re having fun, it transcends and the camera picks up from the smallest to the largest emotion and exactly what’s going on in your head and your heart. The camera knows you as well as a parent. I’m hoping that they have kept the best part of the show.

What difference did you feel while talking to guests you already know and the ones who you were meeting for the first time?
I’ll tell you the people I didn’t know at all; there was Juhi Chawla, Anisha Padukone (Deepika Padukone’s sister)and Radhika Apte, who I had met for the first time properly on the show and all three of them were so comfortable and we had lots of fun. You don’t need to hear more than that. It’s not about how eloquent, well-versed or worldly knowledge you have, that’s not what a conversation is, it’s having fun, being comfortable and enjoying yourself.

What makes ‘BFFs with Vogue’ different from other talk shows?
Here, people come up with their Best Friends Forever (BFF), plays a fun game and all our segments are different from other talk shows. I know that there is a direct comparison between m a really big show and I’m not anywhere in the running. I’m a fan of ‘Koffee With Karan’. So, even drawing a comparison for me, I don’t care what happens, I think it’s a compliment for me. I love being in conversations and getting to know people. So, I think my interest towards this concept would make it interesting.

We get to see a new unadulterated Neha nowadays. What is the secret behind this revival?
I’m just being myself and I’ve always been this person. It’s now that the audience has tapped into that side of me. It’s great and I hope it lasts. Some people tell me that you have found your niche and I always turn around and say that I haven’t found my niche, I’m just being myself. The only thing I always wanted to do is films and I want to do that for the rest of my life. This is my personal life doing this show, films are my professional life. I’ve really enjoyed myself and now I’m hoping that people enjoy it too.

What made you take up this show as a host?
It was an offer that was put forward via Viacom. Mr. Raj Nayak, CEO, Colors called me up and asked, ‘Would you like to do this?’ and I said that let me think about it. Then, there was no communication for almost two months and I still remember I was shopping at Sohu in New York and I see Raj Nayak calling. It was somewhere at 1 or 2 o’clock at night and I thought to myself that this is a really odd time to call. He called up and said that I know you are in New York and you are doing this show. That’s it and he hung up the call. When people show so much faith in you, one just has to go ahead and say ‘yes’.

The show will go on air from today but the conversations from it have already made headlines. Do you think that is a drawback?
No headline has ever hurt anyone unless it’s a crime. So, in our business making headline is not a crime. I would say that it’s definitely going to work for the show.

Who do you think were at their candid best on the show?
I think Karan Johar, Ayushmann Khurrana, Deepika Padukone, Bhumi Pednekar and Alia Bhatt were at their candid best.

And who do you think were politically correct?
Somebody who is politically correct is Katrina Kaif and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Talking about your show’s segment ‘Say it or Strip it’, who did you personally want to see getting stripped and tweaked the questions on the spot to make them difficult?
If Sidharth Malhotra or Varun Dhawan would come up on the show then maybe them but apart from that I had no particular interest in seeing anyone strip. Yes, Katrina, she has abs but she didn’t take her shirt off.

Soha Ali Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma and Karan Johar are your best pals from Bollywood. Would you want to be with them on the other side of the couch?
I would love to be on the other side with Karan.

And be interviewed by?
By somebody who knows us really well. I wouldn’t mind swapping places with Shweta Bachchan Nanda. She actually has a whole bunch of questions to ask.

An actor’s life you would be interested in knowing about?
I would be interested in knowing more about Salman (Khan). He makes us believe that we know about him but we actually don’t. 

Is Neha Dhupia in love?
Not yet. I’m getting there.

Character-based roles are specially written in movies today and you are one of the actors who’s always known for character-based roles. What are the kind of characters you are looking out for?

I’m just looking out for interesting parts. I cannot look around and say that I am looking out for work where I’m going to be a woman where three hunks will be chasing me and it’s not going to happen. I’m pretty certain and that’s where my reality check is. My next film is with Karan Johar, a short film titled, ‘Ice-cream’. I’m also on the verge of signing something about which you’ll get to know by next week. I also have ‘Roadies’ coming up, for which I’ll be travelling to Arunachal Pradesh and living in a tent for a month. Soon after that I come and shoot for my film in February and then shoot for it again in April. My calendar is full till April and after that I don’t know what I am doing. The entrepreneur side in me may shine little bit through in 2018.

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Dec 072017

Fashionista Neha Dhupia does not have a stylist. It’s only when she is on a professional assignment, that there is a stylist on hand

Fashionista Neha Dhupia does not have a stylist. It’s only when she is on a professional assignment, that there is a stylist on hand. When we caught up with her recently she said, “I am in my 30s. I don’t need a person to tell me what to wear, especially when I am travelling. The airport look is ridiculous. I don’t believe in it. I can figure my life out. I am clued in about fashion as well as food as they interest me.” So whenever Neha steps out in designer threads, it is all her own doing.

Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia

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Oct 142017

On Saturday, the trailer of Vidya Balan’s slice-of-life film ‘Tumhari Sulu’ got released and Vidya revealed a smart way of dealing with politicians who impose bans, who otherwise maintains a neutral stance during such occasions. Vidya Balan as the ‘saree vaali bhabhi’ is all fun, chirpy and crazy in the film. Her sultry and sensuous voice as a night RJ (Radio Jockey) will make you go weak in your knees.

Present at the launch were the entire cast and crew of ‘Tumhari Sulu’ including Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia, RK Malishka amongst others. However, the presence of Vidya’s parents made the actress shine with glow and her happiness increased twofold. While Vidya was introducing the film’s cast to her parents, Neha complimented her mother for the way she’s raised Vidya.

Keeping the growing intolerance in the city, when the interaction began with the media, Vidya was asked if she was running her own show as an RJ in reality and a political party imposed a ban on it, how she would charm them? Known for her spontaneity, she instantly came ahead and in her sexy voice said, “Acche din aa gaye hai, radio on kar do” (Turn on the radio as good days have arrived).

Is there anyone wouldn’t fall for this voice? Well, bringing “acche din” is something that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised.

Further, when mid-day asked Vidya about the similarities Vidya shares with Sulu, she revealed, “For the first time ever, I’ve got the opportunity to showcase my madness on screen. I think we are very very similar. Most importantly Sulu thinks that ‘mai sab kuch kar sakti hai’ (I can do everything) and even I think that I can do everything.” With path-breaking films such as ‘The Dirty Picture’, ‘Kahaani’ and many others Vidya has surely proved that she can do everything.

A Suresh Triveni film, ‘Tumhari Sulu’ is all set to hit the theatres on November 17, 2018.


[embedded content]

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Oct 142017

The trailer for the much awaited ‘Tumhari Sulu’ is out and the film looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun. From Vidya’s vivacious style to her sultry voice, she totally steals the show with a spot on performance that keeps your eyes glued to the screen and a smile that never leaves your face.

Tumhari Sulu(c) T-Series

The clip shows Vidya in a totally new avatar as the titular ‘Saree Wali Bhaabhi’ Sulu, who has her own dreams and wants to be more than just a housewife.

Tumhari Sulu (c) T-series

It is exactly that dream that helps us relate to her character in the film. She is a regular caller at a local radio station and has won a ton of prizes. But one day she spots a chance to be an RJ herself and Neha Dhupia, the radio producer, gives her a shot and sets her off on her journey of self -discovery.

Tumhari Sulu (c) T-series

And, that’s not all; we also get a reprised version of a hit song, ‘Hawa Hawai’ from Mr. India that is still as peppy and catchy as we first heard it. Manav Kaul plays Vidya’s husband and the filmmakers have also roped in RJ Maliksha in a pivotal role in the film.

Tumhari Sulu (c) T-series

This will be Vidya’s second release this year after ‘Begum Jaan’. The film didn’t fare particularly well with both critics and fans and it will be interesting to see if ‘Tumhari Sulu’ is a hit or a miss at the box office. Directed by Suresh Triveni, the film is set to hit theatres on November 17th. Check out the trailer below:





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Aug 262017

Sunny Leone and Neha DhupiaSunny Leone and Neha Dhupia

Sunny Leone was spotted with Neha Dhupia as they headed to record for the second season of Neha Dhupia’s audio show #NoFilterNeha

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Aug 202017

Kareena Kapoor Khan with son Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, Karisma Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Konkona Sensharma attended Soha Ali Khan’s grand baby shower at her residence in Mumbai.

Soha Ali Khan, who is pregnant with her first child hosted a baby shower at her residence in Mumbai. With Kareena, Karisma and host of other celebs in attendance it was Bebo’s 7-month-old son Taimur who stole the show at the bash. Soha Ali Khan shares the pictures from the bash on her social media accounts:

This by far was Soha Ali Khan’s ‘favourite picture of the day’. When Taimur met Kunal Kemmu and Soha’s pet dog Masti!

“Thank you all for showering me with so much love,” Soha Ali Khan wrote as she shared photo of girl gang at her baby shower.

Soha Ali Khan also shared a photo with Kareena and Karisma, who were twining in matching outfits. “Caught between the queens of the fashion police,” Soha wrote with this photo.

‘Girl power’ at Soha Ali Khan’s baby shower with Neha Dhupia and Konkona Sensharma

Cupcake heaven

A post shared by Soha (@sakpataudi) onAug 19, 2017 at 12:18am PDT

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Aug 152017

Neha Dhupia’s show ‘No Filter Neha’ is one of the most talked about shows in recent times, as celebs literally talk ‘without a filter’. The recent one to go ‘unfiltered’ was Parineeti Chopra. Parineeti Chopra’s revelation can make anyone guffaw. 

In an interview with Neha Dhupia, Parineeti Chopra shared a funny conversation she had with her ‘bff’ and tennis sensation, Sania Mirza. “You know that’s how we became friends because she in some interview said ‘I  would like Parineeti to play me in my biopic’ and I remember she was  playing the US Open and she called me from there in the middle of the night at 2-3’o clock in the morning. She called me and said ‘Hi this is Sania  Mirza, she said ‘I just wanna say that you know I have given an interview  yesterday and it’s all over the country and its all on front pages and I  felt it was my responsibility to tell you , why it all happened’  and I said  ya but that’s really sweet of you like to say that. She said, ‘You look  like me and you know we all are blessed in the chest area and I think you  will look most like me’ and I said ‘oh thanks buddy’ and we have been  friends ever since and she tells me I’m the only actor she is friends with you know.”

Now, that is some revelation! 

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Aug 032017

Ranveer Singh and Aditya Roy KapurRanveer Singh and Aditya Roy Kapur

Bollywood hottie Ranveer Singh made a shocking revelation on the Neha Dhupia show. He revealed that one of his ex-girlfriends and the girl he was madly in love with, left him for Aditya Roy Kapur. While people would find this hard to believe knowing the scales Ranveer has climbed in Bollywood, Ranveer really did have his heartbroken due to Aditya Roy Kapur. 

In an interview with Neha Dhupia, the ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actor revealed an incident from his college days. Here is the entire conversation:

“Ranveer : So here’s the thing about Aditya, he’s always been a hotty. Even when we were 16-17. I was like this, like a preppy tight tshirt boy from HR college. And he was like this Afro keeping hippy boy, you know, he was a fast bowler and he was all athletic an all..
Neha: Was it
Ranveer: Ya ya, Aditya Roy was
Neha: The guitar boy
Ranveer: Ya he was like every girl’s fantasy in junior college and the girl that I was crazy about that time who is now married with a kid, so she, I was really like, this is like, I was mad about her. It was a good 4-5 years that I was crazy over her. And then she finally broke up with me. It was in order to move onto a certain Aditya Roy Kapoor.”

Well, Ranveer Singh must have definitely learned a lesson and would be keeping Deepika Padukone miles away from Aditya Roy Kapur.

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Jul 282017

ranveer_deepikaThough Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone never made it official, their actions speaks volumes about their relationship.

Ranveer, recently appeared on Neha Dhupia’s talk-show and made a revelation about his rumoured better-half Deepika.

The actor went on record to say that Deepika is the best kisser.

The lover boy said, “I think Deepika Padukone is the best kisser. Have you seen that ‘Ang laga de re, mujhe rang laga de re’ (song from Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ram Leela)?”

Well, there’s no denying to it that Ranveer and Deepika share an electrifying chemistry, which was pretty evident in that song.

In Bollywood, Deepika was last seen in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ (2015) with Ranveer Singh, and the duo is now working on ‘Padmavati,’ which also stars Shahid Kapoor. The film will see Deepika as Rani Padmini, Shahid as Raja Rawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer as antagonist Alauddin Khilji.

Meanwhile, according to a leading daily, Ranveer and Deepika have called it quits and Singh is already dating another girl. A source stated, “Ranveer and Deepika have been together for five years. They are no longer a couple. There was no bitter parting. They just drifted apart. They both tried to make it work with the help of their supportive families who wanted to ensure that the relationship made it to the altar. That was one of the problems with the relationship. Ranveer wanted a marriage. Deepika completely opposed the idea, arguing that marriage would affect her career at its prime.”

Deepika’s Hollywood career apparently has bridged the distance between them, which is being cited as one of the major reasons of their break-up.

The source further added, “Even when they were shooting in separate continents, he would fly down to be with her whenever possible. He gave Deepika lots of space and never allowed any suspicion to creep in even when rumours of a relationship with Vin Diesel reached his ears.”

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Jul 012017

A scene from Roadies Rising in which Neha Dhupia ensures the men ‘show off’

It’s definitely raining men on Roadies Rising. And for some reason, Neha Dhupia loves to see her men strip (conditions apply). Well, who wouldn’t! However, in the recent celebrity episode of the reality show, Kabaddi Champions Ajay Thakur and Rahul Choudhary refused the actress’ request. The drool-worthy boys just did not wish to take off any clothing. So shy!

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