Jan 252018

karan_aliaAlia Bhatt says she is single again!

Yes, you heard that right! With the rumours floating in the air about Alia’s relationship status we now know it all, that she is single again.

And we heard it from the gorgeous actress herself when she called her godfather Karan Johar on his show Calling Karan on 104.8 Ishq FM to seek some advice.

KJo who has been donning the RJ’s hat quite well, has been receiving calls from B’town celebs for relationship advice on the show.

Similar was the case with Alia who was feeling lonely in the new year while seeing people around her with celebration plans.

Alia asked KJo what should a single people like her do when they feel lonely to which his mentor replied with much ease, “You are a great person with great friends around. Alia you have such an amazing vibe of your own, you don’t need a boyfriend to feel complete. You can have a great time with your own thoughts. Own yourself, create your own vibe and atmosphere.”

Here’s the conversation that they had:

Alia- Hello

Karan- Yes, who am I speaking with?

Alia – Karan, you don’t recognize my voice or what?

Karan- No, who am I talking to, this is me, you are calling Karan on Ishq 104.8. I hope you are doing the Ishq baby!

Alia – I am totally doing the Ishq baby but I am very sad baby because you don’t recognize my voice

Karan – Oh my god, it’s you Alia. How are you? Sorry I don’t know, I have been getting so many calls you know I am getting confused with the voices. How are you doing?

Alia – How can you get confused about my voice Karan? I am very sad.

Karan – don’t be sad, what makes you sad? What is your problem my dear? Tell me my child, how can I help you?

Alia- I just thought that if I am to take an advice from you, I should rather take it on -air. Since calling Karan is such a hit and since I am always calling you and always calling Karan, tell me right now on Ishq 104.8 FM

Karan – Yes, what do you want to know? What do you want to know?

Alia- It’s the holiday season right, like Christmas, New year, everyone is partying and those who are single feel a bit lonely. What about them? What do we do about the people who are feeling single? Like I am single and everybody is walking in and partying with someone somewhere

Karan – I in fact Alia, this is something I have said to you before or I would say to a lot of people which is you don’t need to feel complete because of other person and I say that to you also very often that you are a great girl, you have some great friends, you have such a great vibe, you don’t need a boyfriend to feel, you know, feel complete or feel completely like you’re having a great time. You can have such a great time even with your own thoughts, you are that kind of a girl. So I mean own yourself, enjoy your own self, enjoy the people around you, you have so many people who love you including your family and friends and I don’t think a boy should come there to kind of change your vibe, you can make your own vibe, you can create your own atmosphere. I always say that, like you know, we sometimes overrate relationships and underrate the power of ourselves. So I’m like, it’s a holiday season, go out, I am sure I believe you are going out on a girls vacation, so isn’t that fun?

Alia- Ya

Karan- Ya

Alia- that’s lots of fun

Karan- that’s going to be lots of fun, are you really interested in a boy to be around and ruin all that fun? You’re gonna have so much more fun with just the girls right?

Alia – Ya, not like I go out too much also, but ya you are right, so not to feel upset

Karan- not at all, don’t feel the holiday blues, feel the holiday highs because trust me you might be better off because who wants the frill of a relationship, the fighting, the arguing, the madness, the possessiveness, the yada yada yada you know the drill, I mean you know how it gets, I mean, you know how it gets. I have been single for so long but I am really in the best phase in my life. Of course, I want you to eventually find the right relationship and eventually the right husband

Alia- but no need right now

Karan- no need, you’ve got some amazing movies, you’ve got great company you are part of, you’ve got me, you’ve got friends, you’ve got your family and you are amazing Alia, you don’t need anyone

Alia- okay Karan, I love you! Thank you!

Karan- Alright, I love you too, have a good time, okay bye

Alia- bye.

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