Jan 162018

Ram Gopal Verma took the internet by storm when he announced his upcoming project with adult star Mia Malkova. 

Actually, it was Mia herself who made this announcement on social media. (We probably might have not believed it if RGV announced it himself.)

Indian film maker Ram Gopal Varma shot a video with me in Europe titled GOD , SEX and TRUTH

I will be the 2nd adult star after @SunnyLeone to be shot by an Indian feature film maker @Rgvzoomin pic.twitter.com/0lfaipKhAA

— Mia Malkova (@MiaMalkova) January 11, 2018

While RGV is well known for pushing the boundaries and coming up with projects that no other Indian director would even think of doing, this is a little too, umm… different?

Talking about the film, he wrote in a Facebook post, “GOD, SEX and TRUTH is neither a film, nor a short film nor a series …it’s about Mia Malkova speaking about sex and how much it means to her. I, both as a person and as a film maker very strongly believe in the underlying depth of what GOD ,SEX and TRUTH truly represents.”

The description of the film, the poster and stills have definitely got us hooked but after we saw the trailer, we are a little confused. 

Trailer Of RGV's God, Sex And Truth Starring Mia Malkova Unveiled© Instagram

Erotic visuals combined with philosophy don’t exactly make the best of combination. While Mia makes love to herself in the trailer, we also get to see some quotes about sex from popular personalities which are apparently the inspiration behind the film. 

Trailer Of RGV's God, Sex And Truth Starring Mia Malkova Unveiled© RGV Talkies

All of this just makes us wonder ‘What exactly is the intention behind this whole thing?’

Nevertheless, we think it might just help you fight the midweek blues.  Have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself: 

If the trailer has got you excited, then here’s some good news. You don’t have to wait much longer as the final full film will be released on Malkova’s Vimeo channel on 26th January.

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