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Jan 162018

Ram Gopal Verma took the internet by storm when he announced his upcoming project with adult star Mia Malkova. 

Actually, it was Mia herself who made this announcement on social media. (We probably might have not believed it if RGV announced it himself.)

Indian film maker Ram Gopal Varma shot a video with me in Europe titled GOD , SEX and TRUTH

I will be the 2nd adult star after @SunnyLeone to be shot by an Indian feature film maker @Rgvzoomin

— Mia Malkova (@MiaMalkova) January 11, 2018

While RGV is well known for pushing the boundaries and coming up with projects that no other Indian director would even think of doing, this is a little too, umm… different?

Talking about the film, he wrote in a Facebook post, “GOD, SEX and TRUTH is neither a film, nor a short film nor a series …it’s about Mia Malkova speaking about sex and how much it means to her. I, both as a person and as a film maker very strongly believe in the underlying depth of what GOD ,SEX and TRUTH truly represents.”

The description of the film, the poster and stills have definitely got us hooked but after we saw the trailer, we are a little confused. 

Trailer Of RGV's God, Sex And Truth Starring Mia Malkova Unveiled© Instagram

Erotic visuals combined with philosophy don’t exactly make the best of combination. While Mia makes love to herself in the trailer, we also get to see some quotes about sex from popular personalities which are apparently the inspiration behind the film. 

Trailer Of RGV's God, Sex And Truth Starring Mia Malkova Unveiled© RGV Talkies

All of this just makes us wonder ‘What exactly is the intention behind this whole thing?’

Nevertheless, we think it might just help you fight the midweek blues.  Have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself: 

If the trailer has got you excited, then here’s some good news. You don’t have to wait much longer as the final full film will be released on Malkova’s Vimeo channel on 26th January.

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Jan 152018

We’re going to go ahead and say it- Ryan Reynolds is savage AF and he is the kind of person we would want to be best friends with. Known for his extremely witty sense of humor and for unapologetically trolling his loved ones, Ryan often sends the world in a fit of laughter with his social media posts and interviews. 

Remember when he wished his wife Blake Lively with this photo?

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 25, 2017 at 8:20pm PDT

Or when he trolled her look for an upcoming movie?


A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Nov 6, 2017 at 2:27pm PST

We feel he is basically ‘Deadpool’ in real life as well and whatever he does just reinstates that feeling. 

Much to our delight, the man has done something again that has left all of us laughing out loud. 

You might not know that Ryan and singer Zayn Malik are good friends. In fact, they are such good friends that Ryan made a video to send the singer a birthday wish. And no points for guessing that his birthday wish was unlike any other that Zayn might have got (Sorry Gigi).

Dressed in the full red and black Deadpool outfit, Ryan/Wade said: “Zayn! It’s Wade. Don’t hang up. I just want to wish you a very happy birthday.”

Very average, isn’t it? But what he said further will make you love Ryan even more. 

Zayn took to his Instagram to post this video and didn’t even bother to give it a caption. Because obviously, a video of Deadpool doesn’t need one. 

Have a look: 

A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on Jan 12, 2018 at 10:35am PST

FYI, Horton was a Canadian ice hockey player who died in 1974 from a car crash. He was part of the first group of players to be named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in history in January 2017. The late player was also the co-founder of popular Canadian restaurant chain, ‘Tim Hortons’. 


Deadpool Wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday With A Hilarious Video © Legends of hockey



Although mentioning him was pretty random, but what else do you expect from Deadpool?

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Jan 152018

Over the last few months, women across the world have come out to support each other in the fight against the sexual misconduct that they have faced by members of the Hollywood fraternity.

What started as another ‘false accusation’ has now turned into a full-fledged movement, with even celebrities coming out to reveal the horrific details of what they have faced in the industry. 

And adding to this unfortunate list of assaulters is noted comedian Aziz Ansari.

A post shared by @azizansari on Aug 21, 2014 at 10:05am PDT

News of Aziz’s misbehavior with a woman broke out only recently, sending the whole world into frenzy. For the fans of the man who has talked about and supported feminism time and again, this was a major disappointment. 

The woman, who hasn’t revealed her identity yet, revealed details of what exactly happened between her and Aziz in an exclusive interview with the website ‘Babe’.  

The woman is a 23-year-old New York photographer, who says she met him for the first time at the 2017 Emmy Awards after-party and exchanged numbers. 

Female Photographer Accusing Aziz Ansari Of Assault Opens Up© Twitter

After a week of exchanging flirtatious messages over the phone, they eventually went out on a date. 

On September 25, she said she went to Ansari’s TriBeCa apartment which was followed up with a dinner at Grand Banks, an oyster bar on a historic wooden schooner on the Hudson River. However, she couldn’t help but notice throughout the dinner that Ansari seemed in a rush to get her elsewhere.

When the pair returned to his apartment, she said they kissed, but when Ansari told her that he was going to grab a condom within minutes of their first kiss, she said “Whoa, let’s relax for a sec, let’s chill.’”

She claims he then went on to perform oral sex on her and then asked her to reciprocate, which she did as she felt pressured.  She also reveals that he kept sticking his fingers down her throat and allegedly kept moving her hand towards his penis. 

“The move he kept doing was taking his two fingers in a V-shape and putting them in my mouth, in my throat to wet his fingers, because the moment he’d stick his fingers in my throat he’d go straight for my vagina and try to finger me.”

She says that she repeatedly tried to voice her discomfort but he didn’t exactly take notice. 

“Most of my discomfort was expressed in me pulling away and mumbling. I know that my hand stopped moving at some points,” she said. “I stopped moving my lips and turned cold.”

There was a moment when she thought that he understood her being uncomfortable and things calmed down a bit. But not for long. 

While they decided to “chill” on the couch for a while, he again motioned for her to go down on him. He then led her from the couch to a different part of his apartment bringing her to a large mirror. He then bent her over and asked her, “Where do you want me to f*** you? Do you want me to f*** you right here?” 

After that she decided to leave and was again met with aggressive kisses, after which Ansari finally stopped. 

The next day, before the woman could figure out what to say to Ansari about the date, he allegedly sent her a text message to which she replied with a long message revealing all that she felt. 

This is the text Grace* sent Aziz Ansari after their date which left her feeling “violated”. She tells Ansari how uncomfortable he made her feel, saying “you ignored clear non-verbal cues” and “kept going with advances.”

Read the full story on

— babe (@babedotnet) January 14, 2018

She says that it took her a long time to come to terms with whatever happened, however, when she saw him winning the Golden Globes award and supporting the ‘Time’s Up’ movement, she was enraged.

Female Photographer Accusing Aziz Ansari Of Assault Opens Up© Twitter

Aziz has now responded to these allegations with this statement:

“In September of last year, I met a woman at a party. We exchanged numbers. We texted back and forth and eventually went on a date. We went out to dinner, and afterwards we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual. The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable. It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said. I continue to support the movement that is happening in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue.”

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Jan 112018

Bollywood films have been subjected to a lot of criticism over the last few years. Be it the degrading quality of the storylines or the increasing importance of films in shaping opinions, people increasingly want films to answer burning questions and bring to light issues that hold significance. And filmmakers have found the best way to give in to this demand- through biopics. 

In January last year, on the occasion of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death anniversary, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri announced that his next movie would revolve around India’s second prime minister. However, nothing else was revealed. 

On this day, 10th Jan 1966, in Tashkent a tiny man called Lal Bahadur Shastri who won a war with Pakistan, soon after a humiliating defeat with China, signed the Tashkent treaty. Hours later he died. A death mystery unsolved till date. Why?

— Vivek Agnihotri (@vivekagnihotri) January 10, 2018

And this year again, Vivek took to his Twitter handle to reveal the poster of the film – ‘The Tashkent Files’. Along with that, he also revealed the name of the two cast members which sent the internet into a frenzy. 

On this day, our 2nd PM Lal Bahadur Shastri died mysteriously in Tashkent. Was it heart attack or poison? Even after 52 yrs, the truth of the biggest cover-up of free India has been denied to his family, followers, citizens. After years of research, I present #TheTashkentFiles

— Vivek Agnihotri (@vivekagnihotri) January 11, 2018

Legendary actors and national award recipients Naseeruddin Shah and Mithun Chakraborty have been roped in for the film. 

Privileged to work with two National Award Winners to tell an untold story of beloved Shastri ji. More to come.

— Vivek Agnihotri (@vivekagnihotri) January 11, 2018

While the storyline and casting of the actors seems extremely fascinating, what’s more interesting is that this is the first ‘crowdsourced’ Indian film. When he announced the movie for the first time last year, he had tweeted, “This is my next film dedicated to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, on his 51st death anniversary. Please support and contribute ideas.”

He also said, “Death/assassination, questions must be answered. Contribute ideas. This will be first crowdsourcing of ideas for a film.”

And after getting thousands of mails and doing intensive research for years, Vivek is more than excited to delve into this mystery even further with the film. 

Naseeruddin Shah & Mithun To Star In 'The Tashkent Files'© Vivek Agnihotri

The lead actor who’d play the role of the former PM still needs to be finalized and we can’t wait to see who’d be roped in for the same.

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Jan 112018

Hrithik Roshan’s career changed forever when he starred in the first part of the ‘Krrish’ franchise. Actually, it changed when ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ came out and we got to see Rohit’s unique abilities. But with ‘Krrish’, we got to see his character in full form which eventually went on to become one of our favorite Indian superheroes.

Rakesh Roshan Announces 'Krrish 4' On Hrithik's Birthday© Filmkraft Productions

The first three installments were blockbuster not just in India but overseas too. Shattering many box office records became the norm with all the ‘Krrish’ films and his fans definitely wanted a fourth installment. 

Rakesh Roshan Announces 'Krrish 4' On Hrithik's Birthday© Filmkraft Productions

Last year, Rakesh Roshan did announce that he’ll now start working on a fourth part but nothing else was revealed. In fact, some even thought that it might even get cancelled eventually.

But on Hrithik’s 44th birthday yesterday, Rakesh took to his social media to make an announcement that made Hrithik’s fans go crazy. 

‘Krrish 4’ indeed is happening and it is set for a Christmas release. 


Squealing with joy? Don’t. Because we aren’t talking about this year’s Christmas. 

In fact, not even next year.


You’re going to have to wait till 2020 for the movie. 

Today is perhaps the best day to make the release day of Krrish 4 official. Christmas 2020 it is. A gift for all of you on Hrithiks birthday. Happy birthday @iHrithik

— Rakesh Roshan (@RakeshRoshan_N) January 10, 2018

Obviously no other details were given, it is being reported that Hrithik might play the role of the villain as well. As for the female lead, Yami Gautam’s name has been floating around. 

Nevertheless, we are just excited over the fact that we’ll get to see more of Hrithik as Krrish even if it takes two years.

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Jan 102018

For those who thought that Anushka Sharma mostly chooses happy-go-lucky and bubbly roles, please take a seat because the woman is here to prove you wrong.

We thought she already defied her critics with ‘NH10’ when she played a role so horrifying that we couldn’t even blink. However, some people were still of the view that she hasn’t been opting for diverse roles. But with her upcoming film, we are guessing all these opinions will now go out the window. 

Anushka Sharma Unveils New Spooky Poster Of 'Pari'© Clean Slate Films

‘Pari’ is a supernatural thriller, details of which haven’t been revealed yet. After seeing the posters of the film, some were of the opinion that Anushka will play a ghost in the film, while some say that she will play the character of an abuse victim.

Whatever the case is, our mouths were left open when we saw the first motion poster of the movie that came out only yesterday. 

In case you haven’t seen it, have a look:

We cannot deal with that bloody face and that intense gaze which is looking right into our soul.

She even posted this on her social media accounts with the caption, “Sweet dreams guys”. Y u do dis Anushka?

Sweet dreams guys… #HoliWithPari

— Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) January 9, 2018

And just when we thought Anushka was done with these spooky little teasers of the movie, she went ahead and revealed another poster which is possibly the scariest out of the lot. 

Anushka Sharma Unveils New Spooky Poster Of 'Pari'© Clean Slate Films

Along with unveiling these new posters, she also revealed that the movie has now been postponed for release to Holi this year that is March 2. 

Without revealing a single detail about the film, the actress has managed to break the internet with these posters. And we have to give it to her, for going out of the comfort zone and venture in the horror genre, where only a handful of actors have achieved success. 

After bringing us to our knees as Virat Kohli’s beautiful bride, we are now ready to have the crap scared out of us by Anushka! Can’t wait for ‘Pari’.

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Jan 102018

You know when a franchise has 10 freaking parts, it’s bound to be something special. And ‘Hellraiser’ is just that and more.

In case you have never heard about it before, ‘Hellraiser’ is a British horror franchise that consists of ten films, a series of books and various comic books. The franchise is based on the novella ‘The Hellbound Heart’ by English author Clive Barker.

First Trailer Of 'Hellraiser: Judgment' Released© Harper Collins

Before you dismiss it as simply any other book adaptation, let us tell you the storyline of the series. We promise, it’ll get you hooked.

The plot focuses on a remarkable box that opens a gateway to an alternate dimension of the Cenobites, basically human monsters who harvest human souls to torture in sadomasochistic experiments. No, we are not Shashi Tharoor-ing you.  Sadomasochistic essentially means giving or receiving pleasure from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation. It also includes sexual gratification.

First Trailer Of 'Hellraiser: Judgment' Released© Dimension Films

Now, since we are done with the essential plot, let’s talk about the first trailer of the upcoming 10th part of the franchise- ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’.

First Trailer Of 'Hellraiser: Judgment' Released© Dimension Films

The movie would revolve around three detectives, Sean Carter, David Carter, and Christine Egerton who are on a mission to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. And no points for guessing that while doing so, they discover a deeper threat that does not belong to this world.

First Trailer Of 'Hellraiser: Judgment' Released© Dimension Films

Obviously, the movie could not be complete without Pinhead, the leader of the Cenobites (those otherworldly creatures). And one look at him is enough to make you hide under the bed.

First Trailer Of 'Hellraiser: Judgment' Released© Dimension Films

The trailer isn’t for those with weak hearts as it consists some horrific and ultra-violent visuals. But in case you prefer movies like ‘Saw’, you might be able to handle it.

Have a look at it yourself:

‘Hellraiser: Judgment’ stars Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, John Gulager, Mike Jay Regan, and Diane Goldner, and includes an appearance from Heather Langenkamp.  Lionsgate has slated the movie for a home video release on February 13th. It’ll be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand.

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Jan 092018

2017 wasn’t exactly a great year for Amitabh Bachchan or Kangana Ranaut in terms of giving box office hits. However, that hasn’t affected their popularity or the love that they have received from their fans in any way. 

While Kangana found herself amidst controversies owing to her scandalous interviews over her alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan, Amitabh was busy working on his future projects. But 2018 seems to have started with a bang for both of them. 

Kangana And Amitabh Might Share Screen Space In R Balki's Next© Facebook

According to a Mid-Day report, the duo is set to share screen space in R Balki’s next film. FYI, R Balki is the man behind films like ‘Paa’, ‘English Vinglish’ and is all set with the soon to release ‘PadMan’. So you can expect one hell of a film.

Kangana And Amitabh Might Share Screen Space In R Balki's Next© Filmfare

Apparently, the film will revolve around a woman (which will be played by Kangana) who is left handicapped after an accident, and eventually reclaims her life. Bachchan will be seen as her mentor who’ll help her to beat the odds. 

With both the actors being National Award recipients, there is no doubt about the fact that this is a major casting coup. 

Kangana And Amitabh Might Share Screen Space In R Balki's Next© Twitter

Kangana And Amitabh Might Share Screen Space In R Balki's Next© Twitter

Maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves, but bringing together powerhouse performers like them with a visionary like Balki can only lead to success.

In the past, the actors shot an advertisement together which was loved by people across the country. In fact, some even wanted this unusual pairing to come together for a movie. 

Kangana And Amitabh Might Share Screen Space In R Balki's Next© YouTube

While we are still waiting for a confirmation which would probably come by the end of this month (as per Mid-Day), we are way too excited already despite knowing that we won’t to get to see the movie any time soon. 

Kangana and Amitabh will reportedly begin this film after they wrap up their previous commitments. Amitabh Bachchan has ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ and ‘102 Not Out’ whereas Kangana is slated to begin work on a thriller after ‘Manikarnika’.

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Jan 092018

After months of speculation and controversies, it was about time for ‘Padmavat’ (not Padmavati guys) to release already. Although we still do not have any confirmation from the production house, the movie is reportedly set to be released on January 25th. 

Twitter Cracks 'Period' Jokes Over 'Padman-Padmavat' Clash© YouTube

And guess what? If these reports are true, ‘Padmavat’ will clash with Akshay Kumar starrer ‘PadMan’ which was earlier scheduled for January 26th but was preponed a few weeks back to 25th. 

Twitter Cracks 'Period' Jokes Over 'Padman-Padmavat' Clash© Hope Productions

Now this might sound like bad news, because two highly awaited movies releasing on the same date will definitely affect their earnings badly. However, Akshay Kumar isn’t exactly worried about the clash as he said in an interview, “It is not about competition, it is a very big day, a big week, so all the films can come, both the films can release on that day. Every film has the right to release whenever they want, and I am happy for them.” 

But we definitely are worried because along with their earnings, it will affect our wallets too. Because obviously, we would want to watch both of them. 

While we await any official confirmation about the clash, Twitter users couldn’t help but notice that both these movies are ‘period’ films. Get it? 

While ‘Padmavat’ is a period drama, ‘PadMan’ focuses on menstrual hygiene. And of course, Twitter went at it with its lame AF jokes. Okay, some of them are funny. 

1. A ‘Period’ Movie Vs A Movie On ‘Periods’

#Padmavat will clash with #Padman. So basically it’s – a Period Movie vs a Movie on Periods.

— Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) January 7, 2018

2. BTW, Sidharth Malhotra’s ‘Aiyaari’ Was Also Scheduled For The Same Date But Is Now Postponed.

Meanwhile! #Aiyaary shifted to 9 Feb 2018..#Padmavat #Padman

— RVCJ Media (@RVCJ_FB) January 8, 2018

3. We Fear This Might Happen. 

Take it from me – on 27th Jan there will be a group of dolts who will go and disrupt screening of #PadMan  thinking its #Padmavat

— Atul Khatri (@one_by_two) January 7, 2018

4. Playing With Letters

Padm(a)n(v)at is an inspiring period story about periods

— Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) January 9, 2018

5. Good Idea

Rajasthan Govt still doesn’t want Padmavat released. Bhansali should change the name to Padman and tell them it’s a ‘period’ drama

— Rahul da Cunha (@RahuldaCunha) January 8, 2018

6. It’d Be A Historical Day

If Padmavati does release on the same day as Padman, it will be a first for Hindi films. Two period films on the same day.

— Naomi Datta (@nowme_datta) January 8, 2018

7. A Detailed Analysis Likes This Deserves An Applause. 

1) #Padmavat & #Padman, both have ‘Pad’s’.
2) #Padmavat – A period drama; #Padman – A drama on period.
3) #Padmavat & #Padman, both have ‘Ma’ in their names.
4) #Padmavat & #Padman, both titles r male centric.
5) If both titles are combined, they create ‘#Padmavan’ garden.

— G Ranjith Kumar (@smm2ranjith) January 8, 2018

8. Ah, well…

How I see this clash#Padmavati #Padman

— 👑 ᶻᵉʳᵒ ᴮᵃᵘᵃᵃ (@SRKianMiz) January 6, 2018

9. We Don’t What To Say Now. 

That’s gonna be one bloody Republic day.

— Wandering Hunter (@Sindhuputra) January 7, 2018

10. We See What You Did There.

Please stop with the Padmavati and Padman clash jokes please. Period.

— Shilpa Rathnam (@shilparathnam) January 8, 2018

Now let’s just sit back and wait for a confirmation and maybe, save a little money for the Republic Day week. Sigh…we can feel this clash burning a hole in our pockets already. 

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Jan 052018

If we talk about the most underrated actors in Bollywood, R Madhavan is definitely going to make it to that list. Comparing him to the likes of the Khans or the newbies in the Bollywood industry, Maddy’s Bollywood career hasn’t exactly been that great. Despite that, he has a loyal fan following who wait with bated breath to see him on the big screen.

This time, however, he is taking a different route and is coming to your TV screens. Or on your Amazon Prime account, to be precise.

Over the last few weeks, Madhavan has taken to his social media to give us small glimpses of his digital series ‘Breathe’ with Amazon Prime.

Breathe..the next Amazon Prime Original Coming Soon. #BreatheOnAmazon @AmazonVideoIN @BreatheAmazon @Abundantia_Ent @TheAmitSadh @SapnaPabbi

— Ranganathan Madhavan (@ActorMadhavan) December 19, 2017

Get ready for a breathless experience. #BreatheTeaser in 3 days! @BreatheAmazon @AmazonVideoIN

— Ranganathan Madhavan (@ActorMadhavan) January 2, 2018

And we were beyond stoked when we read the official synopsis which says, “Breathe is a gritty psychological drama that follows the lives of ordinary men faced with extraordinary circumstances. Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh), a brilliant but unconventional officer of the Mumbai Crime Branch, puts the pieces together of seemingly unconnected deaths that lead to an unlikely suspect – the affable Danny Mascarenhas (R. Madhavan). As Danny faces the difficult choice between morality and the slim possibility of saving his dying son’s life, Kabir will not stop till he cracks the case and delivers justice.”

And finally, today, a teaser was released.  

Teaser Of Amazon Prime's 'Breathe' Starring R Madhavan Released© Amazon Prime Video

We get to see some chilling visuals of someone getting drowned and a woman being hit by the car while Madhavan’s voice in the background thrills us to the core.

Teaser Of Amazon Prime's 'Breathe' Starring R Madhavan Released© Amazon Prime Video

Bottom line being, the teaser has left us wanting for more and will do the same to you.

Have a look:

The show is set to be Amazon’s first trilingual digital series and will stream in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Directed by Mayank Sharma, the series also stars Amit Sadh and Sapna Pabbi and is set to release on 26th January across 200+ countries and territories worldwide.

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