Aug 282017

There were numerous theories, many predictions, countless bets and so many calculations about that one major death of the finale. However, we were given the ultimate satisfaction after watching the death of Lord Baelish by the hands of Arya Stark. The wonderful tale of his death starts spinning when he tries to maliciously make Sansa believe that she is forever going to be threatened by Arya. The best part about this scene is that Sansa just allows herself to be manipulated.

Later, Arya is summoned in front of every one and the whole scene makes you believe that goddamn Lady of Winterfell has fallen prey to his deceitful malicious ways. You have got to give it to Baelish for him so convincingly conniving, that you adore hating his guts. So he is as usual smiling in a corner when Sansa starts throwing accusations in the air , all this while looking at Arya, until, she casually takes his name. You are baffled, Baelish is surpised, a look that is so not him. What I really liked about his death was the fact that there was no catharsis for us. We don’t really fee l sorry for him, he had to die, it was estimated that Arya will do it and so it happened.

The Stark sisters prove to you that blood is indeed thicker than malice and manipulation and honestly, Sansa owed this to herself and everyone. We are totally digging the new version of an evolved Sansa and hope she gets to kill someone herself (Theon?), before the series ends.

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