May 012018

Marvel is back and thankfully, they’re being their playful, colourful, fun-loving selves again. After missing Ant-Man in the recently released ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and not knowing where he is, we finally get some answers.

Actually, we don’t really know where he is and we definitely don’t know what part of the MCU timeline this movie falls under. The only thing we can know for sure is that it’s definitely before Thanos destroys half the universe because all of our favourite characters from the first movie are back and more.

Check it out:

All the things we loved in the first Ant-Man movie make a come back for this one. And we’re pretty sure no good guys are going to die in this one. There won’t be as many deaths as ‘Infinity War’ for sure.

Here’s a second-by-second break down of what’s happening in the trailer along with my two cents on why I’m ready to forgive Marvel for the tragedy that was the ‘Infinity War’ ending:

0:00 – Starting off with Scott Lang with his daughter. Proving he’s a family man and that’s why he had to take the deal to protect his family in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’

0:03 – No holding back this time around. Giant-Man straight off the bat.

0:13 – Did Marvel actually make cars this size or is this all special effects? I hope it’s the former. Would love to play around that set.

0:23 – Hell yeah he does! He always did!

0:24 – Hello, Evangeline Lilly. Long time no see. Still have a crush on you.

0:28 – Awesome ass-kicking skills!

0:33 – Luis is back. We get a preview of his trademark style of storytelling. Michael Pena is <3.

0:40 – Ghost. What an apt name! 

0:47 – Take over the world. Really? The universe was just at stake. Good thing it’s a preview. 

0:54 – Of course we remember Luis. But, epic nonetheless.

0:57 – Best song choice ever.

1:04 – They could have had a ‘small’ role in Infinity War. Maybe we couldn’t see them?

1:11 – Never seen salt used like that.

1:15 – Hell yeah! An ant playing the drums. Doesn’t get more meta than that.

1:20 – Antony II 😀

1:27 – She’s got a point!

1:39 – Luis is just too good, man!

1:44 – Now that was a crazy move!

1:58 – Laurence Fishburne just crossed over from DC to Marvel. Good for you Morpheus.

2:10 – Love that laugh!


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