Oct 212017

Jon Snow knows everything now and the world will never be the same.

Well, it seems like the last season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ show will be a rollercoaster of emotions, not just for the fans, but even the actors.

Kit Harington, who has been playing the role of Jon Snow since the beginning of the show, revealed on BBC’s The One Show that he started crying when he, along with all the other cast members, sat down for a read through of the final episode of the insanely popular HBO show.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

“We had a read through last week in fact, so I know everything now,” he said. “I cried at the end! You have to remember, I’ve done eight years of it… I get a bit weepy thinking about it.”

Even though the final season will come out in 2019, just the thought of its inevitable end has everyone quite emotional, even now. The actor admitted that just the thought of it ending seems very strange to him, especially after he has given the show his everything for the last eight years.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

“I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It’s going to be to a strange year. Saying goodbye to everyone, having your last scene with this person or having your last scene with that person. Not only you’re attached to it, loads of people around the world are attached to it,” Harington said.

Obviously, he knows his character’s fate, but he has been ‘sworn to secrecy’. In fact, the makers are going to unbelievable lengths to keep all the twists and turns that are about to happen in the season finale of the show under wraps.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

“[I was told], ‘Don’t tell them you’re filming. Don’t take pictures in Belfast. Don’t do all of that,’” he said. “It’s on lockdown!”

Although, the fact that his time in Westeros coming to an end is making him a little “weepy” right now, he has previously admitted that he was pleased to be finishing his run on the show, as it will give him the time to pursue other projects.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

But, he can’t escape Jon Snow, and he probably never will. Just recently, his fiancé Rose Leslie made him dress up as Snow for a “bad taste” costume party.

Well, even though Kit now knows everything, we will still, unfortunately, have to wait two years for the finale.

Also, this meme is a lie now.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

Sep 302017

When you think of Game of Thrones, the first thing that comes to mind is bloodshed, sex, dragons, betrayals, love, war, and revenge. And who can forget the incestuous drama, white walkers, the three eyed raven, ghost, the list goes on and on.

But coming back to the main point, there is no other show that gives you a combination of all these factors merged in one. Hence it doesn’t surprise us that it is one of the most watched shows around the globe.


So when the demand is that huge, it is obvious that the expenditure can’t be small as well. The kind of cash the GOT cast makes per episode already made our eyes pop. And as if that wasn’t enough,  latest Variety reports state that HBO is all in, shelling out an obscene amount of cash per episode. HBO is set to spend $15 million per episode! Yep you read that right.

The article also states that usually the budget for high-end TV shows is $7-$10 million and GOT spent around $10 million per episode in the last season. So $15 million is pretty much the cost for an episode of the upcoming season that will air in 2019.

GOT(c) HBO/ Giphy

Though this shouldn’t surprise anybody because if you have seen Netflix’s original ‘The Crown’ and ‘The Get Down’, they had the same budget per episode.

Now, for people who still think the amount is too much to even think of, let us also tell you that every episode of season 8 will almost have a run time of a movie, varying from 80-90 minutes. So that pretty much justifies the expense and what one can expect from the storyline.


As long as we have dragons, wolves and the big war, we are fine with everything! We can’t wait for winter to get to Westeros.

Sep 292017

This time, winter will take a long break before it engulfs the whole world. The fans have to wait for almost a year and a half before the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ rolls out. 

But just because the seventh season has come to an end, doesn’t mean fans are going to keep calm. They are on a crazy spree sharing all the exclusive details about the show like never before.

New Characters & A Massive Hint! Here's What Will Happen On The Final Season Of GOT© HBO

A fan site ‘Watcher On The Wall’ has revealed that the makers are calling out to cast eight new characters for the upcoming season. While the majority of them might not have a full-fledged role, they will be playing pivotal roles binding the storyline. 

There is a casting call for a man who is described as, a charismatic military type” and a sassy and attractive girl. 

The producers are also  looking for a mercenary, aged 35-50. The part is described as a fit, cool, authoritative and charismatic military type will appear in two episodes of the season. The rehearsals will start in October while the shoot will take place in December 2017 and later again in May and June 2017. Well, this mercenary looks like a new member of the sellsword group, The Golden Circle. As Euron Greyhjoy ran off, it looks like this mercenary might be the next in the line to be their leader. 

New Characters & A Massive Hint! Here's What Will Happen On The Final Season Of GOT© HBO

Another casting call is for a ‘rough and ready’ sailor, who understands the sea like no one else. It’s a strong hint that this has to do with Theon Greyhjoy’s mission to rescues his sister Yara, which clearly means we will be seeing more of the Ironborn. 

You also have some small roles for people the North who will join Lady Sansa Stark in the coming days. A straightforward, honest farmer, a Northern sentry and a sexy, confident girl will be seen playing a small yet memorable role opposite the lead. Well, we totally look forward to seeing this sassy girl.

New Characters & A Massive Hint! Here's What Will Happen On The Final Season Of GOT© HBO

And that’s not it, joining the team will be two guards, who will be shooting in Spain with many leading characters this November. It’s another hint that the show could step outside the boundaries of Westeros. 

We already know that the GOT bosses are leaving no stone unturned to keep the finale of the show a secret and hence plan to shoot multiple endings. HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys, shared, “Because when you’re shooting something, people know. So they’re going to shoot multiple endings so that there’s no real definitive answer until the end.”

New Characters & A Massive Hint! Here's What Will Happen On The Final Season Of GOT© HBO

Well, these are some serious speculations about the last and the most awaited season. There are few things we are totally sure about such as Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen finally learning the truth about his birth and it’s going to make things very awkward for him and Daenerys, now that they are romantically involved. 

And now that the wall is gone and the White Walkers have an ice dragon, Jon and Danny will need all the help they can get to defeat them. 

New Characters & A Massive Hint! Here's What Will Happen On The Final Season Of GOT© HBO

All in all, the last season will introduce a number of characters, giving us some massive hints at what might happen next. 

Sep 272017

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are the coolest couple in ‘Game of Thrones’. The sombre Wolf in the North falling for the carefree Wilding girl was a story made in romance heaven. They seemed to complement each other perfectly. 

While we were busy shipping Jon Snow and Daenerys, Kit Harington was not so secretly in love with his Wildling girlfriend in the show. And frankly, we love this pair better than Jon and Dany.

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© HBO

Rose and Kit announced their engagement in a rather traditional and simple way when they put a notice in the ‘The Times’ newspaper. 

“The engagement is announced between Kit, the younger son of David and Deborah Harington of Worcestershire, and Rose, middle daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire.”

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© AP

The two had met for the first time on the sets of ‘Game Of Thrones’ in 2012, and hit it off like a house on fire. It is rumoured they started dating soon after, even though they maintained they were ‘nothing but friends’.  

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© Instagram_Kit Harington

It was only last year that they made their first appearance as a couple when they attended the Olivier Awards as a couple. The cat was out of the bag. Kit Harington, in an interview with  L’Uomo Vogue, said it was easy to fall in love with Leslie. The King in the North was smitten with the carefree Wildling. 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© Instagram_Kit Harrington

Harington confessed in the Vogue interview that his best memory of the show was the three weeks in Ireland in the second season because “the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love.” A fairytale love story was blooming in the dark world of ‘Game of Thrones’. 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© Twitter_RLeslieSource

In January this year, they moved in together into their £1.75million mansion in East Anglia. But they were still protective of their privacy. Harington told Esquire, “It’s as much her relationship as it is mine and I can’t speak for both of us. But yeah, we are very, very happy. So that’s what I’ll say about that.” 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged

Kit’s friends have said that he always knew he wanted to marry Rose but he wanted to settle down first. While Kit is still alive in ‘Game of Thrones’ and will be seen in the next and final season, he is also starring in the BBC drama ‘Gunpowder. Rose, meanwhile, is seen in the legal-political drama ‘The Good Fight’. 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© E!Online

One of the cutest celebrity couples right now, they spell out relationship goals for the millennial – real, unpretentious and crazy in love. 

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) y Rose Leslie (Ygritte), ayer.

Love is in the air   pic.twitter.com/VA2kO9T83k

— Juego de Tronos™ (@JuegoDeTronosTM) March 28, 2016

We all remember the time when Kit sang for Rose and gave everyone the perfect relationship goals:

The king in the North and our favourite Wildling have our heartiest congratulations and we hope it’s a grand Game-of-Thrones-styled wedding! 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged

Sep 242017

Hodor kept on shouting ‘Hold the door! Hold the door’! while fans wept and their hearts bled for the poor guy. Some even thought Bran was a bitch at that moment.

hodor is now a dj in ibiza © HBO

He only mumbled selective words in the show and died as a loyal server of the Starks but off screen, Kristian Nairn, the Irish actor who played ‘Hodor’ is making people dance to his tunes in a wonderful paradise called Ibiza!

Breakfast in Ibiza. 😳���✈� with @stevielux1

A post shared by kristiannairn (@kristiannairn) on Sep 22, 2017 at 12:48am PDT


So Belfast… I’m playing at home tmw night at @cuckoobelfast1 . Home in two ways, firstly because it’s Belfast. Secondly because it’s actually my first time playing in my own bar / club.. Cuckoo! I always love to play in Belfast when I get the chance. Very limited tickets still left via the cuckoo website , and you can also pay at the door. See you tmw night !!

A post shared by kristiannairn (@kristiannairn) on Sep 14, 2017 at 12:16pm PDT

It’s not everyday that you spot a character that made you extremely sad, suddenly pop on the dance floor making people rave.

A night full of surprises with @lovelylaurasax @bensantiago @KristianNairn  ðŸ’˜ðŸŽ† pic.twitter.com/Xdi8ghAynQ

— Cafe Mambo Ibiza (@Mamboibiza) September 22, 2017

#wirez. Thanks to @mkvackay for the pic from @churchnightclub last night. <3 @blackcatstyling @johnnybigg

A post shared by kristiannairn (@kristiannairn) on Sep 9, 2017 at 3:18pm PDT


After a long day at #LFCC , nothing I like better to relax than , erm … actually no , what an amazing night at #HoliFestival @wembleystadium what a day!!!

A post shared by kristiannairn (@kristiannairn) on Jul 29, 2017 at 1:58pm PDT


People of course keep shouting his name, it will take them lifetime to learn that his name is Kristian because he will always be Hodor to us. This hipster Hodor is cool and somewhat hard to fathom. However, totally dope.

What a great day this was ! Amazing way to travel. Wearing @satamber lava beads and @badrhinouk @stonesofcharacter @roseark @blackcatstyling

A post shared by kristiannairn (@kristiannairn) on Jul 24, 2017 at 3:19pm PDT

He probably held the door in Ibiza, to show the Night King how cool he was. You have one more reason to fly to Ibiza now, if you are a GOT fan. Let the ‘game of tones’ begin!

Sep 202017

‘Game Of Thrones‘ has pretty much glued its actors to their respective characters and it’s kinda impossible to imagine them doing anything else, but this. Right? Like if I told you Khaleesi has starred in a modern day rom-com, it’s actually tough to imagine her without that flowing gown, flying with Drogon and laying waste to Lannisters and white walkers. So yeah, that’s the power of perception. The showrunners did a pretty good job in writing such amazing characters that we can’t imagine them as anything else. So we dug up other famous projects the actors have starred in and it’s a visual surprise.

1. Diana Rigg (Lady Olena Tyrell)

‘I want her to know it was me’, she died with words that stung like a wasp. Probably one of the most brutal characters who used her words just as well as swords. She played the role of Emma Peel in the ‘Avengers’ in a previous life. 

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Marvel

2. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister)

He knows stuff and he drinks wine. Peter played Miles Finch in the movie ‘Elf’.

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and New Line Cinema

3. Lena Headey (Cersei )

The woman we all love to hate with so much passion. Lena was also seen in ‘The Purge’ opposite Ethan Hawke and also as Queen Gorgo in ‘300′.

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Universal Pictures

4. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister)

Before donning the role of the famous incestuous brother, Nikolaj played Master Gary Gordon in ‘Black Hawk Dawn’ in a small but cool role.

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Universal Pictures

5. Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell)

The beautiful princess who met a very cruel end courtesy her wicked mother-in-law, looked intense as Cressida in ‘Mockinjay’. Just look at that amazing hair!

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Revolution studios

6. Aiden Gillen (Petyr Baelish )

He didn’t make it to the eight season of GOT but Aiden was spotted in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Warner Bros

7. Kit Harrington (Jon Snow)

You know nothing Jon Snow, because in case you missed it, he was seen as Vincent Cooper in ‘Silent Hill: Revelation’.

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Davis Films

8 . Sean Bean (Ned Stark)

You probably missed this one as well, but the brave king played Tracie Tremarco, in BBC’s ‘The Accused’. Yeah, he wore a dress. 

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and BBC

9. Rory McCann (The Hound)

The brother of the Mountain played the role of Michael Armstrong in ‘Hot Fuzz’ and it was downright hilarious. A far cry from the badass he plays on GoT. 

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and Universal Studios

10. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen)

Our beloved Khaleesi was recently seen in a romantic tale called ‘Me Before You’.

Game Of Thrones Characters Starring In Other Movies© HBO and New Line cinema

In case you were missing any of these characters, now you know where to spot them in a different ‘avatar’.

Sep 192017

HBO is making sure we don’t miss ‘Game of Thrones’ too much. They have released a behind-the-scenes footage of the Aryan and Brienne fight from episode 4 of season 7, as part of ‘The Game Revealed’, HBO’s behind-the-scenes video series. If we were to list out the 10 best moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7, the Arya-Brienne fight would feature among the top 5 for sure. Of course, the train loot scene would top the list. 

HBO Has Released A Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Arya & Brienne's Fight And We See Stunt Doubles© HBO

Trained by the Faceless Men at the House of Undying in Braavos, Arya Stark is one of the most skilled killers in the Seven kingdoms now. Watching her slay Walder Frey and his entire house was hugely satisfying. But her training scene with Brienne, with Sansa and Littlefinger watching, was one of the most satisfying scenes in the season. That is the first time her insanely badass fighting skills are revealed in the show, and Sansa’s jaw rightly remains dropped to the floor. 

The behind-the-scenes video reveals how Maisie Williams and Gwendoline Christie trained for the scene. While we do know Maisie, who is right-handed, insisted on wielding the sword with her left hand just like Arya does in the books, what we didn’t know was that body doubles were used for Maisie and Gwendoline. 

HBO Has Released A Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Arya & Brienne's Fight And We See Stunt Doubles© Youtube/Game of Thrones

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below. Can you spot the body doubles?! ?

Sep 172017

The Emmys are always such an exciting time with everyone rooting for their favourite shows and stars. And now they are right around the corner!

We know that you all have a favoutire but we bet there are so many shows that you’ve have heard about but haven’t got the chance to watch yet. Not sure where to start catching up? Here’s a list of 10 nominated shows that you need to start binge watching right now:


Westworld(c) HBO

A remake of a Michael Crichton classic, this show is just too addictive and captivating. Westworld is an ambitious new series that brings together two worlds – an imagined future and the old Wild West. Quite imaginative, isn’t it? Gripped with excitement and adventure, the show is a brilliant interpretation of human behavior and our various indulgences, irrespective of stature. Featuring a stellar cast, this Emmy nominated series will keep you hooked and absorb you into a futuristic world, riddled with drama. Season 2 of Westworld is set to premiere in the spring of 2018 on HBO and Hotstar in India.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley(c) HBO

This American comedy series revolves around six young men who have founded a startup in the high-tech rush of Silicon Valley. Starring Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Zach Woods, Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani, the show is a comical take on varied levels of human interaction, the stiff competition and daily struggles that need to be overcome to be a success in ‘The Valley’.  The show is very relatable on different levels, and gives you a perspective to look at life.


Veep(c) HBO

Yet another political drama that is making people crazy. This satire comedy stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Selena Meyer) who plays the Vice President of the United States. The show humorously follows Selena, a former Senator, as she and her team attempt to leave behind a legacy without getting absorbed by the daily politics involved. Interesting, isn’t it? The show has been nominated six years in a row for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. If that’s not a validation, I don’t know what is. So, what are you waiting for? Get watching!

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies(c) HBO

First it was a novel by Liane Moriarty that won our hearts and now it’s the series that’s doing the same. Big Little Lies narrates the story of three mothers with seemingly perfect worlds. Set in the peaceful town of Monterey, California, the show is a dark comedy-drama that shows us different sides of life. From lies, betrayal to conflicts, this society has a lot to give to us. In this gripping murder mystery, relationships are not quite what they appear to be. With Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman as the leads, how can you expect anything less than phenomenal? The power duo has been lauded for breaking the one-dimensional portrayal of women on TV. You can catch this amazing show on  Star World Premiere HD and on Hotstar.

The Night Of

The Night Of(c) HBO

Crime, drama and mystery, this show has all the elements that yell entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.! Based on BBC’s “Criminal Justice,” created by Peter Moffat, it revolves around a murder and the ensuing investigations, throwing light on racial bias and courtroom politics in New York City. And who doesn’t love courtroom drama and investigations? The show takes you on a rollercoaster ride. The screenplay and performances are so strong that you end up rooting for certain characters while you feel devastated about some. If you’re a fan of storylines that revolve around law & order, this one is not to be missed.

This Is Us

This Is Us(c) NBC

A comedy-drama that no one can resist. The show is so beautiful that it strikes an emotional chord with anyone who watches it. Taking you through the past and present of every character, it keeps your eyes hooked to the screen. Based on the intertwined lives of several people who all happen to share the same birthday, the series brings out both the similarities and stark differences between them. Have you thought whom do you share your birthday with?

Modern Family

Modern Family(c) HBO

Say hello to the Dunphys, Pritchetts, and Tuckers. This is one such show that needs no introduction. This family can make you roll on the floor laughing one minute and reaching for the tissues the next. Eight seasons in, each character in the show brings their own eccentricities which, when put together, tie the show perfectly. It makes you believe that, at the end of the day, a family will always be there – whether to provide comfort, humour or support of any kind.  With characters like Gloria and Phil Dunphy that have won the hearts of fans across the globe with the unassuming comic relief they bring to everyday scenarios, the show is set for the premiere of the ninth season this year. Well, this is one of those shows that tells you that family is important no matter what happens.


Empire(c) FOX

Revolving around family business, this musical drama brings out the unconventional part of the industry and family conflict. It is centered on a hip-hop and entertainment record label and the drama among the family as they tussle for control of it. Set in New York, the show perfectly portrays the trials and tribulations that come along in managing the artists and man it ain’t difficult dealing with your opposition, they always have plans to screw you over. While it might not sound like your cup of the tea, we bet it is worth a watch.

The Americans

The Americans(c) FX

Well, who doesn’t like history? A chapter from the old days is often the best way to intrigue a viewer. Set in the early 1980s during the Cold War, the show is a political drama set in the suburban USA after Ronald Reagan is elected President. With Keri Russel and Mathew Rhys playing the leads, the story dives deep into the personal and professional lives of two married KGB spies, as they pose as Americans. A multi-layered drama, The Americans is the perfect amalgamation of genuine grief, layered with sardonic humour.



An Anthology drama series, the show narrates the story of the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during their collaboration on the Academy Award-nominated thriller ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ That’s enough to make anyone interested about this series. That’s not it; the show has biggies like Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Judy Davis and Jackie Hoffman. The makers plan to give us a new rivalry each season, enough to make us wait for new season.

Wondering where to catch these shows? Each of these shows is now streaming on Hotstar and Star World. Well, it’s time to binge watch! 

Sep 172017

If I asked you to name the one character who we all have loved to hate and has only grown danker with every passing season, you will sing one name in chorus with me, i.e- Cersei Lannister.

lena headey on jimmy kimmel© HBO

The woman who made the role so iconic, that even the makers have sleepless nights trying to give her dialogues that match the personality of the character is none other than the lovely Lena Headey. Our beloved Cersei graced the Jimmy Kimmel show and of course, they had  a special section where the two had a full impromptu conversation similar to a scene in ‘Game Of Thrones’. The clip trending on the internet is an old one but it’s one of those things where you love going back to a good classic.

lena headey on jimmy kimmel© Youtube

There was wine involved (of course) and Lena not only managed to drink like a boss from that fancy goblet, she also managed to convert the conversation into a fully blown goblet of fire actually. In one of her perky dialogues, she exclaimed how he’s wearing a lovely tie, but it’s a shame that it’s around a worthless neck! Jimmy was flabbergasted of course.

The next season of our beloved ‘Game Of Thrones’ is still far away, but until then, if we keep getting a peek of our favourite stars in amazing appearances like this, I think fans are sorted for a while. Cersei is pregnant, her prophecy has bad news for her, and her relationship with Jaime has been ruined. The next season will not just draw closure to who sits on the iron throne, but will also mark the end of every character. Are you team Cersei or Dany? Who cares right now, love her or hate her, Lena Headey as Cersei has been etched in every heart. 

Sep 172017

The shooting for season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones’ starts on 17 November 2017 and preparations are on in full swing. Last week we told you how fans spotted a prop that looks like a Dothraki hut at Titanic Studios in Belfast, where many GOT scenes are filmed. From locations to sets to visual effects, it is believed the team is going all out to prepare for the last season of the epic show.

HBO Is Looking For People To Act In Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones' © Twitter/Crown for the king

And now, to the delight of fans, it has been reported that HBO is looking for actors to play new characters in season 8. According to ‘Watchers on the Wall’, HBO is looking for a young boy and girl for the next season.

The girl would be required to play a character aged around 8, so actors between 8-10 would ideally be considered for the role. The character is a Northern girl who is fearless and outspoken. The role description specifies her as a “strong-minded young girl with a fighting spirit.” Right now, the only such girl on the show we can think of is Lyanna Mormont.

HBO Is Looking For People To Act In Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones' © HBO

The boy’s character too is aged between 8-12 and is someone with a sharp personality and agile body language. The character comes from a poor background and is required to “completely own the scenes that he appears in”, Watchers on the Wall reports. Could it be a young Varys? When he was a child, he was kidnapped by a wizard and left to fend for himself on the streets. 

HBO Is Looking For People To Act In Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones' © HBO

Considering that the producers wouldn’t be introducing anyone insignificant at this stage, these two characters wouldn’t be having minor roles, we are guessing. Since flashbacks explaining back stories are expected in the next season, these two could also be the young versions of major characters. The girl, for example, could very well be Lyanna Stark, a spirited young woman of the Stark household who falls in love with Rhaegar Targaryen.

HBO Is Looking For People To Act In Season 8 Of ‘Game Of Thrones' © HBO

The boy, on the other hand, couldn’t be a recognized heir from either of the major houses, since his character hails from a poor background.

Well, we can only speculate what the roles might be, but if you have young friends in the UK who love to act, share the news with them! Who knows you might just get a free pass to visit the sets of GOT!