Mar 292018

kanganaWhen we talk about being blunt and straight-forward people in Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut’s name instantly pops up in our heads. She’s not the one who minces her words and we know this because of her famous battle against Hrithik Roshan.

Apart from being a brilliant actress, Ranaut is also known to speak her heart out irrespective of giving a damn about people’s perceptions. In one such recent interview, while talking about her forthcoming film ‘Manikarna’, Kangana expressed, “I am doing one of the biggest epics of 2018. No other film with a female lead has been made with a higher budget”, emphasizes on how proud she is of where she has reached in Bollywood and all the more how she has reached in Bollywood.

Revealing more about the same, Ranaut revealed to The Week, “I had to fight for my career and the money that I get paid. I have my houses and properties because I fought for them; not because of others. Big production houses exploit actresses; they don’t get the kind of money you think they do”.

Some also think that Kangana is digging her own grave by speaking out loud against a Karan Johar or a Hrithik Roshan. On commenting about the same, she asserted, “People think that I am fighting a battle every day. My life must be miserable. I must be having no future because I’m not friends with the Johars or the Roshans. It’s far from that”.

She’s fearless and speaking about the same, she stated, “To be honest, I do not go out thinking that I have to change society or make it douchebag-free. I am a good person, but not a great one. I am fighting for my rights. If I look like I am fighting for the rest of humanity, it is because fighting for your cause can lead to a collective cause”.

There’s no denying that Kangana takes her own stand and is thus criticise for the same. What are your views on this scenario? Tell us in the comment section below.

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