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In one of the unseen videos shared by the makers of ‘Bigg Boss 11’, foe-turned-friend Vikas Gupta saves Shilpa Shinde from an oops moment inside the house

With a combination of both, commoners and actors, ‘Bigg Boss 11’ has struck a strong chord with its loyal watchers. Considered to be one of television’s most controversial reality shows, ‘Bigg Boss’, has seen various kinds of relationships blossoming in the house. From love to hate or vice versa, the show has seen it all. In another set of relationship mended in the ‘Bigg Boss 11’ house is that of producer Vikas Gupta and actress Shilpa Shinde.

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta
Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta

The history of their infamous legal spat considering popular show, ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’, they couldn’t bare looking at each other in the initial days in the Bigg Boss house. Keeping their tussles aside, there have been more than many instances, wherein, Vikas has stood up in favour of Shilpa in the house. With the recent one being of saving her from an embarrassing moment. Their hatred started to fade off after Vikas sacrificed his special jacket to save her from a task.

In the latest unseen video shared by the makers of ‘Bigg Boss 11’, we can see that Shilpa, along with Vikas, were having a conversation with Puneesh. Shilpa was standing against the sofa and accidentally slipped backward of the couch with legs up in the air. Because Shilpa had worn a dress, it could have been a very embarrassing moment for the actress. However, while Shilpa was all panicked, Vikas held her dress to save her from the oops moment. Later, Puneesh also helped the actress stand straight.

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While the remaining contestants laughed out hard at this could-be-wardrobe-malfunction, Shilpa thanked Vikas for saving her modesty and agreed on doing a show with him. Vikas had asked her out on doing a show together earlier. She also said that she would be hosting the show and it would air on weekends.

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