Feb 222017
Alia BhattAlia Bhatt

For decades, Bollywood has been characterised by actresses starting out as friends, and turning bitter rivals. As a result, gossip mills have thrived on catfights and competition. But now, it's believed that these are a thing of the past because the younger crop of actresses go all out to maintain friendships. Case in point is the affection Alia Bhatt has for Shraddha Kapoor. Both the divas come from filmi families and started their careers around the same time. They are often pitted against each other in press.

But according to Alia, there is no competition. "I don't see any rat race between us, so I find it unnecessary when people say that I have gone ahead. In fact, Shraddha has delivered more Rs 100 crore films than I have. So technically, she has been more successful at the box office," says Alia.

The actress says she shares a close bond with Shraddha. "I am fond of her and Parineeti [Chopra]. We are all doing well professionally. We are close and fond of each other's work. They have always inspired me. So I would only take joy when their films do well."

Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

The 23-year-old likes to stay updated about her contemporaries' work. "It's not like I read about their work on my phone every morning, but I'm aware, and there's nothing wrong in that. We are all in an encouraging, friendly and positive space," she explains.

Alia is excited about her next, 'Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya', in which she plays a small-town girl. "Vaidehi [her character] is lively and fiery. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is an ambitious girl. At the same time, she is sensitive towards her family. Certain experiences in life have made her bitter, so she isn't thrilled when she receives attention from Badri [Varun Dhawan's character]. I had a lot of fun working on the movie," says Alia.

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Feb 222017
Oops! Sofia Hayat gets 'Swastika' tattoos on feet, sparks outrage

After shocking the world with her new avatar as a ‘nun’, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat has grabbed headlines yet again by getting tattoos of ‘Swastika’ on her feet and sparking outrage on social media.

Sofia Hayat hurt religious sentiments after getting ‘Swastika’ tattooed on her feet, claimed several users on Instagram, since the ‘Swastika’ is considered sacred in Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions.

Here’s the photo of Sofia Hayat’s tattoo:

Ok..so my last photo was me having tatoos on my feet…the sacred swastika..found on the feet of BUDDHA.. the sacred .. eternal..self existence..the star of David..the Islamic moon..universal manifestation..the Sun..hindu swastika..ancient christian cross..buddhist..tibetan..it encompasses the all..the power of the universe at my feet so to at yours..wake up..we are one! A symbol is just a symbol and it is the intent that makes the difference. A scalpel in the hands of a surgeon is a tool in his profession can save a life; while in the hands of a perpetrator is unlawful possession of a weapon, in the eyes of the law, to commit a crime. In the Dahmmapada, Yamaka Vagga (The Twin Verses), Verses 1 and 2 straighten our minds and views on good and evil intentions. “Mano pubbaá¹ÂÂÂÂÂÂ…gamă mano, setthă manomayă Manasă ce padutthena, bhăsati vă katoti vă Tato naḿ dukkhamanvertÄ­, cakkaḿ’va vahato padam”. (Mind is the forerunner of (all evil) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with wicked mind, because of that suffering follows one, even as the wheel follows the hoofs of the draught-ox). “Mano pubbaňgama, mano setthă manomayă Manasă ce pasannena, bhăsti vă karoti vă Tato naḿ sukkamanveti, chăyă’va anapăynÄ­”. (Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states. Mind is chief, mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with pure mind, because of that, happiness follows one, even as one’s shadow that never leaves). #templeofawakening #gaiamothersofia #spiritual #love #ayahuasca #dmt #awakening #conciousness #christ #ra #mothermary #shiva #goddessisis #auset #osiris #ra #trinity

A post shared by Sofia Hayat. (Gaia Mother) (@sofiahayat) onFeb 18, 2017 at 3:47am PST

After receiving backlash online for her ‘Swastika’ tattoo, Sofia Hayat shared a post defending herself.

Read Sofia Hayat’s message below:

Recently, Sofia Hayat had shared a video where she is seen shedding her clothes and posing in a bra. The video had gone viral as the actress made a comeback with her bold avatar.

Watch video: ‘Nun’ Sofia Hayat sheds her clothes, poses in bra
Watch video: 'Nun' Sofia Hayat sheds her clothes, poses in bra 

In June last year, Sofia Hayat made headlines when she claimed to have given birth to Lord Shiva. (Watch the bizarre video here)

Earlier in April last year, Sofia Hayat announced the removal of breast implants (View pic!) and declared to be celibate for life.

Also read: Sofia Hayat talks about becoming Mother Gaia, her views on sex and more

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Feb 222017
After 'Circus', Doordarshan to revive 'Malgudi Days', 'Fauji' and other shows

A still from Hum Log
A still from Hum Log

A few days after the Indian government’s autonomous public service broadcaster, Doordarshan, began airing Shah Rukh Khan’s highly-popular 1989 television series, Circus, the channel is set to revisit archives and bring back their popular shows. Doordarshan Director General, Supriya Sahu, informs hitlist that the national broadcaster’s celebrated series, including Malgudi Days, Hum Log, Buniyaad and Wagle Ki Duniya, will be aired again, after almost three decades.

A still from Fauji
A still from Fauji

“We receive several requests for re-runs of Doordarshan’s iconic shows. So, while we are working on a face-lift of the channel by bringing in fresh content, we also want to give our audience a peek into the past, so that they can relive those beautiful memories,” says Sahu. She adds that a prime half-hour weekend slot is being considered to benefit from the increased viewership. “We are also looking at getting fresh sponsors for the iconic shows.”

A still from Malgudi Days
A still from Malgudi Days

One might question the relevance of serials dating back to an era that’s at odds with the present. But, Sahu asserts that the classics continue to resonate with the current generation. “These shows had attracted family audience in the past and are still fresh in people’s minds. Even if you watch them today, they don’t feel dated.”

With platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime making content from across the border available at one’s fingertips, is digitisation of the national broadcasting channel inevitable? Sahu refuses to divulge details but says that the team is in the process of amending the archival tapes to suit modern technology. “People should have access to good content, and for it, we have decided to go digital.

As a public broadcaster, we also want to preserve the cultural heritage,” she says.

Doordarshan classics set for revival

Fauji: The 1989 SRK- starrer, which marked the actor’s television debut, followed the training of Indian Army commandos

Malgudi Days: The 1986 series, based on the works of Indian writer RK Narayan, found its inspiration in the daily life of the common man. It was sketched by acclaimed cartoonist, RK Laxman

Hum Log: The 1984 saga of Basesar Ram and his family revolved around the struggles of a middle-class family

Wagle Ki Duniya: The 1988 comedy was based on characters created by RK Laxman and his muse — the common man

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