Jun 012018

As known to all, Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar have been best of friends and the two never shy away from expressing their love and care for each other.

But, little did we know that Sonam went on to postpone her wedding just for Swara!

Yes, you read that right!

It so happened that, after consulting their family astrologer, Sonam’s parents, mom Sunita Kapoor and dad Anil Kapoor had finalized March 12, 2018, as their daughter’s wedding date. But, Sonam was not very happy with it because this same date was finalized by Swara’s parents for her brother Ishaan Bhaskar wedding, which meant, Swara would not be able to attend Sonam’s wedding.

Sharing about the same, Swara during her interaction with Red FM revealed, “Sonam entered (on the sets of Veere Di Wedding) looking very upset. I got an idea what it was about. Sonam even asked me if I could convince my parents in order to get Ishan’s wedding date changed,” reveals Swara.

Swara wanted to attend both the weddings, so she tried her best to convince her parents to shift her brother’s wedding date. However, they denied.

On the other hand, Sonam succeeded in convincing her parents to shift the date.

That’s how the Sonam got married on May 8, 2018, instead of March 12, 2018, and Swara could be there for both the weddings!

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