Feb 162018

SRKEarlier today we got a sneak peek into the world of Incredibles 2. We saw Mr. Incredible being a stay-at-home dad and the Elastigirl continuing with her superhero duties. While the endearing trailer of the sequel has got everyone excited for the film, did you know Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan played father and son in the first part of the film?

Confused? Well, let me explain. The Incredibles (2004) was also dubbed in Hindi as Hum Hain Lajawab. Before its release, the film garnered a lot of buzz as Disney had then roped in Shah Rukh Khan to dub for Mr. Incredible in Hindi and not just that along with Shah Rukh Khan, they have also got on board his then 7 year old son Arya Khan.

Yes, you read that right, if you watch the Hindi version of The Incredibles titled Hum Hain Lajawab, the voice you hear for Mr. Incredible (Mr. Lajawab) and his super sonic son, Dash (Tez) are actually that of Shah Rukh Khan and his real life son Aryan Khan. The actors to lend their voice for the Hindi version of the film were Rakshanda Khan, Javed Jaffrey and Randeep Hooda, among others.

Now that the trailer of the sequel has released and has been loved by everyone. Let’s see if Shah Rukh Khan will be on board for the sequel as well and now that Aryan is 21, may be AbRam can do the dubbing for Dash/Tez…may be.

Incredibles 2 releases on June 15, 2018.

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