Nov 232017

deepikaWhen it comes to expressing their admiration for each other openly – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh top our chart. The much in love couple have never admitted to their relationship but have always given us major hints of their charismatic love story.

While Ranveer is excellently soaring up his perfect boyfriend image, this time Deepika also did not shy away from expressing her love for rumoured beau Ranveer Singh. In an interview, she expressed about Ranveer saying, “When we’re with each other, we don’t need anything or anyone else. We’re comfortable in each other’s presence. Sometimes it’s intelligent conversation, sometimes just silence, sometimes there’s a childlike innocence. We keep each other grounded. We are good in that sense”.

Deepika also revealed about her childhood desire to be a homemaker and while talking about starting a family with Ranveer she said, “I can’t put a year to it. Honestly, I’ve never been able to do anything that is time bound. I believe relationships have their way of unfolding. As far as my equation with him is concerned, I am sure that will unfold in its own manner. I can’t wait to be a homemaker. Because from the time I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be that. I’ve always wanted to start a family”.

Almost everyone is waiting for Deepika – Ranveer to tie the marriage knot but Deepika is in no hurry. She says, “Hmmm…and what would the next level be? It’s not obvious. I don’t know if marriage per se… Because I believe every relationship has its natural progression. I’m discovering that myself”.
We’re totally in love with this adorable pair! Are you’ll too?

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