Mar 292018

rani_srideviIt was Rani Mukerji along with makeup artist Rajesh Patil who got late actress Sridevi ready for her last rites…

Everyone was surprised after seeing late actress Sridevi in her final attire. All this while we weren’t aware as to who dressed her up and who did her make up before she left for her final journey.

But, now, according to reports in India TV, it was actress Rani Mukerji along with Anil Kapoor’s wife Sunit Kapoor who dressed up Sridevi and makeup artist Rajesh Patil who did her last makeup.


Close sources have revealed, “Rani Mukerji helped celebrity makeup artist Rajesh Patil to get the veteran actress ready for her last rites.”

Sridevi’s hairstylist Noorjahan Ansari too shared that Sridevi used to like Rajesh’s work and thus he was assigned the work to do her makeup whereas Rani was there to guide them.”

Noorjahan also revealed that it just took five minutes to get her makeup done. She added that Sridevi was very particular about her bindi and eyebrows. Thus, this time they used her favourite sindoori bindi and red lipstick.

Anil Kapoor’s wife Sunita and Rani laid the red saree on the late actress and the jewellery was from Sridevi’s personal collection.

Dressed in red saree, Sridevi looked like a dulhan at her last rites.

We pray for her departed soul to rest in peace!

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