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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 8:03 am


By: Faisal Saif.

The one and only Superstar of India Rajinikanth who hasn’t celebrated his birthday in Chennai in almost 20 years, Broked the rule and celebrated this year. He agreed to participate in an event organized by his fans, and opened up about his health issues.

Rajinikanth in Sivaji The Boss

Rajinikanth in Sivaji The Boss

“Twenty-two years ago, three of my fans who had come from their town to take part in my birthday celebrations died in an accident on their way back. This is the reason why I get out of the city on my birthday, When I was a bus conductor, I used to drink a lot due to peer pressure. When I entered films, the problem got worse, and coupled with long working hours, led me into depression. After my marriage to Latha, I cut back on drinking, but continued to smoke too much. My lungs and kidneys got affected and I had to be treated in Singapore. Now, for the past two months, I’ve been hale and hearty. That’s why I’m asking you to stop smoking.” Requested Rajinikanth in his speech.

Very recently, The superstar’s story has been included in a Syllabus titled ‘Dignity for Work’ for CBSE students as a Lesson.

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