Jul 262017

Man, ever since the season 7 of ‘Game Of Thrones' has begun, the world seemed to have stopped doing everything else and just focus on the show. Post every episode, we are accompanied with a bunch of analysis, or ‘fan' theories, which barely come true because the show is so twisted that we are never able to pretend accurately. Earlier on Monday, the 2nd episode was out and everyone lost their cool, especially the twitterati – buzzing with enthusiasm over the episode “Stormborn”. Well, if episode 1 sailed smoothly without any hustle -bustle, the second one was a thunderstorm for the fans. Here are some of the reactions, observations for the second episode of Season 7 by the Twitterati:

Me to Sam and Jorah's scene: #GameofThrones7 pic.twitter.com/PNT0JSDq6Q

— Czara D. Cascalla (@czara_d_casc) July 24, 2017

When Jon Snow left Sansa in charge after all those side eyes she shot Littlefinger #GameofThrones7 pic.twitter.com/ucSzYCAWGC

— victoria m. (@missvictoriaem) July 24, 2017

When you save Jon Snow from a slaughter in hopes of marrying Sansa, but he won't allow it and chokes you instead. #GameofThrones7 pic.twitter.com/xcycp2dCT4

— S.K. Krishna (@WCGypsies) July 24, 2017

Best scene 💔
“Nymeria.. it's me. Come with me”@GameOfThrones #GameofThrones7 pic.twitter.com/AfWSbLKOkK

— LIYAH (@LiyahLyh) July 24, 2017

Me everytime Sansa opens her mouth #GameofThrones7 pic.twitter.com/UyEeomQaNK

— Yannick David (@burnt_plantain) July 24, 2017

Still upset about #nymeria
Arya: It's me, Ayra

Nymeria: New phone who dis? #gameofthrones #thronesyall #gameofthrones7 #aryastark pic.twitter.com/TdLqgFk7C2

— TvStoreOnline.com (@TvStoreOnline) July 24, 2017

But, what caught everyone's attention was when Euron Greyjoy invaded his niece and nephew's ship. Apparently, the fans on twitter were exasperated when Theon abandoned his sister Yara who was in a faceoff with Euron and was ultimately dominated and was held hostage by the man himself. Reek panicked and instead of stepping up as his sister's “protector” as Yara had expected, she was more or less disappointed, like all the other people on twitter. Oh, I'm not blaming the poor lad, he lost his fucking tool and was hurt way too much to hold his cool in such a situation. Can we spare him just this one time?

GOT fans when Theon jumped off the ship #ThronesYall pic.twitter.com/FDJl3QAH3Y

— Sheila Jaberi (@Sheilajaberi) July 24, 2017

When Theon reverts back to Reek after coming so far… #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/4nChpaTxQP

— Travis Zimpfer (@TravisZimpfer) July 24, 2017

Euron: Come save your sister.

Theon: pic.twitter.com/20Ife1TykH

— Tyler (@tylerisfire) July 24, 2017

My face when Theon just jumped off the boat without helping #GameOfThones7 pic.twitter.com/MuyGPEfTE2

— Majin (@MoePicasso) July 24, 2017

Yara Greyjoy: Theon! help me, please!
Theon: pic.twitter.com/PIkFU51HgS

— Dua Chipa (@axelgxmxnxz) July 24, 2017

Theon Greyjoy confronting Euron #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/fJUGz20KZ9

— Rochi Laserna (@Rochii04) July 24, 2017

Even though some of these reactions are absolutely hilarious and on point, we all are really thrilled to watch the next episode “The Queen's Justice”. 

“The war's already begun; I've drawn first blood,” Cersei says in the trailer, as Tyrion warns Dany that Cersei is ready and knows that they're coming. Qyburn, the mad scientist has come up with an invention which will kill the magical creatures and maybe that's what will get Cersei back in the game.

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