Jan 192018

If you call yourself a die-hard fan of Tom Hardy, then you must already know that being an actor was not always his aim. It was to become a successful rapper.

Since his teenage days, Hardy spent a significant amount rapping but he wasn’t exactly what one could call ‘good’ back in the day. But he still likes to drop beats whenever he can, even if it’s with his son.

In an interview with BBC back in 2011, he also revealed that he recorded albums too but unfortunately they never got to see the light of the day. That is until now. 

A mixtape with the name ‘Falling On Your Arse In 1999’ was uploaded to Bandcamp earlier this month by DJ Eddie Too Tall aka Ed Tracy. Edward is a BAFTA-winning television writer and director.

Tom Hardy Made A Rap Mixtape In 1999 And It Has Finally Surfaced On The Internet© Bandcamp

If you are wondering who the hell is ‘Tommy No. 1’ in this cover art, then we take pride in telling you that that is our very own Tom Hardy.

A note on the webpage reads: “Made in a bedroom 1999 these mixtapes were never really finished. Lyrics written and performed by Tom Hardy. Music written and produced by Ed Tracy.”

The album consists of 18 typical 90s hip-hop tracks.  And without any further ado, you can and should listen to Tom, in all his glory:

<a href=”http://tootall.bandcamp.com/album/falling-on-your-arse-in-1999″ mce_href=”http://tootall.bandcamp.com/album/falling-on-your-arse-in-1999″>Falling on Your Arse in 1999 by Tommy No 1 + Eddie Too Tall</a>

And of course, after this album came to the surface, Twitter could not handle it:

1. Isn’t It?

That’s a lovely lovely voice https://t.co/nWTZz60alA

— Boli (@B0lij) January 18, 2018

2. The Secret Is Out!


— S0LO (@ZeJuans) January 18, 2018

3. That Escalated Quickly

Tom hardy used to be a rapper we are confirmed soulmates

— 🧜ðŸ?¾â™‚ï¸?Vom Selleck 🤮 (@HomoHulk) January 18, 2018

4. We Agree.

But can we seriously talk about Tom Hardy’s mixtape? Bc it’s actually pretty fuckin good.

— nostalgic witch 🌚 (@xohtheguilt) January 18, 2018

5. Shook Is The Word

The beats are good. I enjoy it. The quality is terrible so it’s hard to make out some words but it’s really not bad at all. I’m shook lol

— Student Goat (@ianzebadiah) January 18, 2018

6. Dope AF

I never knew Tom Hardy could rap. Dope.

— kevin (@elsusiguap) January 18, 2018

7. Yes Please!

No way!!! @itunes make this available for download #ASAP!

— Pirate_4_life (@Pirate_4_life86) January 19, 2018

8. We Think So.

Is there no end to tom hardys  talents

— Clinton Blasdale (@clint_blasdale) January 19, 2018

While this mixtape is getting pretty good reviews, we would like to see Tom sticking to acting as of now. Along with that, a little bit of rapping here and there would act as the cherry on top of the cake.

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