Jun 212017

Father’s Day may have just gone by; but, one look at this video of Saqib Saleem and your hearts will melt enough to want to give your Dad a hug, or a call. Saleem’s latest short film, titled ‘Aamad’ sees the actor portray the role of a male Kathak dancer—in itself, a rarity in the industry. Forget his last film that hit theatres, ‘Dobaara’. This will be the most impressionable image he creates in the moment. 

This Video Of Saqib Saleem As A Kathak Dancer Will Win Your Heart Over© YouTube

We have always seen female actresses doing classical dances on screen, but in current times one of the male lead actor who dared to portray a role as Kathak dancer is a rare thing to see. Well we are talking about the talented young actor Saqib Saleem who’s new short film titled ‘Aamad’ has just released on digital platform.   The film is produced released by Terribly Tiny Talkies and is directed by Neeraj Udhwani who has previously worked with Saqib as the writer of ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’. The short is about an emotional yet strained relationship between a father and his son. The film explores a story about a father who is a Kathak dancer and how his son is embarrassed of his father’s art because he is bullied by his friends as a young boy practising a classical art form tagged as being feminine. He moves on and distances himself from his father, growing upto becoming a corporate man himself. But due to unforeseen situation of his father being in a critical condition, he comes back and does that one final performance for the love of the art for his father.   

The short film is a lesson in time and relationships. It’s better to be late than to never be at all. Go spend time with your father. Life is too short to keep things to yourself and to not say sorry. 

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