Dec 042017

Wouldn’t it be great to see an epic clash between Wolverine and Batman, Wonder Woman and Mystique and Superman fighting it out with Magneto? We know what you guys will say – this person is a weirdo who does not know that these superheroes do not exist in the same universe. 

Check Out The Fan Made Trailer Of 'Justice League VS X-Men'© Warner Bros.

Well, we would have thought the same, had we not come across this genius fan and this exceptionally awesome trailer he made for us to watch on a loop. What do you do when you want the best of both worlds to be pitted against each other? You, don’t wait for Hollywood to make it happen. You go ahead and make the movie (or at least the trailer of it) yourself. 

This YouTuber who goes by the name, Stryder HD, created this ultimate mash-up trailer of ‘Justice League vs X-Men’ and the fact that he put 2018 as the release date, makes us hopeful that at least someone will now think on similar grounds and make this ‘dream’ come  true for all the ‘Justice League’ and ‘X-Men’ fans out there. 

Check Out The Fan Made Trailer Of 'Justice League VS X-Men'© Marvel Entertainment

This man imagines Jean seeing Superman, Justice League and an impending battle in his dream, which can destroy humanity.  Logan is picked to be sent back into the past and meet up with the mutants to destroy them before then cam team up and come to full power. Magneto incites Lois to get Superman involved and causes destruction. The X-Men will need to control him and get him to destroy the league.

Later, Flash crosses paths with Quicksilver and the epic battle between two forces ensue. Can someone give him an award already to come up with such a killer plot?

Fan theories or fan-made trailers are nothing new, yet each time someone or the other creates something so brilliant that we forget that the plot is a fragment of someone’s imagination. 

Although, ‘Justice League’ has been making several headlines and getting mixed reviews from all corners of the world, we still can’t get over the fact that the makers spent a whopping $25 million to get rid of Superman’s moustache using CGI. Honestly, more than the plot or the characters it was Henry Cavill’s airbrushed moustache that made us go and watch the movie again. 

Check Out The Fan Made Trailer Of 'Justice League VS X-Men'© Warner Bros

After looking at this trailer, we desperately want someone to make this turn into a real movie. Raise your hands if you too want to see the X-Men battle it out with the Justice League in an earth-shattering clash.

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