Feb 112018

Indian actor Akshay Kumar’s “Pad Man”, a film highlighting awareness on menstrual hygiene, has not yet been released in Pakistan

padman look

Indian actor Akshay Kumar’s “Pad Man”, a film highlighting awareness on menstrual hygiene, has not yet been released in Pakistan. But a senior official says it has not been denied a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for import into Pakistan.

“Pad Man” tells a story of a Arunachalam Muruganantham’s journey to make affordable sanitary napkins. A section of the media have said that it has been banned in Pakistan due to its sensitive subject. 

But Pakistan Censor Board chief Mobashir Hasan says the decision on NOC was yet to be taken as the film had not yet been “pre-viewed by the Central Board of Film Censors”.

A statement, posted on Hasan’s Twitter account and shared with IANS via a messaging app, read: “The decision to issue an NOC by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting National History and Literary Heritage is yet to be taken on the release of a foreign feature film ‘Pad Man’ as the film has not yet been pre-viewed by the … Censors.”

A Pakistani media report said Pakistani film importers have come under attack over the Akshay Kumar-starrer on grounds of ruining Islamic traditions, history and culture. 

Hasan then said: “The decision to grant NOC to the subject film will be based on the merit and criteria of the … Censors, not vexatious, false and irresponsible political motives being created on various media platforms on the back of the film. 

“It is advisable to maintain principles of integrity whilst making statements on any issues… Good values are the foundation upon which we will build a prosperous Pakistan, not upon a decision of releasing a solitary film,” he added. 

Directed by R. Balki, “Pad Man” is based on a short story from Twinkle Khanna’s book “The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad”. It released in India, Russia, Ivory Coast and Iraq on Friday. 

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Nov 172017

While Mahira Khan has been promoting her upcoming film, Verna, the movie won’t release in Pakistan. It has been banned by the censor board due to its “controversial subject”. The Raees actor took to social media to express her disappointment. “Tonight I realize how powerful artists are, not those in power. We are. Why else do we get banned?

Why else do our films pose a threat to them?

In this game of power — we will always win. Art/love/truth always does! #PowerDiGame #verna (sic).” She also wrote, “May the power of the voices of the people be stronger than a few in positions of power.”

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Nov 152017

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s upcoming film ‘Verna’ has reportedly been banned by Pakistan’s Censor Board for allegedly portraying rape and violence. In the film, Mahira plays a rape survivor who is out to seek justice. The film stars Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid in leading roles. Produced by Shoaib Mansoor, the film was scheduled to release on November 17, 2017.

Mahira Khan's film 'Verna' banned in Pakistan for rape scene?
Mahira Khan in ‘Verna’ poster

While speaking to Images, Pakistan CBFC Chief Mobashir Hasan said, “We are looking into the ‘unanimous objections’ raised by a panel of CBFC on Verna after the preview under the relevant laws.”

He added, “The Board will review the decision if the producer files an appeal against the decision of the panel. If [there is no’ appeal from the producer then the decision of the panel will be final and implemented.” The website also quotes Mobashir Hasan as saying that ‘Verna’ team has 15 days to file an appeal, or else the Board’s decision will be final.

The report further states that according to ‘Verna’ producer Shoaib Mansoor’s official press statement, the director has appealed to the CBFC ‘for the urgent relief of Verna.’

The reports of Mahira Khan’s ‘Verna’ being banned has left people outraged. Twitter users took to the micro-blogging website to voice their opinion on the subject. Here are some reactions:

#Verna ban is preposterous, the movie is very timely IMO and banning it is a huge blow to our industry thats still trying to find its feet.
CBFC is repeatedly scaring potential movie producers from investing in quality content #futureseemsbleak

— Jawad Ali Khan (@Jawadaay) November 15, 2017

So according to the Censor Board having rape prevalent in your country is not a problem but talking about it is? How about banning the filth movies that objectify women instead of banning one that empowers them. This is insanity #Verna

— Laila (@fizakhawar) November 14, 2017

The ban on #Verna is itself a rape of growth of pakistani film industry, Authorities are banning the movie instead of controling the crime. I strongly condemn the act & m standing with @ShoManOfficial
I demand #Verna should be released on its release date
RT if u agree with me pic.twitter.com/SiiH5BkxrK

— Haseeb Ur Rehman (@ItsHaseeb_) November 14, 2017

Movies promoting violence against women are okay? e.g. #ChainAyeNa but #Verna is problematic because it talks about a ‘social taboo’ aka rape? If this is what’s happening at the censor board, it’s worrying. Also want to know how many female official members does the board have?

— Quratulain (@quratulain_s) November 14, 2017

I question to CBFC,
What message are you sending when you ban a film that stood up against violence?
You let the powerful win again.#Verna

— Aftab Iqbal (@_AftabIqbal) November 14, 2017

When they can’t bear the truth, they try to destroy it. Banning a movie like Verna is tantamount to destroying the truth. Truth be told as it. #Verna#VernaBanhttps://t.co/CVgRUZwlSY

— Muhammad Murad (@MuradKanrani) November 14, 2017

Ban on #Verna is imposed to make those powerful people happy who don’t want masses to know what they do to maintain their hold on public

— Khurram Zia Khan (@KhurramZiaKhan) November 14, 2017

So #Verna has been banned by the usual idiots on the Islamabad censor board who appar think topic (rape) should not be talked about. Was cleared by Sindh. Going into full board appeal today.

— Hasan Zaidi (@hyzaidi) November 14, 2017

Maybe it was banned for not having enough item songs, vulgar dialogues, and other cheap titillation. Such a mature content seems to have offended a few… #Verna

— LubNaa (@LubnaSabir1) November 14, 2017

Standup for #Verna

— Adeeb Ahmad (@adeeb_ahmad1) November 14, 2017

Its just stupid..Mahira Khan and Shoaib Mansoor are the two people reviving your film industry at Intl Level and you end up bringing them down again and again #Verna

— Imran Khan #Verna in 2 days (@imran_vk) November 15, 2017

Censor board can ban #Verna in Pakistan.
Bt they can’t stop d wave it hv already created.

— Cool Mahirian Mili (@CoolMiliSingh) November 15, 2017

Censor board can ban #Verna in Pakistan.
Bt they can’t stop d wave it hv already created.

— Cool Mahirian Mili (@CoolMiliSingh) November 15, 2017

#Verna is that movie of the year which has raised so many questions in the society even before the release
Just imagine what will happen if its seen by everyone ..Plz remove the ban

— Imran Khan #Verna in 2 days (@imran_vk) November 15, 2017

.@davidakaye#censorship in Pakistan touching heights. Censorship Board bans movie #Verna on the issue of rape. Perhaps they believe rapes are not crimes #VernaBan#FoE

— ھارÙÂ?ÙÂ? بÙÂ?ÙÂ?ÚÂ? (@advertbalcha) November 15, 2017

The speculated ban on #Verna has done exactly what the film makers wanted to do – people have started talking about rape & gender injustices. Power di game cannot silence people!

— Harinder (Heer) (@harinder_virk) November 15, 2017

In many rape cases the state turns a blind eye and sides with the rapist. #Verna is highlighting this very important issue #VernaBan

— Roshaneh Zafar (@RoshanehZafar) November 15, 2017

The cast & crew of #Verna must be proud. Only master pieces get banned in Pakistan. @TheMahiraKhan very proud of you and I hope you know regardless I’m watching this movie in cinema

— Shahbaz Taseer (@ShahbazTaseer) November 15, 2017

Parading women naked, raping 3 years old, raping women’s dead bodies is okay but the theme of film #Verna that is trying to address this issue is not ok. Are we a shamless nation. Uncut Verna shd b passed. @Razarumi@MaryamNSharif@Gulalai_Ismail

— Dr. Fouzia Saeed (@FouziaSaeed) November 15, 2017

#Verna banned cos a PM’s.son is shown as a rapist.. a pathetic move by censor board definitely..
On the other hand was just thinking
why our movie makers would never show an army captain raping a doctor somewhere in balochistan…?!

— Amira. Yunis (@ay_yunis) November 15, 2017

Ban on #verna needs to be lifted.Women can no longer be suppressed by power.These issues need to be talked about #UnbanVerna@TheMahiraKhan@HaroonsMusic@ShoManOfficial

— meher sharma (@mehersharma6) November 14, 2017

When they can’t bear the truth, they try to destroy it. Banning a movie like Verna is tantamount to destroying the truth. Truth be told as it. #Verna#VernaBanhttps://t.co/CVgRUZwlSY

— Muhammad Murad (@MuradKanrani) November 14, 2017

“#Verna is about violence against women. Did they expect Mahira to dance with Haroon in a wedding to raise awareness about this subject? Or do they honestly expect a film about violence against women to be shown without showing violence against women?” https://t.co/eu1t6rS2ld

— Mahwash Ajaz (@mahwashajaz_) November 14, 2017

what the hell is on the minds of these people banning #Verna and promoted content like Mehrunisa V Lub U? do they really want to progress? is this how you treat good content and a masterpiece. Team doesnt deserve this @TheMahiraKhan

— Imaginator Creations (@ImaginatorC) November 14, 2017

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Sep 212017

The Blue Whale challenge has left us all a bit frazzled, wondering how the world really functions. The tasks that were put forward, questioned the very morality of human existence. The game was an assertive transformation of actions, leading to one’s death and the designers made sure the young participants followed each task to the T, eventually leading to the participant’s death. From carving a whale on the player’s arm with a razor to watching gory, scary videos and clips at ungodly hours, the participants did everything to psyche themselves out, before agreeing to the last task- which was to jump off a ledge to their death, from a high-rise building.

Pakistani Tenenager Develops An Anti Blue Whale Game© YouTube

Although the perpetrators have been caught and imprisoned, the game still remains a gruesome memory and the darkness of it is still a bit malleable. To counter the negative effects of the Blue Whale game, a young boy by the name of Waseem Gul from Pakistan has developed a positive rendition of the game through an app to wipe away any association and the memory of the original Blue Whale game.

This app also includes 50 tasks, like the original Blue Whale game but Waseem’s game is focused more on making people’s lives better and get this, he is just an 18-year-old kid! The game captioned the anti-Blue Whale game’ has already hit app stores and is surely giving away a positive message to all impressionable young kids, all over the world.

Pakistani Tenenager Develops An Anti Blue Whale Game© Peeky

The tasks are rather simple and focus more on the smaller, more positive things in life, which give us instant happiness. We’re going to list some of the tasks we found, here, see if you want to start doing them already!

· Do 10 push-ups

· Wake at 6:00 am

· When you wake up, don’t move from your bed for 10 minutes

· Touch your nose using your right thumb

· Slice a fresh onion and try not to cry while doing it

· Eat a donut but don’t lick your fingers/lips afterwards

· Eat 1 big tablespoon of pure ketchup

· Help your parents with household work

· Remember- helping others without interest is cool

· Do something special today

When the player reaches the 50th task, a message pops up saying “Congratulations you have become a Smart BlueWhale. Remember your life is a precious gift, don’t waste it on strange challenges you find on the internet. The world is full of strange people, some of them will try to scare you in order to make you do odd things, if something like this happens to you, inform your parents or adults that you trust. Stay healthy and happy blue whale grand master”.

Waseem has probably cracked life’s success mantra and has put it on an app for young people to follow. We think more youngsters around us should start doing things that make them happy and pull the plug on the negativities around them!

You can download the app here.

Aug 302017

'Don't want my story to lose its impact'Uzma Ahmed

Delhi-based Uzma Ahmed is aware that a film being made on her life will have to be dealt with, prudently.

The Indian national, who was forced to marry Pakistani resident Tahir Ali at gunpoint during a visit to the neighbouring country in May, has given the rights of her film to director Shivam Nair.

“We’ve been in touch for the past few months. We’ve not decided how much of the story we must showcase, but, whatever we portray will be from my perspective,” says Ahmed. During a trip to Malaysia, Ahmed met Ali, whom she ‘fell in love’ with, and contacted upon her return to India.

'Don't want my story to lose its impact'Sushma Swaraj with Uzma Ahmed

As per reports, Ahmed decided to pay a visit to Ali in Pakistan, who, on her arrival, sedated her and married her at gunpoint. “I don’t want the story to lose its impact,” she says, hoping that viewers learn from her mistakes before making hasty choices. “When people travel somewhere, they should have sound knowledge of the place they are heading to. I blindly entered Pakistan, but no one should have to face dire consequences over a lapse in judgment.”

Ahmed says her film will be a tribute to External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, who facilitated her return to India. “I have met Sushmaji many times after my return. I don’t think I would be alive without her support,” Ahmed says, adding that Swaraj’s character will play a prominent role in the film.

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Jul 232017

Zain AliZain Ali Pic/YouTube

Former Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestant Zain Ali has been found dead in mysterious circumstances in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Zain was found dead in his friend’s bathroom. His friends claim that he went to use the washroom and did not return for a long time. That is when they panicked and started knocking the door. Finally, they broke down the door and found him lying dead inside. The medical investigation is still under process, so the exact cause of death is unknown, but it was hinted at brain hemorrhage.

Zain Ali had a history with drug abuse, but his family claims that he wouldn’t have crossed his limits.

The singer who hailed from the Saeed Mitha family of musicians, participated in Indian Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in 2012. Even though he did not win the show, he won hearts of people from both sides of the border.

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Jul 092017

Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez are busy shooting for their upcoming film ‘Judwaa 2′ and we bet there is no one who isn’t excited to watch this one.

The film is a sequel to ‘Judwaa’ starring Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor that made it big at the box office. From leaving us in splits to making us groove on ‘Tann Tann Tara’, Salman’s performance was loved by everyone. And the cherry on top was seeing him in a double role.

Those who are still clueless about what we are talking, watch the trailer of the original now…..like just now!

The sequel is set to release in September this year. The shooting of the film has already begun and we saw Varun Dhawan sweating it out in the gym to get a perfectly ripped body for his role.


A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on May 12, 2017 at 1:39am PDT

The cast and crew often keep sharing behind-the-scenes photos to keep our curiosity piqued, but now there is a new video featuring Varun and Jacqueline that is creating a lot of buzz.

Well, one of the reasons this video is spreading like wildfire is because the two are busy in a sizzling liplock in this one.

Bc David Dhawan comedy ke naam pe kuch bhi bechta hai ab????????????????Aur beta poore mazze le raha h…on screen bhi aur off screen toh le hi raha h????..Public ke aage committed???? Follow @savageasfack for such videos n pics #kareenakapoor #deepikapadukone #dishapatani#aishwaryarai #shrutihassan #sonamkapoor#sonakshisinha #sunnyleone #aliabhatt #anushkasharma #katrinakaif #priyankachopra #parineetichopra #mumbai #india #malaysia #bangalore#delhi#chennai #punjab #bangladesh#kolkata #ahmedabad#pune #pakistan  #goa #gujarat #bollywood  #indonesia#jacquelinefernandez

A post shared by @savageasfack on Jul 3, 2017 at 10:50am PDT

The film also stars Taapsee Pannu who will be seen romancing Varun in the film. It was rumoured that Salman would be making an appearance as well and Taapsee cleared the air saying, “We are all excited to shoot with him. Something we all have been looking forward to. He’s someone who everyone loved in the original film and is an inseparable part of the franchise and I’m glad he will be part of ‘Judwaa 2′ as well.” Now isn’t that exciting? 

Really pumped for this song #tantanatanisback #judwaa2

A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on Jun 25, 2017 at 12:31am PDT

We wonder if Karisma will also be seen in the film with Salman; let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope it happens. Well, we are all prepared for some surprises and can’t wait for the film to be released.  


Jun 252017

Virat Kohli keeps coming back in the news on loop. Sometimes people are boasting of his stellar performances, sometimes blaming him for a bad inning, other times he’s found making pizza at a Domino’s in Pakistan. So a new picture of his is now floating around on Twitter as a meme.

When liquor shop is closed on Dry Day & you find the door slightly open. #WIvIND #WIvsIND pic.twitter.com/JjzRgmbHvh

— Batting All-Rounder (@V1JJU) June 23, 2017

That’s all our buas and uncles, for sure.


#IndvsWI pic.twitter.com/ewCS9sz6JV

— Smoking Skills (@SmokingSkills_) June 23, 2017


Running errands for mummy!

Aunty thodi shakkar milegi? #IndvsWI pic.twitter.com/IbHOlZUpQ9

— Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) June 23, 2017



When your friends are calling you outside but mom isn’t letting you go!#WIvIND pic.twitter.com/BeQIOzaZUO

— Prateeka (@PrateekaKamath) June 24, 2017


You can’t escape the magic of ‘Sooryavansham’

When your team is on field…but Set Max pe Sooryavansham aa raha hai pic.twitter.com/Y67ObA5mYL

— Zoombada… (@zoomphatak) June 23, 2017


I got your back.

“Jadeja bahar aaja Pandya Kuchh nahi bolega pakka” pic.twitter.com/Smp5mlNtQ1

— Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) June 23, 2017

Um, pakka?

#viratkohli pic.twitter.com/mzZJsR8l6n

— yatin sangoi (@Y4T1N) June 23, 2017


We all wanted to know, ‘Kohli ke peechey kya hai?’ 

Jul 112015

Looking for an Eid gift for your wife? Choices abound. As the month of Ramadan starts, many of us ponder this question when considering to buy Eid gifts for our wives. Sometimes you can just go to the neighboring mall and get one of the usuals but I think once in a while, it is better to step back and see if there are other options. Started doing some research and found a small online store KhyberBazaar.com . Some of their products make perfect gifts. Even though they primarily sell Pakistani clothing / apparel, many of their products make excellent gift choices for your wife from any culture. On top of that, their prices are very reasonable. Sometimes every one should buy items from other cultures – breaks the monotony and brings something new and unusual into our lives.

Here is what I think make great Eid gifts for your wife.

Pashmina Shawl with floral patterns:

Soft and bright with beautiful patterns – available in multiple colors. Makes a great eid gift for your wife or even otherwise. Who wouldn’t want to own a Pashmina shawl or two or three.

Woolen Shawl with mirrors:

Available in beautiful purple and red, studded with small mirrors, this shawl can brighten up anyone’s persona. Your wife will love it.


A place rug – makes up a good house gift

Dari - area rug - bright colored - durable - Eid gift for the household


An uncommon bed spread – makes a good house gift

A beautifully patterned Pakisani Khes - Bedspread. A good gift for any occasion


What makes them unique? They are made from date pits – Excellent Eid gift or a Ramadan gift

Tasbeeh made from date pits -Eid gift for your wife