Mar 212018

Not only did Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan succeed in dancing around the umpire, they managed to drive him off the stage!

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

If you think that all you are going to get in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL is a good game of cricket, then you are highly mistaken. Along with passionate cricket, the sports reality show offers you a huge quotient of entertainment.

Recently a video went viral where Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant, both of who are playing in BCL, are challenged to seduce the umpire. Both controversial queens, Rakhi and Arshi are known for their sex appeal. All we can say is they were the perfect ones for the task.

Arshi Khan
Arshi Khan

Not only did the two succeed in dancing around the umpire, they managed to drive him off the stage! All we can say is that if there is anyone to thank for the masti in BCL, it is surely Rakhi and Arshi!

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Feb 282018

Arshi Khan of Bigg Boss fame will enter the show Ishq Mein Marjawan as part of a dance troupe at a Holi party

Arshi Khan
Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan of Bigg Boss fame will enter the show Ishq Mein Marjawan as part of a dance troupe at a Holi party. “I am very excited to be back on the channel (Colors) that has made me what I am today. I will bring back my ‘latkas and jhatkas’ (moves) with this role. I have always enjoyed drama,” Arshi said in a statement.

“I love how the show’s story is about unconventional love and I am getting to be part of Aarohi’s revenge saga,” she added. “Ishq Mein Marjawan” features Arjun Bijlani as Deep and Alisha Panwar playing the dual roles of Aarohi and Tara. Aarohi has crafted a plan to expose Virat/Lakshya essayed by Vineet Raina, for all his wrongdoings.

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Jan 242018

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan is in news for reportedly signing a film opposite Prabhas

arshi khan

Arshi Khan was Bigg Boss season 11’s most entertaining and one of the most controversial contestants. The reality star had made claims of being in an relationship with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi and had even made atrocious claims of being physically intimate with him. However, this time she has make it to the headlines for a good reason. Recently, Arshi Khan had hosted a party for her Bigg Boss participants according to a report in Mumbai Mirror . 

Among those who attended were Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani, Mehjabi Siddiqui and Jyoti Kumari. While she did not invite Puneesh Sharma, Bandgi Kalra or Zubair Khan, she did send invitations to Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan. The two actresses, however, did not attend the party.

“Hina has been in hiding ever since she came out of the house. She was sent an invitation, but she did not turn up,” revealed Arshi.

Arshi’s relationship with Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde saw many twists and turns on the show. While she initially praised her for being like a ‘maa’ (mother), Arshi later mocked her for it. On asking why Shilpa did not show up at her party, Arshi shared an audio clip the actress had sent in reply, in which she insulted the invitation using the choicest abuses.

When asked about rumours that she will be making her movie debut opposite Prabhas, she neither confirmed nor denied them. All she said was, “I am starting my film career in the South and I am heading to Hyderabad for the same soon. I can’t say anything more unless it is officially announced.”

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Dec 262017

Despite giving her 100% on the show, Arshi Khan is disappointed with her sudden eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 11’. The not-so-commoner speaks her heart out in this interaction

Bigg Boss 11‘ has witnessed sudden and shocking evictions in the last two weeks. Hiten Tejwani’s ouster left his fans heart-broken. This week called out for ‘begum’ Arshi Khan‘s eviction. This not-so-commoner contestant made her mark in the house for her carefree attitude and has garnered many fans, along with detractors. In an exclusive interview with mid-day online, she revealed how disappointed she is with her dismissal from the show. Though Arshi boasts about being a straight-forward person, her answers seemed vice versa. From Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan to Vikas Gupta, she revealed the equation she shares with every inmate.

Excerpts from the interview below:

Arshi Khan
Arshi Khan

After spending 12 weeks in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, how does it feel to see the outside world? Are you missing the house?
I am not liking it outside the house. I thought after spending 12 weeks, I will definitely enter the 15th week. I’d hoped of entering the finale episode in my beautiful designer wear. Even people would have got to watch more of me. Talking about other contestants, be it Puneesh (Sharma), Akash (Dadlani), Luv (Tyagi) and Priyank (Sharma), they all came before me and are still there. So, somewhere, yes, I’m feeling bad that after playing the game so well, I got evicted after the 12th week.

Will you follow the show?
Yes, I’m following ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and will do it because I want to see what twists and turns take place in the house. Especially, I want to see how Vikas (Gupta) is playing the game. I really wanted to reach the finale, and I tried my level best for it.

What do you think is the reason behind your eviction?
I don’t know why it happened. Even I’ve failed to understand the reason behind my eviction. I gave my 100% to the show. In fact, I’ve just been nominated once under the eviction poll. The sudden eviction is difficult to fathom. Never had I thought that I would bid adieu to the show so early. And all that I have seen after coming out of the show is that people have really appreciated and wanted to see more of me. As far as I know, my voting was no less than Shilpa Shinde’s but equal to what she received. I don’t believe that I’ve received such less votes.

Has it got to do something with your pending court case, where you painted India and Pakistan’s flag on your body and didn’t appear in the court?
No, there’s no truth to all this. There’s no arrest warrant issued in my name. In fact, after leaving the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, I did another show ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’. So, there’s no court case, no hearing and I don’t think I did that big a crime.

Which is your biggest blunder in ‘Bigg Boss 11’ which you would regret always?
I’ve done many blunders on the show. I would just say anything. So, there are so many things that I’ve said jokingly. I don’t think I can even count the mistakes I made.

What is your equation with Shilpa Shinde?
She has been a good friend and we’ve had a great relationship. But later things turned sour as she wanted me to just be her tail whereas I wanted to walk with her and not behind her. For instance, Hina Khan would be alone and I would like to feed her. I wanted to equally be with both of them. However, there came a time that I got really tired and gave up. On one hand, Shilpa needed me and the other hand, Hina also needed my support. I had become such a huge factor in the house that everybody wanted my support. Be it Akash, or Vikas, who’s now indeed a very close friend of mine. Priyank, Luv, Puneesh. So, I got entangled in these relationships because until the end I did not want to hurt anyone’s sentiments or hearts. There was a relation created with every member in the house. One must have seen that I would mingle around with everyone. At times, I’m seen hugging Priyank, hitting Luv. So, I loved staying with everyone.

Do you think with your exit, Vikas Gupta will not be able to play the game? Why did you say that after your eviction Vikas would be ruined now?
Yes, and I even cried a lot. Vikas has stayed true to the friendship we share. I’ve spent a lovely time with him in the house. And at the end ‘Bigg Boss’ gave me the charge of sending someone to semi finale and I’ve sent him. He’s a clean-hearted guy, what’s in his heart is on his face. The eviction did not hurt me as much as leaving Vikas’ sight from the house.

Do you think Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma’s fight was fake?
No, the fight wasn’t fake. It actually happened for real because Priyank didn’t want Vikas to stay with me and Vikas wanted to. So, the entire fight revolved around me. Fights in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house would start in the name of Arshi. Priyank said that she (Arshi) isn’t a good person, speaks rubbish but Vikas was stern. He said however she is, she’s a friend. He even had a fight with Hiten because of me that why he chose Arshi over him. To which Hiten said that she is deserving, therefore I chose her. So, yes, there were fights and I tried mending the fences between them. In fact, I mended many of the relationships inside. Now let’s see how far these friendships or relationships move.

Who do you want to win and who do you think will won?
Vikas Gupta will definitely win the show.

Did you miss Hiten after his eviction?
I missed him a lot. Not in terms of flirting with him but genuinely. Because it was Vikas, him and me, who spoke valid points and thought good. Vikas and me, both of us really missed his presence. I even said on camera that I miss him. I even cried a lot when he was eliminated. We tend to miss friends when you’ve stayed together in a house for such a long time.

Any plans on meeting Hiten and other evicted contestants?
Yes, I will definitely meet Hiten. He is in Goa currently. Hopefully, we’ll meet in the finale too. Once my interviews are done, I’ll meet everyone.

Didn’t you fear that the attitude you showed in the house wouldn’t work in your favour?
I am what I am. I won’t change for anything or anyone.

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Nov 082017

As the ‘Gharwale’ have boarded the Bigg Boss rocket, they are all set to survive space. It will be captivating to witness how long the contestants will stay inside the rocket to protect their prize money in Bigg Boss 11. But at this point of the game, captaincy is more important for some contestants as they don’t mind money getting deducted from their winning prize; they just want to get out of the rocket and nominate themselves for captaincy.

Dressed as astronauts, the contestants place themselves inside the rocket but after spending some time together – they couldn’t help but pass comments and start taunting each other. Arshi instigates Hina by telling her that she is stinking and she can’t sit with her in the rocket, she also calls her an old lady who is good for nothing. Hina keeps her calm and does not get instigated by her, Luv at the same time mimics Akash and teases him. Akash gives it back to him saying that Luv needs a doctor’s attention.

Mission ‘Bigg Boss 11’, truly becomes a tedious task for the astronauts as the Sun comes up the next day in the morning. The contestants couldn’t stand the heat of the sun, but some of the contestants were so persistent and determined to protect the prize money and complete the task that they did not care about the sweat dripping all over their bodies. Hina’s face turns red in the heat and the others tell her to get off the rocket but she is hell bent to finish the task.

As the task comes to an end, Hina goes through a major break down as she feels that Bigg Boss is favouring Akash and team.

The two teams in the rocket get into an argument! Watch #BB11 to find out what they’re saying!

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 8, 2017

Bigg Boss announces that both the luxury budget and winning prize money is zero. Tune in to #BB11 to watch what happens next.

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 8, 2017

Bigg Boss tells the housemates that the task was finished at 6.30AM itself! #BB11!

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 8, 2017

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Oct 182017

One of the most controversial contestants on ‘Bigg Boss 11’, Arshi Khan, has grabbed headlines yet again, and this time, it is for her past antics. An old video of Arshi Khan with her female friend has gone viral online and social media users have criticised the clip for being ‘vulgar’ and ‘cheap’. Here’s a screenshot from the video doing the rounds on social media:

'Bigg Boss 11': Arshi Khan's 'vulgar' video goes viral
A still from Arshi Khan’s ‘vulgar’ video that has gone viral. Pic/Twitter

In the ‘Bigg Boss 11‘ house, Arshi Khan has created quite a stir with her loud behaviour. She has had ugly spats with Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary and Shilpa Shinde in the house. Even host and superstar Salman Khan has warned Arshi Khan about her abusive language in the ‘Bigg Boss 11’ house.

Arshi Khan is not new to controversies. Arshi Khan has been making headlines for her alleged association with Shahid Afridi for the last few years. On September 8, 2015, Arshi tweeted about her relationship with Shahid Afridi. “Yes, I had sex with Afridi! Do I need the Indian media’s permission to sleep with someone? It’s my personal life. For me it was love,” Arshi Khan tweeted. Following the revelation, a fatwa was issued against Arshi Khan by a mufti from a Madrassa in Pakistan. Arshi Khan had also received threat calls following her admission of having sex with Shahid Afridi.

Also read: ‘Bigg Boss 11’: Arshi Khan, who ‘had sex’ with Shahid Afridi, calls him ‘mehboob

In 2016, Arshi Khan claimed that she was pregnant, a statement that sparked rumours of Shahid Afridi being the father of her baby. Arshi Khan, however, didn’t clarify at that time if Shahid Afridi was the father of her child. Later, in an interview, Arshi Khan, denied being pregnant.

Last year, a video of her stripping naked for cricketers had gone viral online. Arshi Khan has done several photo shoots, with many of them creating a stir online for nudity. One of Arshi Khan’s most controversial photo shoots has been the one where she stuck pictures of Pakistani cricketers on her chest.

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Oct 142017

The weekend is here and we can’t wait to see Salman Khan dealing with the contestants of one of the most popular TV shows in India. This week in the Bigg Boss house has seen everything from messy fights, diplomacy to controversy. You name an issue and you will find it taking place in the BB house.

For the first time in Bigg Boss, in just two weeks, contestants have already started planning and plotting and taking things to extreme levels. While some are playing the victim card to gain sympathy, some don’t mind getting filthy and downright dirty.

Bigg Boss(c) Colors

We bet you already want to know what’s in store for you guys in tonight’s episode and we’re giving you the latest scoop. As if it wasn’t already enough, we are going to witness yet another cat-fight between two contestants who are already stealing all the limelight in the past few episodes.

It looks like Arshi Khan and Sapna Chaudhary can’t stay out of each other’s way, even for a minute. Just when you think they are tempering down, things just keep getting worse.  

We all know Vikas Gupta is the first captain of the house and he has sent Hina Khan to the kaalkothari. Joining her were Arshi and Sapna. Everything was fine until the two had a big fight, sabotaging the entire session.

Bigg Boss (c) Colors

Yes, you heard us right; the two will have a messy fight inside the kaalkothari. Things will get so intense that the other contestants inside the house have to intervene. And we don’t think they will be surprised to see who caused it.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Salman losing his patience over the incident? After all, didn’t Bhaijaan warn our contestants the last time? But, it looks like they like playing with fire. All we can say is, ‘God save you from Salman’s wrath’.

Bigg Boss (c) Colors

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Oct 082017

He is a master in disrupting the house. Cheap stunts, foul language, ugly fights…that’s his forte. Since his first day in the Bigg Boss house, he has been creating quite a scene. You can never predict when he loses his mind and starts trashing people and destroying peace.

He created a pandemonium for the first time in the house with his adult joke that people didn’t like at all. His language and his activities have sabotaged his chance for survival in the house. In the first round of nominations itself, he was eliminated along with three other contestants.

On Saturday, he was Salman Khan’s main target and we all know what happens when you displease the Sultan of Bollywood. The actor left no stone unturned and grilled him on National television.

As per the latest episode, the man couldn’t take what Salman Khan said and ended up taking some pills and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He was criticised by Salman for using abusive language with Bandagi Kalra and Arshi Khan in the house throughout the week.

Zubair Khan (c) Color

Bhaijaan also pointed out that he needs to stop faking his identity as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law. Salman also asked him to stop calling him Bhai and said, “Tu Mujhe Bhai-waai nahi bolega. Kasam Khuda ki, tujhe kutta na bana diya toh mera naam Salman Khan nahi.”

Well, that was one hell of a statement. He was bashed for stooping so low and using terms like ‘2 Rs woman’. The episode was one hell of a ride as Salman didn’t spare anyone and gave a dose of his special medicine personally to each contestant.

Tonight the first elimination took place and Zubair Khan was asked to leave the house. Well, not many expected that he would be evicted as he surely added the masala element in the show, which is needed to gain TRPs. But looks like viewers didn’t like him despite his full-fledged attempt to gain popularity and he hardly managed to get any votes. While such stunts work in favour for many, it totally backfired in Zubair’s case.

Do you think he might be back in the house during the wildcard entries?