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In an exclusive interaction with mid-day online, actor Sumeet Vyas, better known for the web show Permanent Roommates, speaks about his upcoming films High Jack and Veere Di Wedding

Sumeet Vyas
Sumeet Vyas

No more only the poster boys of web series, actor Sumeet Vyas has carved a path in mainstream Bollywood films. After giving us some exceptional performances in films like English Vinglish, Parched, Ribbon, amongst others, his upcoming films, High Jack and Veere Di Wedding are geared to hit the 70 mm. Talking about films and his career graph, the actor gets candid with mid-day online in an exclusive interview.

Firstly, tell us about your film, High Jack, it’s termed as a stoner comedy but not everyone would understand what a stoner is?
Here, Highjack is a very trippy film… it’s in my head, a situational comedy, in Akarsh Khurana’s (director) head a thriller, in the editor’s head, an action film and in Nucleya’s head a musical. This freedom of expression is called a stoner comedy.

What attracted you to the film?
It’s the script and is one of the funniest scripts I’ve read in a while. I remember laughing like a crazy person alone in my room while reading it… this doesn’t happen very often. Also the team I was going to work with. Akarsh is like an elder brother to me… Kumud Mishra is a legend on and off the camera. Phantom Films, I was very keen on collaborating with. So yes, this film was the most fun I’ve had at work so far.

Could you please tell us about your character in the film?
My character’s name is Rakesh. He’s a struggling Disc Jockey (DJ), trying to establish himself and find that one big gig, which will change his life. Personally, he’s struggling on the financial front. In desperation, he agrees to do something stupid to get out of this crisis and lands up on a plane that gets high jacked by a bunch of amateurs. So, basically, he’s a mess, a bonafide loser, who resurrects himself in the worst possible situation ever.

Since the film’s backdrop is that of a plane and the funny incidents that take place, are there any real-life incidents wherein, you’ve found something really hilarious on your flight?
Oh yeah, all the time! The first time I travelled business class I couldn’t believe the niceness of the air hostesses, and all through the flight I was nervous they’re going to yell at me and send back to economy (class) where my legs don’t fit. Also, it’s on a flight I realised that I snore sometimes when I’m exhausted because once I woke up and found everyone staring at me. The air hostess was sweet enough to tell me that my snores have destroyed the other flyers’ business class experience.

A piece of advice… if you’re really tired, “Don’t drink and fly.”

Are you happy with the way your career is taking off?
I’m happy that people are appreciating my work. The fact that filmmakers and producers are showing trust in me and are willing to invest in my talent… I must be doing something right. Having said that, I’ll any day swap my career with Ranveer Singh.

After working for Television, web shows, and films, which is the medium that you enjoy doing the most?
See, deep down I want to be the highest paid actor for a certain period at least. So, any medium that manages to do that is the medium I love.

Tell us something about Veere Di Wedding, working with Kareena Kapoor Khan and others?
Veere Di wedding is a fantastic ensemble film. It’s been an honour to work with Shashank Ghosh (film’s director). I’ve always admired his work. Also, Kareena Kapoor is one of the most gifted actors we have in our country. Everyone knows it, I observed it first hand, and when you praise someone like her, you’re stating the obvious.

Also, tell us about your future projects?
Future is very bright. There’s Tripling Season 2 that we’re working on, and some exceptional scripts that are floating in the atmosphere will find my address.

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