Sep 042017

Kangana Ranaut left everyone in utter shock and disbelief when she gave one hell of an interview last week, with Rajat Sharma, the host of India TV show’s ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. She was definitely in a tell-all mood as she didn’t shy away from any of the allegations or questions that were posed to her. However, what caught everybody’s attention were her candid answers concerning her ex-beau Hrithik Roshan.

Fans and the Bollywood fraternity went into frenzy as the actress revealed personal details about their relationship and didn’t mince her words, at all. Some appreciated her for having the guts to speak so openly on a public platform, whereas the interview didn’t go down well with others. One of them is Bollywood singer, Sona Mohapatra.

Sona, who is known for her bold and outspoken personality, took to her Facebook account to address Kangana’s latest interview. In an open letter to Kangana, she revealed what all she feels about her revelations.

She is of the opinion that the interview was a “part of a professional PR campaign” before Kangana’s next film, ‘Simran’ is released and says that the PR stunt was “in bad taste”.

She goes on to inculcate the issue of topic of feminism by saying that, “it does a big dis-service to the cause of feminism & fair play.” She even went ahead and called the entire situation as “circus” and ended the post on an unrelated note, by wishing the readers a “Happy Onam”.

The allegations made by Kangana in this interview also received a rather ‘subtle’ response from Hrithik’s ex-wife, Sussanne Khan. The ace interior designer came out in her ex-husband’s support and posted a selfie on her Twitter account. The caption read, “The is no allegation or sad plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #powerofthetruth #mafamilia #goodoverevil”

The is no allegation or sad plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #powerofthetruth #mafamilia #goodoverevil 😇🖤🌈🦋

— Sussanne Khan (@sussannekroshan) September 3, 2017

The whole Kangana-Hrithik feud came into the limelight last year, when Kangana received a legal notice from Hrithik asking for an apology for referring to him as her ‘silly ex’ in an interview. Kangana then began to share the details of an alleged affair with Hrithik, which was repeatedly denied by latter.

Although Hrithik has not responded to the interview yet, the open letter from Sona has definitely added fuel to the fire and we can only wonder what Kangana has to say on this.

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