Aug 202017

In the 1990s and 2000s, Simi Garewal literally ruled the TV with her amazing show Rendezvous. We bet, there is no one on this planet who hasn’t followed that show. And then came Karan Johar with Koffee with Karan. The concept was almost the same with some twists here and there. And within no time his show became popular which started the animosity between the two.

Well, there was certainly no news about that but recently Karan did something to piss Simi off. It looks like Karan is on a spree to piss people off and then get roasted in the process.

Apparently, both of them were present in the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne in Austraila in different capacities. Kjo was hosting a class on ‘How to direct a big Bollywood dream’, while Simi was specially invited to host the award ceremony.

And as soon as the show concluded, Simi overheard KJo talking to the organizer about hosting the show next in 2018.

Certainly, it did misfire and Simi royally took KJo’s case on Twitter calling it another ‘take over’.

After I finished hosting IFFM Awards @karanjohar told Festival Director ‘Next year I want to host the awards’! Another takeover?!🙄

— Simi Garewal (@Simi_Garewal) August 15, 2017

And within no time, people started tweeting in support of Simi as one would expect. Karan was trolled massively for his act!

Lol will karan Johar leave anything for others ..sharing is caring Karan 😎

— KK_tweet (@KKTweet5) August 15, 2017

Yeah simi but koffe was not even close to rendezvous. Coffee mug had no elegance

— Vivek Mishra (@viveikmishra) August 15, 2017

Don’t let it happen ma’am!  People really miss your talents as a host/interviewer! I’m glad you’re making your sentiments be heard!

— Vee (@IntuitVee) August 17, 2017

This is a kind of Mafia taking over.

— Raj (@Sonak_Rajesh) August 15, 2017

He may go to the extent of offering him free

— Shankar-Jaikishan (@SJFansAssnCal) August 15, 2017

If this is true and serious. Shame on Karan. You don’t have to worry madam.

— CA Vinod Kothari (@vinodkotharee) August 17, 2017

It’s like the ‘Oscars’ looking like the sell out ‘Filmfare’ rewards – sorry I mean awards. 😉

— krishna yadav (@krIshNDIA) August 15, 2017

Karan, there’s a word of advice for you, maybe next time you should be more careful when trying to take over someone else’s job. You already have irked enough people in this life.  

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