Aug 042017

SRKVJohnShah Rukh Khan recently landed in a legal tangle for endorsing a shaving cream brand. Bhopal-based consumer Rajkumar Pandey slapped a case against Khan and the company manufacturing the cream (VI John) after his skin broke into a rash. In the latest development, Khan’s spokesperson released an official statement rubbishing the allegations.

“First and foremost, Shah Rukh Khan is currently not the ambassador of the said brand. The contract between the shaving cream brand and him terminated in April 2016. Also, we have not received any notice so far.”

Pandey had filed a case in a Bhopal consumer court alleging that Khan is misleading people with his ad. He mentioned that he had to undergo treatment at a hospital after using the cream. Pandey further claimed that Madhya Pradesh Food and Drugs Department tested the product and stated it to be of “bad quality”.

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