Apr 202018

King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan is never off the headlines. However, apart from his much-awaited film ‘Zero’, what has kept him the limelight is his legal matter on one of his properties. As per reports, the difficulties for him prevail as the Income Tax Department continues to probe into his Alibaug property matter.

Reportedly, the ‘Raees’ actor can’t take a sigh of relief till December 2018 from the Income Tax department which is currently investigating the case.

The ‘Zero’ actor has been accused of buying the Alibaug property under the false pretense of using it for agricultural purposes and has instead built a farmhouse on the land. Reportedly, the land is owned in the name of Deja vu Farms Pvt Ltd., which was acquired under Section 63 of the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948 (which stipulates that only a farmer can buy agricultural land).

Apparently, as per reports it has been utilized for the luxurious purpose. Therefore, the property dispute has reached a point of hearing to New Delhi.

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