Apr 072018

salman_khanSalman Khan’s blackbuck case was due on Thursday and the ‘Bodyguard’ actor has been sentenced for five years of jail by a Jodhpur court for killing two blackbucks during a film shoot in Rajasthan in 1998. He is also required to pay the fine of Rs 10,000.

Ever since the court’s verdict is out, fans and the entire industry is heartbroken. A majority has expressed their support through social media posts and messages. The quantum of punishment has come as a shock to the family.

Meanwhile, one such diehard fan of Salman Khan, a 6-year-old Aniya, who is a resident of Delhi has been deeply disheartened. Aniya’s sadness has put her family under stress as she has ceased eating and continues to do so. She has reportedly taken a vow to eat only after the ‘Bodyguard’ actor walks out of the jail free.

Aniya has diligently been one of the active protestors in Jodhpur with placards in hand. Her constant protest even left her unconscious on Saturday.

Speaking to the media, her parents revealed her immense love for Salman and said that she won’t eat or go to school until Salman Khan is free.

The Cute Little Girl Was Crrrying For #SalmanKhan bhai??? When she see the news here tears ws nt stopping …not eating anything .alone saying ” SALMAN KHAN JAIL CHLA GAYA” ? … PLZ GOD Accpet here pray nd all of the childern pray ???#WeSupportSalmankhan?? pic.twitter.com/wL0uHdd7sc

— We Support Salman Khan ? (@ISalman_Rules) April 5, 2018

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