Dec 182017

When you bring together two actors like Salman Khan and Govinda, they are bound to create a blockbuster. And the 2007 release ‘Partner’ was just the proof of that.

Their excellent comic timing is still loved by the audience so much that a sequel is all that they need. And looks like their prayers might be answered. 

According to a report by Mid Day, we’ll soon get to see the duo in the sequel of ‘Partner’. 

Although the first part was helmed by David Dhawan, the second installment would see Salman’s brother, Sohail Khan as the director. This is based on the fact that Sohail Khan has already registered two titles – ‘Carry On Partner’ and ‘Partner 2’. 

Salman Khan & Govinda Are Likely To Return For 'Partner 2'© Twitter

A while ago, you must have heard some rumors about fallout between Salman and Govinda. Apparently, Govinda went on record to say that he “should not expect too much” from Salman. Probably, because Govinda expected Salman to launch his daughter, Tina Ahuja in Bollywood. But since that did not happen, Govinda was left unimpressed. 

Salman Khan & Govinda Are Likely To Return For 'Partner 2'© Twitter

But in an interview, when Govinda was asked about working with Salman in the future, he said “Why will I not work with him? We don’t have any issues with each other.” And with this latest news, it seems like there are no hard feelings between them which of course is great news for their fans. 

Salman Khan & Govinda Are Likely To Return For 'Partner 2'© Twitter

The report also states that apart from Salman and Govinda, Sohail will also cast two other young actors. 

But in case you have started squealing with excitement already, we need to ask you to calm down because it looks like it isn’t happening anytime soon. On being asked about the sequel he said, “I’m not making the film right away.”

Although it is kind of disappointing to hear this but as long as we ARE getting a sequel, we don’t mind waiting for a few more years.


Currently, Salman Khan is busy shooting for ‘Race 3’. On the other hand, Govinda will be seen alongside ‘Fukrey Returns’ actor Varun Sharma in ‘Fry Day’.

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