Jan 222018

Ranveer Singh and out-of-the-world outfits go hand in hand. By now, we are so used to seeing him in quirky outfits that when we see him wearing a simple tee and jeans, we just cannot handle it. 

So, as expected, the Filmfare Awards saw Ranveer being his usual self in an outfit that would put other ‘normal’ suits to shame. In case you haven’t seen it till now, then we are warning you: it is EXTRA AF.

Suit suit karda?

A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 20, 2018 at 2:21pm PST

Go on, zoom in. You’ll find posters of some classic Bollywood movies and this is apparently Ranveer’s way of paying tribute to them. And even if you hate the outfit and are currently in the middle of a laughing fit, you would still have to agree that he is carrying it off like a boss. 

The Ultimate Bollywood Fanboy at #JioFilmfareAwards #RanveerSingh pic.twitter.com/ayy9P7H1EJ

— RanveerSingh.Fandom (@RanveerFandom) January 20, 2018

Believe it or not, when we saw him wearing it for the first time, we instantly knew that this would send Twitter into a trolling spree. And that’s exactly what has happened. 

Have a look at some of these hilarious reactions:

1. Only Ranveer Can Do This.

Quote: Wear your Success like a T-shirt not a tuxedo.

RS: I will wear everyone’s success that too like a tuxedo. pic.twitter.com/bHY8rta11l

— Scar F. Swamy (@RAC7R) January 21, 2018
2. Meet The Dumb-Charades Champ.

Friend: Bhai hum Dumb-Charades khelne wale hain, aa jaaiyo
Ranveer: Say no more fam pic.twitter.com/ZUlRRCONh8

— Sunny (@MemesMakethMan) January 21, 2018
3. Changing The Game, One Suit At A Time.

Journo : Once you step out of India, Shahrukh Khan is the Poster Boy for Bollywood. How do you plan to change this.

Ranveer : Say No More pic.twitter.com/jogMt3TsPW

— Yo Yo Funny Sing (@YoYoFunnySing) January 21, 2018
4. Very New Indeed

Phata poster nikla hero is old. Poster pehan ke nikla hero is new?

— NamitaSKalla (@Namitaskalla) January 20, 2018
5. Ji Bilkul

Yeh ek hi piece banaya hai bhagwan ne 😂

— SwatKat- The dancing Rajput 💃 (@swatic12) January 20, 2018
6. The Nation Wants To Know


— QUEEN. (@ItsRamshahaha) January 21, 2018
7. Anything For Deepu

Deepika : I love old bollywood movies

Ranveer :  Say no more pic.twitter.com/oJCtuvtx0V

— SwatKat- The dancing Rajput 💃 (@swatic12) January 20, 2018
8. Would Actually Make A Good One.

Ye suit h ya wallpaper

— उपासना, फेक फेमिनिसà¥?ट !!! (@i_upasana) January 21, 2018
9. He’d Be The Perfect Choice.

Poster boy of Bollywood like literally 😂😂

— Richa Singh (@Richatriya) January 21, 2018
10. Is This True Ranveer?

When the dhobi guy fucks up your black suit and you have nothing else to wear except this.@RanveerOfficial  #RanveerSingh pic.twitter.com/LySaIxNUsS

— Chirag (@ThatGoonerMan) January 21, 2018

Nevertheless, Ranveer definitely got all the attention that he wanted and deserved, while we sit here waiting to be confident enough to wear something as funky as this. How do you do it Ranveer?

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