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In a tell-all conversation with mid-day online, actor Pulkit Samrat talks about his film newly released Veerey Ki Wedding, personal life, the concept of marriage and many other things in a candid chat

Pulkit Samrat
Pulkit Samrat is excited for his film Veerey Ki Wedding. Picture Courtesy: Instagram/pulkitsamrat

Actor Pulkit Samrat recently wooed people’s hearts with his amazing comic timing, acting chops and his romantic avatar in Fukrey Returns. The handsome hunk yet another laughter riot, Veerey Ki Wedding with Kriti Kharbanda and Jimmy Sheirgill released last week. Giving some insights into the film and how his personal life grabs more space in the news than his work, and also about always being compared with Salman Khan, the 34-year old bares it all in this candid interview with mid-day online.

Was it difficult to play Veer’s character or you just have that Romeo in you and it translates onscreen?
Yeah, the ‘chichora’ part was really fun and the chemistry shared between Geet (Kriti Kharbanda’s character) and Veer is very volatile. Geet is a very strong headed girl and also has a mind of her own and Veer on the other hand is also a very talkative boy. He helps a lot of people by hook or by crook, but mostly by crook. So, when such chemistry is there, it’s kind of nice to play it on screen. This was for the first time that I am working with Kriti and it was a fabulous experience. She is very natural on camera and when you get to work with an actor of that calibre it becomes very easy for you. The give and take in terms of acting becomes interesting.

Was it difficult to break the ice with Kriti?
Not at all. Both of us connected on the Delhi factor because even she hails from the capital. I didn’t know this until I saw her having food. I thought to myself, “Yeh toh dilli vaalon ki tarah khaati hai yaar.” (She eats like a Delhiate) and then she said yes that she was born in Delhi. And we got it all out in our characters in this film.

Now that we are talking about a wedding film, do you personally believe in the concept of marriage?
I don’t believe in the concept of marriage. It is just for the society – a legal certificate to show the society. Love is the base of every marriage and I believe in the concept of love, yes, if there’s love that escalates to the wedding then it’s a different thing. Going ahead if I fall in love then let’s see how it goes ahead.

You’ve played romantic heroes and done comedy capers, aren’t you afraid of being typecast?
No… I’ve done Fukrey which is a slapstick comedy and a rom-com. I’ve done Sanam Re. So, I think I’ve been doing different kinds of roles, so there’s no fear of being typecast.

Do you think romancing onscreen is easier than off-screen?
Romancing is extremely difficult on screen because you are surrounded by so many people, a camera zooming onto you. And the smell of cow dung, mosquitoes on the sets, it gets very difficult to get the romantic expressions. But at the end, it’s because of these things that it translates beautifully on screen.

A lot has been said and written about your personal life, does it affect you?
Yeah, it does but you know workplace is the best place to divert your mind. It’s a different world altogether. Where you are enjoying your craft and are away from all the hustle and bustle.

You’ve got a good physique and people see the younger version of Salman Khan in you, so what kind of equation do you really share with him?
The phenomenon of comparing has always been there. He’s a good human being and people love him. Although I love him and he loves me too, I want to create a mark of my won and wouldn’t want to get my personality and talent to get overshadowed.

Your views on celebrating Women’s Day.
I hate this gender discrimination. Why a day to celebrate them… We should always celebrate it… They are a creation which is very unique. Why one day for men and women day? But, it’s good that people are changing their mentality and have gone ahead. It’s commendable to see slight changes.

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