Feb 022018

priyankaIn an interview to an international magazine, Priyanka spoke about feminism and answered why there is no word like ‘manism’. “Why is there a word called feminism? Why is there no manism? Because men have never needed it. Because for hundreds and hundreds of years, women have been told what we should dress like, what jobs are good for us, what we can do, what a good girl is,” she said.

“Feminism is women standing up for themselves and saying ‘Give me the freedom to make my own choices without judging me.’ It is not superiority. It is not hating or berating men. It is just saying, ‘Let me make my decisions without shaming me or trolling me. Give me those opportunities that men have enjoyed for such a long time,” Priyanka added.

She also revealed that her mother Madhu Chopra would decline invitations that arrived at Dr and Mrs Ashok Chopra. “If it was written in my dad’s name like my mom was just dismissed, she would never go to a party. She would have to be individually invited. I was raised in a house where my mom had her own personality and standing. She was never a plus one. So I am that person. Nobody’s identity can be just a plus one,” Priyanka explained.

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