Mar 172018

We all have our favourites when it comes to ‘Game Of Thrones’, but we all can agree mutually over the fact that no one can top the delightfully crass Tyrion Lannister.

peter dinklage in avengers infinity war © HBO

His character’s evolution, his acting skills and dramatic timing of dishing out dialogues makes us all love him more.However, for all the fans who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms and missing Peter, there is a precious chunk of news that will put some life back into you. He is going to be in the new Avengers movie! Yes, that’s true. I seriously hope you have watched the trailer though.

Well, if you are wondering if he is disguised as someone which is why you couldn’t spot him, then let me explain. It is not your fault. He is indeed going to be a part of the movie but no one knows what character he is playing yet. Twitterati, as usual, had some observations though.

Wild prediction – might Dinklage voice one of the Black Order? I recall Feige teasing a few surprises last year when it came to the cast members lending their vocal chords to those characters’ CGI forms.

— Tom Buxton (@TomBuxtonUncut) March 16, 2018

remember when Peter Dinklage was announced to be in Infinity War and Avengers 4 and no one knew who he was playing? well i’m starting to think he’s the voice of one of the Black Order

— ☕ (@AcroNite7) March 3, 2018


Hoping they finally reveal what character Peter Dinklage is playing in @Avengers #InfinityWar thinking either The Watcher or Pip The Troll

— Justin Williams (@jwadewilli) July 22, 2017

Guess we’ll have to wait on that one to find out. But we have no trouble believing that he will kick-ass among the star-studded cast. 

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