Oct 132017

When Halloween is around the corner, expecting the release of new horror and crime shows and movies comes naturally. And since we also have the second Friday the 13th this year (that is today by the way), Netflix released the perfect show on this rather spooky day. If you are fan of crime-based TV series, then you are in for a treat as the new 10-episode Netflix crime series ‘Mindhunter’ dropped on the streaming platform today.

It’s based on Mark Olshaker and John E Douglas’ 1995 non-fiction book, ‘Mindhunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit’ and  if you have ever wondered why some serial killers and rapists do what they do, then this one is a must watch for you.

Netflix Released Its New Crime Drama Series 'Mindhunter'© Netflix

Set in 1979, in the early days of criminal psychology and criminal profiling at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt Mccallany) interview imprisoned serial killers in order to understand how such criminals think and apply this knowledge to solving ongoing cases.

To understand how depravity works, they go and speak to the depraved directly and trust us, some of these scenes will creep the hell out of you.

Netflix Released Its New Crime Drama Series 'Mindhunter'© Netflix

For a layman, it’s hard to accept that serial killers and rapists are not always born evil but there’s so really a lot to their story.

This show might deal with a few disturbing concepts and cases and provide stark details that are challenging to deal with, but it will help you get clarity on all those dark questions that you ponder about every time you hear about a crime.

It may be set 40 years ago but is weirdly the perfect crime series that millennials need to watch because whatever takes place in the show is still relatable to what is happening around us every day.

The show is beautifully composed and tensely paced and has the celebrated auteur David Fincher as the show’s creator, and also behind the direction of the first episode. Fincher has previously served as executive producer and director of the debut episodes of House of Cards in 2013.

Netflix Released Its New Crime Drama Series 'Mindhunter'© IMDB

‘Mindhunter’ is the only other TV project he’s worked on.  Also, the notable Charlize Theron serves as executive producer. ‘Mindhunter’ is available to stream on Netflix now and we are warning you, it is darkly addictive.

Watch the trailer here:

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