Oct 302017

So the second season of the cult Netflix original ‘Stranger Things’ was bestowed upon us by the Duffer Brothers and it doesn’t matter if you believe in celebrating Halloween or not, you’ve got to thank them for this amazing gift!

If you are a true fan like me, then chances are either you have already binge watched the season over Saturday night or like your calories, you are counting episodes and trying hard to extend it over this week at least. For your hungry eyes, here’s a list of six shows that match the vibe of our beloved ‘Stranger Things’ :

1. ‘The OA’- It is like a treasure found in a coal mine. Very less publicity, brilliant concept and even after one year of dropping this drug on our minds, Netflix continues teasing us about the second season. Prairie comes back home after years with an intriguing tale about her absence. Just like ‘Stranger Things’, there’s a group of school kids who join her quest.

2. ‘Fringe’- This JJ Abraham sci-fi series follows FBI agents from the fictional fringe division who use fringe science to investigate unexplained, perplexed happenings around them. Good thing is that the show spans five seasons and over 100 episodes, so binge away my friend!

3. ‘Misfits’- The characters of this show are based in London who suddenly have superpowers embedded in them after a storm hits the city. It’s a combination of sci-fi, supernatural sprinkled with dark comedy and action.

4. ‘Freaks And Geeks’ – For starters, this show has been listed under the ‘100 greatest shows of all time’ by the TIME magazine. ‘Stranger Things’ has a star cast of stellar kids who are geeks and freaks to others at the same time. This show is enjoyed best if you fell for the fuzzy 80’s vibe from ST, no sci- fi in this one though. Still worth a watch.

5. ‘Black Mirror’ – This one is pretty famous and chances are most people have watched at least one episode. This anthology series created by Charlie Brooker is pretty intriguing and plays with your psyche. The best part is that all episodes are stand alone so you don’t always have to pick up from where you left. The ‘black mirror’ signifies the dark undertone of the hazard that the technology on our screens pose today.

6. ‘Twin Peaks’- This American mystery, horror, drama is dated from the year of 1990.  This cult show revolves around one major question- who killed Laura Palmer? The show is headed by FBI agent Dale Cooper who is looking into the murder of Laura in the mysterious town of Twin Peaks. Pretty similar to the investigative vibes of Jim Hopper.

A tub of popcorn, some pizza, a good sound system and you are ready to go! 

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