Jun 202017

srk-krk-7591Shah Rukh Khan’s act in Jab Harry Met Sejal has created a lot of curiosity on social media. He will be seen doing a full-fledged romantic character in Imtiaz Ali’s film, but somehow makers haven’t yet let you feel so. There is a freshness and novelty to SRK and Anushka’s sparkling on-screen chemistry as revealed by Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trails. Instead of a trailer, the film will have eight such Jab Harry Met Sejal trails out of which three have already been released.

But self-proclaimed critic KRK thinks otherwise. In his latest review of Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trails, while KRK stays away from trolling them, he did cause some damage. KRK not only revealed the plot of the whole film but also drew a comparison between Jab Harry Met SejaL with Shah Rukh’s classic 1995 movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

KRK while revealing the plot of the story says, “Anushka Sharma who belongs to Gujarat is already engaged. She wants to travel all over the Europe before getting married. Anushka meets Shah Rukh Khan who is a tour guide in Europe. Both Anushka and SRK travel all over the Europe. After completing her tour, Anushka calls her fiancee and says she is returning back to India. But Anushka also finds out that her engagement ring is lost and when she informs her fiancee about it, he asks Anushka to bring that ring at any cost.”

“Anushka who is now forced to find her ring asks Shah Rukh to help her in finding the ring. SRK takes Anushka to all the places they had visited during their short tour and in the journey, both fall in love with each other. But Anushka eventually finds out that her engagement ring is in her purse only but she couldn’t locate it in the first place,” KRK adds.

KRK also says that Jab Harry Met Sejal is the same old story of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge with a twist of the ring. The self-proclaimed critic also asks Shah Rukh this, “If I have seen you in the same role 25 years ago, why would I see you again repeating the same act. If you would have been able to imbue same magic in such roles, why Aditya Chopra wouldn’t have cast you in Befikre instead of Ranveer Singh?”

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