Nov 132017

When you think of John Cena, the first thing that is most likely to cross your mind is WWE and his muscles. One of the most famous and loved superstars of WWE, the man has tried his hand at many other things apart from wrestling. From acting in movies to becoming a rapper, he has done it all. And just when we thought there are no more surprises, we stumbled upon a YouTube channel and our lives, as we know it, changed. Forever. 


If you are an ardent fan of John Cena, you might be aware about his passion for cars and how his collection can make anyone die of jealousy. However, the fact that he also reviews cars is not known by many. And from what we have seen till now, we can declare that he is a total pro at it. 

YouTube channel ‘The Bella Twins’ has a separate playlist of videos under the name ‘John Cena: Auto Geek’ that show John being the crazy enthusiast that he is in around 16 videos. And it won’t be wrong to say that these videos perfectly display the close relationship that exists between John and his cars.

He talks about the first car, a vintage Jeep Wrangler that he purchased with his first WWE paycheck and we have to agree that it’s a beauty. 

We then see him talk about a number of cars which range from classics to the rare ones like the 2017 Ford GT.

He even went ahead and compared a Maserati to a bad relationship. Yes, a Maserati which, for most of us, is the stuff of dreams. 

Then, of course, there is some casual show-off as John presents to us his stunning 2006 Roll Royce Phantom. 

The best part about these videos is that we can see how naturally all of this comes to him. He doesn’t try too hard simply because he doesn’t have to. The immense amount of knowledge and his love for cars are signs that the man deserves to have his own show. 

If you want to watch more of his videos, then have a look at the playlist:

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