Sep 172017

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence may be receiving mixed reviews for her latest release ‘Mother!’ directed by Darren Aronofsky, but one can’t help praise Lawrence’s commendable performance as a woman whose tranquil life is turned upside down when a mysterious couple comes to stay at their house; in this psychological horror movie. Well, it seems that movie was just a glimpse of how versatile an actor Jennifer is and possibly a sneak peek into the various challenging roles she will be taking up in her upcoming movies. The trailer of Jennifer’s next movie ‘Red Sparrow’ was recently released by 20th Century Fox and our jaws actually dropped on the floor when we realized how twisted and intense the movie is going to be.

‘Red Sparrow' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Plays A Cold-Blooded Russian Spy© 20th Century Fox

Fulfilling the fanciful wish (of playing James Bond’s counterpart) of every fan out there, Lawrence will be seen as a dangerously seductive Russian ballerina-turned-assassin, who uses her body and mind as weapons to kill the enemies. She looks striking as a cold-blooded killer who does not think twice before seducing and manipulating anyone, only to kill them eventually. In fact, her straight face and gawking eyes are reasons enough for anyone to fall for her charm. However, things turn wary when she falls for a CIA officer, played by Joel Edgerton. With ‘Red Sparrow’, Lawrence is reuniting with director Francis Lawrence, who has earlier worked with her in ‘The Hunger Games’ series. The movie is slated to release on March 2, 2018 and also stars Jeremy Irons, Mary-Louise Parker, Charlotte Rampling, and Matthias Schoenaerts.   

‘The Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence has been extremely busy and tied up with her work and we don’t need any proof of her busy schedule, because the release of her last film ‘Mother!’ and the trailer of the upcoming movie ‘Red Sparrow’, speak volumes of the hard work she has been doing throughout  the year. One might think that when does she take a break? Well, guess what she might be taking one now, of two years. Reportedly, the actress plans to take a long break from acting. According to a report in CBS News, when she was asked by Savannah Guthrie on the ‘Today’ show about whether she is taking any break, she said “I’m taking one. I don’t have anything set for two years.” The actor is currently busy with the promotions of Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Mother!’ and is gearing up for her upcoming releases – ‘Red Sparrow’, and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’.


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