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Being a celebrity means that you and your life is always in the limelight and everything is up for speculation, and most of the time, it is still bearable and okay, but sometimes people cross a line.

Yes, they chose this life but people also need to respect their privacy, after all they are also human, and not everything is supposed to be shared with the public.

Irrfan Khan's Wife Wants All The Speculations To StopTwitter/Irrfan Khan

Recently, Irrfan Khan revealed that he’s suffering from a rare disease, probably because he appreciates his fans so much that he wanted to share everything with them, the good and the bad. But, the problem is that this was all he shared, but rumours started flying and there were way too many different theories since he posted his news on Twitter.


— Irrfan (@irrfank) March 5, 2018

Yes, everyone is curious and everyone wants to support him, but this is a private matter and he will share more when he feels the time is right. Making up random stories and starting rumours about different diseases he is suffering from just seems very insensitive right now.

Irrfan Khan's Wife Wants All The Speculations To StopYoutube

Soon after his tweet, rumours of him having a brain tumour went viral. Even after clarifications from his friend, the speculation continued and everyone was just focussing all their energy on the wrong thing.

It seems like the rumours got so bad that Irrfan’s wife, Sutapa Sikdar has finally spoken about the issue. She wrote a heartfelt message for everyone on Facebook, addressing everyone’s concerns, thanking them for all the prayers and apologising for all the secrecy (which she doesn’t need to, tbh).

Here’s the post:

This is so well put, hopefully everyone will give the family time and privacy to deal with it. This is a time to just pray for him and he has doctors to figure out his condition, so no doesn’t need media and random people on Twitter to diagnose him.

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