Feb 072018

The latest ‘Deadpool 2’ trailer just hit the internet and we’re losing our minds over here. It’s just a 2 minute something trailer but there are so many things we want to talk about after just the first viewing. But, who cares what we have to say. Just check this damn thing out:

We’ll watch it another 3,000,000 times now and keep adding every tiny little thing we’ve noticed. Let’s go:

0:08 – Is it just us or does this look more like Colossus than Cable?

0:13 – Giving us a real Terminator type future feel here.

0:18 – Pain? You speak of pain? Like Bane? Only cooler.

0:21 – Remember Captain Boomerang’s (Jai Courtney) unicorn from Suicide Squad? Well, Cable has a teddy bear. It helps him sleep at night. Why? We don’t know. Wait for the movie idiot!

0:24 – Jason Bourne anyone?

0:28 – Deadpool says wait. But for a different reason. You need to wait because more machine than man is hardcore Terminator: Salvation. Where is Sam Worthington nowadays anyway?

0:30 – Bad CGI inspired by Padmaavat? The Hulk? Superman? DC in general? Dale? Who the hell is Dale? The special effects guy? Fire him already! (We’re just kidding Dale. You rock)

0:39 – Direct dig at Henry Cavill in Justice League. 1 point to Marvel. Oh sorry, we mean Fox. 

0:46 – Hardcore fourth wall breaking by the man himself. Now that’s what you call an awesome homage to Godzilla style special effects from the time before we were born. Or maybe it’s a homage to the Lego movies?

1:10 – Deadpool showing us how much he has matured from the last time we saw him.

1:18 – That’s how long it takes to give Cable a metal arm. Why did they need $25 million for Henry Cavill?

1:26 – The Winter Soldier is not going to be happy with another metal arm wielding anti-hero (can we even call him that?) on the big screen.

1:36 – That jump just reminded us of Baby Driver. But a whole lot cooler.

1:39 – Did you spot Terry Crews too? What is he doing here? Time for some muscular dancing? We’ll never forget Terry’s good ol’ Cheeseburger Eddie days.

1:41 – DOPINDER IS BACK!!!!!!

1:42 – Why the hell is Cable wearing my mama’s shawl?

1:44 – Ass shot FTW

1:45 – Scratch that. Morena Baccarin for the win.

1:47 – Blind Al doing blind things like only blind old ladies can do. We wonder if that little gun is for Deadpool’s little hand?

1:54 – Deadpool just addressed every single screenwriter of the Twilight series here.

May 18th – Don’t forget it!

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