Jan 112018

Sonam_kapoorAfter their famous bond on Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee with Karan’ back in 2010, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor were touted to be BFF’s of Bollywood town. Their trash comments on Ranbir Kapoor became the talk of the town and the actresses’ camaraderie caught a lot of attention.

But since then, Sonam never felt the same bond with Deepika was often recorded taking digs at Padukone. However, the reason behind their tarnished friendship is unknown and the two have always ignored each other at events.

Recently, Deepika was a guest on Neha Dhupia’s show Vogue BFF’s and was questioned whose fashion did the actress liked the most between Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor. Keeping in mind the cold war between Sonam and Deepika, it was expected that she’ll take Aishwarya’s name but Deepika stunned everyone with her truth. She picked Sonam’s dress sense over Aishwarya’s which was absolutely honest on her part. Kudos, Padukone!

In a segment called Say or Strip on the show, Deepika said, “I liked Sonam’s look better than that of Aishwarya”. After this comment seems like Deepika has forgotten the rough patch the two had and has made peace with the fashionista.

We wonder what Sonam Kapoor has to say after reading this. Also, we totally want to see them together on Koffee with Karan and slaying the show like boss ladies!

Check Deepika’s strikingly beautiful pictures from the sets of Vogue BFF:

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