Jul 072017

srideviHer film Mom has received rave reviews and it seem the beautiful lady is extremely happy with the result of her hard work.

During the preview of her movie Mom, Sridevi shared a few moment with a reporter from the Times Of India. When asked what her daughters thought of the movie, Sridevi told the reporter, “My younger one, Khushi, hasn’t seen the movie. She has seen some parts and has loved it. But Janhvi saw the whole movie. Her first reaction was that she came up to me and just hugged me. She couldn’t speak. It was overwhelming. And I felt nice about it. I was happy that the film had really moved her.”

Mom, the movie is a thriller based on the mother-daughter relationship. Released five years after her first come-back film English Vinglish, when asked as to why she had taken so long to do her next film, she said, “No, it wasn’t. I have never planned these things in life. Even ‘English Vinglish’ just happened. After that film, for quite some time, I was just enjoying its success and got busy with my own stuff. Then Mom came up and we were all very excited about the film, the plot. But it took time to put things together – in fact, it took nearly two years for everything to fall in place, the director, the actors, the music.”

When asked about how different it is to shoot in the modern era with everything being digital, Sridevi says it’s very different. “Work ethics, sincerity, hard work… the core factors have remained the same. But technically, there has been a huge change in the industry. I was discussing with Boneyji the other day – earlier, there used to be film rolls, and with every retake, everyone, from actors to producers, would get tensed. Each roll meant additional cost. As an actor, you would feel guilty after a few retakes… you would say to yourself, ‘Oh god, producer dekh raha hai, poora film roll khatam kar diya retake karte karte’. But now you have hard drives. Ab kitna bhi marzi aap retake lo, till the director feels everything is perfect. And nobody has to be tensed!” She adds.

Being a mother of two daughters herself, we wonder if the movie resounded with her in some intrinsic way. When asked, she said, “I play a mother in the film, but I must say, at a personal level, I couldn’t connect to the character at all. Devki (her character in the film) is a very strong mother. She can do anything, go to any extent for her children, for their safety and happiness. This is a quality every mother has. Yes, that way, I could identify with the character. But the rest of it is really unnerving and disturbing.”

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