Oct 092017

The spat between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan seems to be getting messier with each passing day, leaving Bollywood and their fans perplexed about what’s going to happen next. Controversies are pouring in with each new development and the nation is visibly divided between who is right and who is wrong.

What started as a candid mention about a ‘silly ex’ during one of her interviews has become a matter of grave importance and it will be a lie if we say that we are not interested in knowing how the upcoming events will unfold. Almost everyone is curious to know who is telling the truth, and while Kangana has been vocal about her side of the story since the beginning, it is only now that Hrithik has spoken up about the issue. He finally broke his silence on Thursday, revealing certain details that we weren’t aware about.

Ever since this controversy played out in full public view, fans have been taking sides of their respective celebrities and in all honesty most of the views were emotion-driven. Not many focused on the facts or details that were revealed throughout. Even most celebrities chose to stay away from this discussion. Also there is no denying that from the beginning of this controversy, people have conveniently charged guns towards Hrithik, making him the bad guy without any strong evidence. Not that we are trying to demean Kangana but at least, let’s not jump to any conclusions before the issue is sorted out. And that’s exactly what actor Farhan Akhtar too appealed to his fans in a moving Facebook post about the whole issue.  

Farhan Akhtar Speaks Up About Hrithik-Kangana Controversy© film kraft

Without naming the two parties, Hrithik’s ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ co-star expressed his concern over how some sections of media have “consciously or unconsciously, pushed one side of the narrative WITHOUT having or presenting any evidence to back the claims being made by the woman. They’ve accepted her story at face value.” He even raised the issue of discrimination against the other party.

Farhan Akhtar Speaks Up About Hrithik-Kangana Controversy© Facebook

He further states that “Although it is true that in most cases it is a woman that has been wronged, there is a difference between ‘most’ and ‘all’.” He also points out the various details that most of us either forgot to notice or didn’t care about while taking a stand on behalf of our favourite celebrities. He even urges people to not take sides since no one knows what the truth is. This is what he posted on facebook. 

Other celebs too commended Farhan’s words and shared similar thoughts.

Beautifully  written Farhan….it’s important…it’s true! https://t.co/zoY4VKahfw

— Karan Johar (@karanjohar) 8 October 2017

Well written and very fair Farhan. I concur. https://t.co/NXBUAiLq3O

— Sonam Kapoor (@sonamakapoor) October 8, 2017

Powerful thought https://t.co/rlXj3Qg5Mv

— Yami Gautam (@yamigautam) October 8, 2017

In fact, actress Yami Gautam too took to Facebook to share her thoughts about the entire controversy, which is only worsening with each day. She even urges people to not make it a gender war.

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